Radhakrishn 6th February 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 6th February 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 6th February 2019 Written Episode

Radha runs behind Krishna holding stick. Krishna runs and hides in jungle. Radha searches him. He walks behind and asks whom she is searching. She says Krishna and seeing him in his original avataar asks why did he change from Gopadevi to Krishna. Krishna says when punishment is for Krishna, there is no place for Gopadevi. Radha says she will not spare him. He asks to catch him first and runs spreading flowers on land with his leela/magic and then jumping and getting stars from sky and spreading it on ground. Radha runs behind him and runs smiling. Radha gets amused seeing stars around her and then walks to him and asks what is all this. Krishna says if a story is incomplete, even nature will help complete it. She asks what he means. Krishna says she used to run behind him earlier in anger

and now happily. He extends his hand and asks her to hit him, reminiscing Radha in Golok telling he has to come on earth to bear her beatings. Radha raises stick, but drops it and holding Krishna’s hand says it is not fair, he makes her angry and then makes her smile. Krishna says whom he can trouble other than her. They sit on swinger and Radha leans her head on his shoulder. He plays bansuri/flute. Krishna tells Radha that they should expose Vyomesh’s truth. Radha asks what they can do. Krishna says she just has to inform Vyomesh that he is here. She says she will.
Baldevi/Balram walks out of kitchen happily after munching food when Dhama walks to her. She gets nervous and gets nervous and asks what is he doing here. Dhama says he wants to play hide and seek with her. She says to go and hide then. He says he will hide near her. She insists and send him away to hide.

Radha walks to Vyomesh and says she saw Krishna here. He angrily asks if she met him. She nervously blabbers. Gopadevi enters and says even she saw Krishna and he told (in Krishna’s voice) he will stop Radha and Vyomesh’s wedding. Vyomesh stands amused. Gopadevi says Krishna told in same voice and he even held her hand and twisted it, then started playing bansuri. Vyomesh asks what next. Radha ties him and Gopadevi says Krishna did same. She continues describing when Vyomesh shouts enough, he will not let Krishna break his alliance and will kill Krishna today. Krishna says it is Vyomasur’s end today.

Krishna gives moral gyaan if time is with them, they consider themselves as king, and when time is good, they become poor; relatives, friends, dear ones go away in bad time; so one tries to gather wealth for bad times; instead they should do good deeds and pray god, good times will always be with them.

Precap: Vyomasur kidnaps Radha and challenges Krishna that he will kill him via his love. Krishna says if Krishna is attacked, he will smile, and if Radha is attacked, he will show his rudravatar.

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