Radhakrishn 5th February 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 5th February 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 5th February 2019 Written Episode

Yashoda pampers Radha ad tells she is worried about her. Radha also gets emotional. Yashoda says she has less IQ, so. Krishna and Balram laugh. Radha asks what is she saying. Yashoda says whatever she did now if she had done before, this would not have happened; if she had not written a letter to Krishna and would not have been caught, Barsana and Vrindavan would not have fought; prays Narayan to give some conscience to Radha as she is very innocent. She continues that her sons Krishna and Balram are trying hard to reunite Barsana and Vrindavan. Radha asks her to ask Krishna and Balram why are they trying to break her marriage. Yashoda asks what are they up to. Krishna and Balram nervously say they should leave from here. Yashoda orders to stop. They say they should get her out of here safely.


people tell Ayan that they did not find 3 suspicious intruders in whole Barsana. Ayan forms Vrishbhan that they saw 3 suspicious intruders entering his house and may have come for a war. Vrishbhan orders to search his house and bring intruders out. Radha walks out with Gopadevi and Baldevi and tells Vrishbhan that she will leave her house forever tomorrow, she was reliving her childhood memories and playing hide and seek with Gopadevi and Baldevi. Ayan tries to interfere. Gopadevi says Veer purush/brave warrior does not have brain at all and knows only to fight. Ayan tries to reveral they are Krishna and Balram, but Jatila stops him. Gopadevi says his mother is more sensible than him. Vrishbhan says even he will play hide and seek with Radha. Jatila takes Ayan with her and tells Krishna is a sorcerer and they would not have exposed him, this time even Radha is supporting him means they must have reconciled.
Once everyone walk away, Balram with Krishna and Radha takes Yashoda to Barsana and Vrindavan border. Radha praises Balram for his intelligence. Yashoda crosses border wall and blesses Krishna and Balram to return only after clearing Barsana and Vrindavan’s differences. Once she leaves, Radha and Krishna’s nok jhok starts again.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that they can see him light lamp, how did they identify it is lamp; answer is thread which is burning itself and spreading light; one who sacrifices and spreads happiness is light; on the other side, people are afraid of even snake’s hisss; meaning a person’s deed determines his/her destiny; one has to do good deeds always.

Precap: Radha runs behind Krishna with stick and Krishna does his magic/leela spreading light and stars on floor. Radha then informs Vyomesh that Krishna has come here. Vyomesh doing his black magic thinks he will finish Krishna today.

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