Sanskaar 22nd May 2013 Written Update

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Sanskaar 22nd May 2013 Written Update by H Hasan

Sanskaar 22nd May 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Hasmukh collecting the invitation cards from the printing press delivery boy. He calls out for Parul bhabhi and keeps the card on the table. Hasmukh turns to see the cards and starts glancing at it shocked. Everyone comes and he hands over the card to Karsan. Ansubaa asks did the card gets printed? Karsann looks at the cards and is quite shocked with what is printed on it. He looks at Bhoomi and Kishan. Ansubaa asks did it have any mistakes? What happened? Ketki is happy. Karsan starts reading the invitation that Jai and Bhoomi kishan will welcome you to the inaugration of the mill (instead of Ansubaa).

Ketki says what babuji and tauji didn’t do, they did. Bhoomi pleads innocence. Kishan says he himself wrote Ansubaa’s name. Ansubaa is puzzled. Hasmukh add to a fire and says they are getting it published from so many years from the same place and this time how can mistakes be possible. Kishan says he will get it published with Ansubaa’s name again. Ansubaa angrily says no need, somewhere new generation name will come, today it came. She goes to parul and says the difference between two countries, here wealth is given to the young generation and there (referring to Bhoomi) they snatch the wealth.

Ansubaa goes inside. Karsan says baa is very much sad, we must talk to her. Parul agrees. Parul says we knew that you and Bhoomi will never do this. Hasmukh gets a call from Amrutlal and he refer him as Chandresh and says he will come in 2 mins. He leaves. Bhoomi is in thoughts, she takes the card and says it is unbelievable. Kishan says have to do something. We can invite people with these cards. Bhoomi wonders why this happened, someone might done it intentionally. Kishan says why anyone would do it intentionally. Bhoomi remembers in a flashback about curdled milk and laptop. Kishan says it will be done. Kishan says he will get something and leaves. Bhoomi thinks Kishan left his wallet here so she goes to give him the wallet. She goes out the house and handover the wallet to Kishan.

Bhoomi sees Hasmukh kaka with Amrutlal and shows this to Kishan. Kishan says he is Amrutlal and why kaka met him. He said he is going to meet chandresh. As far as know, Amrutlal is not related to our business or anything. Kishan says some trouble is there, it is not good hasmukh kaka with Amrutlal. We have to find out what’s going on. Hasmukh leaves with Amrutlal. Kishan says dont tell this anyone until I come back. He leaves.

Bhoomi comes inside and sees Ansubaa praying infront of the idol. Ansubaa turns around to face her but turns after seeing her. She leaves. Bhoomi tells Kishan ji that Baa is hurt because of their names on the card and they didn’t done it. She asks the bhagwan to erase the reason which hurted baa.

Ketki, Ramila and lily are in the kitchen and Ketki talks against Bhoomi and says she knows the values of this house and Bhoomi didn’t know anything which hurts baa. Ramila scolds her saying why you are telling this when Ansubaa didn’t said anything. Ketki then tells Parul that she made some changes in the maha ayogan food. Parul asks her to talk to bhoomi and if she agrees, it means she also agrees. Ketki is very much annoyed now.

Bhoomi wonders how the name changed on the card and decided to talk to the printer. She calls and says there was mistake in the card, why you changed the name. He says they have published whatever they have asked to published. she says ok.

Parul and Karsan comes there and Bhoomi says she did a mistake and how will make Ansubaa understand. Karsan asks her not to worry and asks her to be careful next time. Parul shows faith on Bhoomi. Bhoomi hugs her and thanks them.

Ansubaa is seeing previous years invitation cards and gets emotional thinking her name was always on cards. Her Inner self comes and says why your ego hurt. Baa says my wealth is snatched away. soul says this is just the owner of the house, mill and family. She says you think big and hardly behaving with kishan’s wife and she passed all test and why you are thinking she took your dharohar. Ansubaa says she is scared if they will throws her out of their hearts like they didn’t printed her name. Ansubaa says no one can see her pain. Inner self says to get out the ego, till then you will be scared. Ansubaa is still crying. The Episode ends on Ansubaa hurted teary face.

Kishan gets sketches and whitener and writes Ansubaa’s name on the card hiding their names. Kishan and Bhoomi feels happy while the song Rishton ka manja plays…

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  1. Sonya
    May 22, 18:28 Reply

    Beautiful episode. Love it very well acted. Bhoomi and Kishan rock. Great story.

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