Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th July 2014 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th July 2014 Written Update by Sona

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th July 2014 Written Episode

Vikram asks his father how the field dummy came so near. He goes on to see it. Rahul throws something in the nearby field. The head asks Vikram to run, had someone seen us it will be problem. Gunjan tells Rahul that they don’t trust us, and are now calling an engineer to find out is there really gold here.

Rachna asks KT in the mall if he is enjoying. He says looking at you, I am enjoying. The goes up to escalator. She goes to a shop and asks him to help her choose a dress for engagement. He says she is the girl friend of a designer, he will design her dresses. She says she doesn’t have the salary to afford designer dresses. They go inside, Rachna tries a number of dresses; KT asks her for one last. It is a designer dress. She reluctantly goes to get into it. KT is speechless to see her, they both come near to each other and dance.

Looking at each other KT thinks I love you Rachna, she says I love you KT. She asks what? He says you look beautiful; I am buying this outfit for you. She tells him she doesn’t wear such dresses and wore it only for him. The shopkeeper shows her some more dresses and says that KT will pay for them; this is the use of coming with house elders. Rachna says that he isn’t an elder but her boyfriend. KT makes the payment. As they come out of the shop, KT asks Rachna why she doesn’t say this to her parents as well. Rachna says I am just asking you for some time. Shayl and Sangeeta come to the mall too. Shayl calls Rachna from behind. Rachna is worried and points at KT to stay behind. Sangeeta asks where is Chaya she was about to come along. Rachna says you people here? Shayl looks at the side KT was, Chaya stood there. Shayl scolded her that she has time to do shopping with Rachna and not to come home. Shayl says they will now leave for home together. KT comes and tells Rachna to come with her friend as he is getting late.

Rachna sees his bad mood and says sorry to him. She says how she could say the truth in front of her family. KT says you have kept the bases of this relation; you may take time. After he leaves, Chaya teases Rachna that she now knows what is going on between them. Rachna gets Shayl’s call and says she is leaving now.

Chiraya was decorating the house for Teej. She notices Gunjan lost in thoughts, and comes to ask is she missing Mayank. Gunjan asks how you know I am missing him. Chiraya says she can see him on her face. Mayank and Gunjan miss each other. Chiraya comes to Gunjan, and asks is Teej celebrated there too. Gunjan says yes, and tells her how Shayl and Sangeeta prepare the flowers while Rachna applies henna to everyone; but this year… she begins to cry. Chiraya suggests she should go to Banaras for one day; Gunjan says that Mayank wont let her return for one more time and the work here is more important.

KT sees time on cell phone and thinks about calling Rachna as it is 10. Rachna and everyone at home prepared for Teej. Shayl says Joti’s engagement was very pompous. Prabhu says we will also marry Rachna pompously. Rachna wasn’t listening. She thinks about calling KT, but was busy. Sangeeta comes and indulges her in making henna cones. Rachna abides with a bad mood.

Gunjan calls Mayank, the connection was weak. Mayank tells her to come soon as he misses her while she can’t hear him. The line drops. KT and Rachna think about each other while Mayank and Gunjan are lost in each other’s thoughts. Gunjan comes to Rahul, he asks what is she doing here; she was to stay at Chiraya’s place. She asks him to charge her cell phone; he says she is missing her husband. He tells her while he moves the pedal, she can talk to her. She tells him to close his ears, he puts cotton in them. She calls Mayank and kisses the phone, then looks at Rahul who was laughing. She asks Mayank about his new job, he asks her to guess who is there; he says it is Cha…

PRECAP: Rachna writes KT on her hands with henna. Mayank and Gunjan takes swings together. .

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  1. Johnny13
    November 07, 19:39 Reply

    Does anyone know Vikram (Chiraya’s Fiance , Pradhan’son) real name?

  2. ℘ɧðέŋïҳ
    July 17, 20:54 Reply

    Maybe if Gunjhan knew what a real man looked like , she would start developing feelings for Rahul 🙂 . ..

  3. ℘ɧðέŋïҳ
    July 17, 20:51 Reply

    I guess that even God acknowledges Mayank’s feminine side when that dupatta blew onto Mayank’s head 😀 . ..

  4. Tara
    July 17, 16:33 Reply

    Does Anyone the real name of Rahul? Im sooooo in love with him!

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