Radhakrishn 1st February 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 1st February 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 1st February 2019 Written Episode

Radha thanks Krishna for clearing her off anger along with fear, she wants to meet him now. Yasodha sees Balram enjoying fruits peacefully and thinks everything is fine then. Gopadevi/Krishna calls her. Yashoda scolds if he is not eating well, he looks so weak. Balram sees her. She asks them both to hug her and says now she is in peace.

Radha searches Krishna in garden and calls him. She thinks he used to come when she use to call him in mind, but why he did not come today, how to call him. She picks bamboo stick and thinks of making bansuri to Krishna via it. Krishna and Balram enjoy Yashoda’s brought butter and says nobody can prepare butter tastier than her maiya. Yashoda says they are still kids for her, but they are trying hard to reunite 2 friends Vrishbhan and Nand.

Radha prepares bansuri from bamboo and thinks she broke it and spoke rudely to him, now she will call him via same bansuri. She plays bansuri. Krishna hears that and asks Balram to take maiya/Yashoda to a safe place, he has to go now. He walks to Radha. Radha gets happy seeing him.

Balram takes Yashodatyo his room and asks to hide here. Yyomesh’s black magical bird takes him and Ayan outside Balram’s room. Vyomesh kicks door and gets in followed by Ayan. Balram/Baldevi royally trashes them for trespassing her room and kicks them out.

Radha apologizes Krishna and requests to forgive him, showing bansuri. Krishna says there is no room for apology or forgiveness in love and accept bansuri. Radha requests him to accept her. Kirtida reaches there and says she knows Gopadevi is Krihna and she will not let Radha near him again. She drags Radha with her.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that this world is so big and people are small, god made world so beautiful; out of whole world, only a few people will value them, so one should value who value them.

Precap: Jatila sees Yashoda and realizes Gopadevi and Baldevi are Krishna and Balram. Radhas asks Krishna what they will do now. He asks her to stop crying, when they have united, nobody can separate them.

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