Saraswatichandra 30th July 2013 Written Update

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Saraswatichandra 30th July 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Saraswatichandra 30th July 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saras getting wounded by the glass. Kumud gets tensed. Pramad’s mum asks her to bring the first aid. Saras says no need, this wound is deeper, he leaves from there and comes outside the house. He thinks of Kumud’d wound and her words. He says why is Kumud going through this injustice. Saras sees someone stuck with his bullock cart in dirty water. Saras says I m responsible for your state Kumud, you won’t bear the pain alone. Saras with his wounded hands lifts the bullock cart alone without anyone’s help. People see him and says why did you lift it alone, why did you hurt yourself. Saras sees the blood on his hands and says I feel peaceful with this wound, this is nothing infront of Kumud’s pain.

Saras faces Pramad at night. Pramad says why are you staring, look down, you are our slave.Saras looks into his eyes and thinks about Kumud’s words. Saras looks down, Pramad says stay in your limits and offers him wine. Kumud thinks what Saras wants to show, that he gets hurt seeing me in pain, now I don’t care because nothing is related with you. She turns and sees Saras. He says Kumud…. don’t worry. I know your door is closed for me forever and I don’t have any right on you. I know you won’t take my help, but you need my help, I won’t go from here, till you say everyone about the truth of your marriage to everyone. I will make you say it to everyone even if you don’t wish. Kumud says what truth, and who are you to do this. Saras says you are right, I m no one but how you got this wound, what happened yesterday night, you will tell everyone, will you say it or not. Kumud says no, I won’t say. Saras promises that before tomorrow’s sunset, he will make her tell the truth infront of everyone. Kumud says don’t try to do this, because you won’t be able to do it. They look at each other. Saras says I have to do this and leaves.

Kumud sees her wound in the mirror and touches it. She questions herself where is that Kumud, who always spoke the truth, but now she is lying to herself. Kumud says Pramad did not do anything, I fell by mistake and I got wounded. She cries.

The next morning, Kusum says I m going to call Didi today, do you have anything to say. Guniyal says don’t tell her that Saras came back. Kusum says I won’t say, and I think Didi has forgot everything. Sunny comes there and says I did not come to say sorry, I need your help to search him. After knowing the truth, if you anger vanished, so please do this for him, I don’t know where he is, he is not in Dubai, so it means he is here, and you can help me. Guniyal agrees and gives Aarti to Sunny. Kusum says what can we do, say. Sunny says I have asked everyone, and did a police complaint also, but did not get him. Kusum says I will ask our villagers. Sunny thanks her for caring for Saras. Kusum says he has hurt my Didi, he won’t be in peace.

Saras is doing his meditation in his room. He thinks of Pramad and Kumud’s wound and gets angry. He thinks of Kumud’s hurting words. He says I would have gone Kumud, but I can’t leave you in this state. Till you say the truth to everyone, I will stay here. He gets up and goes outside. He bumps into Kalika. (Name changed from Kanika) She flirts with him, he asks her to move away and give way to him. Kalika does not listen to him. He warns her of his anger and asks her to go and complain to Pramad, he will see what he does. Saras leaves. Kalika gets a slap on her face by his words. Saras comes for dining with everyone. Budhidhan asks Saras how is his wound, Saras says its better than before. Budhidhan says he is happy that Saras came on time, you are becoming like our family. Kumud comes there with her ghunghat on. Saras talks with Budhidhan and Alak. Alak says they are initiating a program for women. Saras says its good you care for women, but why does your bahu always stay with ghunghat on.
Everyone look at Kumud.

Alak asks Kumud why she is donning the ghunghat. Saras waits for her reply. Pramad’s mum says you can be yourself here in this house and feel free. Alak says you can even take your decisions yourself. You don’t have any restrictions. Kumud says I kept a Vrath for Pramad and she will keep the Vrath for more four weeks, so I will keep the ghunghat today. Alak says you have become a good daughter in law for my mum, she will be happy seeing you. Saras looks at Kumud and says I forgot my medicines, I will just come. Kumud comes to her room and gets a call from Kusum. Kusum jokes with her, Kumud says Pramad asks about you all often. Kusum asks her about Pramad and his drinking habit, Vidyachatur heard it somewhere, she asks is it true. Kumud is stunned and does not reply.

Saras says Kumud that you got wounded yesterday, do the first aid else you will catch an infection. Pramad’s mum gets shocked and asks Kumud where is the wound.

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