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Saraswatichandra Fan Page 3

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  1. Az
    June 10, 06:57 Reply

    Assalamualaikum warahamathullahi

    Hey guys

  2. Choti Kutienita
    June 05, 19:39 Reply

    Cya guys, keep me and all the students in your prayers during this examination period please. Have a wonderful day ahead. 🙂

  3. Choti Kutienita
    June 05, 18:24 Reply


  4. Choti Kutienita
    June 05, 18:01 Reply

    Let’s go over the Balanced scorecard theory again: It’s by Robert Kaplan and David Norton
    – Used for assessment achievement of financial and non-financial objectives ( Whatever this means lol)

    Aims of theory:
    – Align business activities to vision and strategy
    – Improve internal and external communications
    – Monitor business performance against strategic goals

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 18:03

      Key features of theory:
      -Top-down approach
      -Starts with mission and vision of business
      -Identifies KPIs from 4 different perspectives
      -Emphasises importance of non-financial measures

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 18:12

      4 different perspectives:
      – 1Financial
      -3Internal processes
      -4Organisational capacity

      -1Financial performance
      -2Customer satisfaction
      -3Business efficiency
      -4Knowledge and innovation

      -1 ROI (RIO / cost of investment x100=%) + operating profit margins (operating profit / sales revenue x100=%)
      -2 Levels of return +service rating
      -3 ****************New product lead time + unit costs***************
      -4 Employee retention (no. of employee at end of period – no. of leavers / no. of employees at end of period x 100=%) + Flow of NPD ideas

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 18:19

      Now for the advantages:
      -Broader view of business performance
      -Links performance measurement to long term (mission and vision)
      -Involves everyone in business not just financial shareholders
      – Highly flexible, KPIs are chosen by business

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 18:23

      -Danger of too many KPIs – can get out of hand, how many makes it reliable? which ones are important?
      -Need to have balance between the 4 perspectives – not easy
      -Senior management may still be too focused/concerned on financial performance – can overlook the non-financial performance
      -Needs to be updated regularly to be useful – time consuming

  5. Choti Kutienita
    June 05, 17:48 Reply

    Let me just finish the theory then:

    Balance Scorecard:
    Perspective – Customer
    Focus – Customer satisfaction
    KPIs – Levels of return and service rating

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 17:49

      Balance Scorecard:
      Perspective – Internal processes
      Focus – Business efficiency
      KPIs – New product lead time + unit costs

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 17:52

      Lead time measured by mins, hrs and secs.
      I need to figure out the damn formula for this. Ugh

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 17:55

      Balance scorecard:
      Perspective – Organisational capacity
      Focus – Knowledge and innovation
      KPIs – Flow of NPD ideas + employee rentention

      EMPLOYEE RENTION: No. of employees at end of period – no. of leavers / no. of employees at end of period x 100


      Number of employees at end of period-number of leavers
      Number of employees at end of period ×100

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 17:56

      And here I thought that would be 30 comments done. :’D

  6. Choti Kutienita
    June 05, 17:44 Reply

    Actually I’m off to do some actual revision where it’ll actually stay in my head.

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 17:45

      Would love to make 900 but rn. Exams are more important.

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 17:45

      2 years of “work” not going to be a waste of my life especially if I want to continue it at Uni. :’D

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 17:28

      Prespective – Financial
      Focus – Financial performance
      Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Return on Investment (ROI) + Operating margins

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 17:29

      Wow, I still remember a few of the basic codings. :’D Nice L.

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 17:40

      ROI (%) – Return on investment (£) / cost of investment (£) x100

      Operating profit margins: Operating profit / Sales revenue x100

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 05, 17:42

      So I’m going to repeat this:

      Balance scorecard:
      Perspective – Financial
      Focus – Financial performance
      KPIs – ROI (ROI / cost of investment x 100 =%) + operating profit margins (operating profit / sales revenue x 100=%)

  7. Choti Kutienita
    June 05, 17:19 Reply

    God is within her, she will not fail/fall. Psalm 46:5

    Psalm – one of my favourite books. <3

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