Saraswatichandra Fan Page 3

Saraswatichandra Fan Page 3

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    • Choti Kutienita
      May 02, 04:04

      You know what I realised? I kept saying 10k when in actuality it is 9.1k XD

    • Choti Kutienita
      May 02, 03:57

      And now apparently I am going to fast for DTB XD

    • Choti Kutienita
      May 02, 03:57

      But honestly, no matter what pace you go at just move forward

  1. Choti Kutienita
    May 02, 03:53 Reply

    Just remembered, India is going through the stages of general elections now

    • Choti Kutienita
      May 02, 03:54

      I hope the most deserving side win, a side that stands for ALL not just the majority ( 🙄 )

    • Choti Kutienita
      May 02, 03:54

      India is literally a hub for everything, it’s multi everything

    • Choti Kutienita
      May 02, 03:56

      People from different religions, different races, different languages and cultures all coexist together in peace; until people’s beliefs are misused to reach a personal goal

  2. Choti Kutienita
    May 02, 03:50 Reply

    With everything bad going on in this cruel world,

    I hope you find the spirit of solidarity to stand for what you believe in, standing for those whose voices may not be heard.

  3. Choti Kutienita
    May 02, 03:45 Reply

    Here’s to hoping everyone is successful in whatever they are trying to achieve in life

    • Choti Kutienita
      May 02, 03:47

      If you feel like you are stuck somewhere, unable to move forward or be happy.

      I hope you find the courage and strength you need to take that step that brings you just that little closer to your goal and happiness.

    • Choti Kutienita
      May 02, 03:48

      If you feel like you want to give up,

      please don’t. Fight for yourself, fight for the life you have been blessed with and make the most of it. Be resilient and don’t give up on what you deserve!

    • Choti Kutienita
      May 02, 03:41

      Ahhh I love all the memories this place brings back

  4. ChotiK
    May 02, 03:26 Reply

    How are my SCians?
    Hope everyone is doing well and everything is going as they should!

    • ChotiK
      May 02, 03:26

      BTW is it just me or are Indian serials dying?

    • ChotiK
      May 02, 03:27

      Definitely feel like there are less and less people watching serials

    • ChotiK
      May 02, 03:28

      To back up my study – this place (DTB) doesn’t get a lot of comments on written updates or other articles either?

      I make a fair point?

  5. ChotiK
    May 02, 03:22 Reply

    I will always remember how busy DTB used to be back in the days.

    • ChotiK
      May 02, 03:23

      And I will always be glad for all the friends I made and the amazing people I have met from all over the world

  6. ChotiK
    May 02, 03:21 Reply

    Smiley Di! A very happy birthday in advance!

    Knowing me, I am bound to forget on the day. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. ChotiK
    May 02, 03:18 Reply

    While I’m here I might as well do what I always do: voice my thoughts

    • ChotiK
      May 02, 03:19

      Have to admit, my head is all over the place these days

    • ChotiK
      May 02, 03:19

      By the grace of God, I am holdin up

  8. ChotiK
    May 02, 03:15 Reply

    I would love for this page to hit 10k in 45 mins or less.

    • ChotiK
      May 02, 03:16

      So that’s what we’re going to do

  9. ChotiK
    May 01, 23:50 Reply

    Hey Azalea!

    I don’t think I have any contact with Vasu anymore, I used to have you on Hangouts but I think you deleted that account?
    We’ll figure out a way to get in touch!

    Till then, i’ll be here every now and then

    • Azalea
      May 10, 06:06

      Hey ck
      Yup its deactivated inbetween chk IG a frnd of mine wud msg u my iD in shaa allah
      Do mail me wen u get tym

  10. Sweety
    April 18, 15:41 Reply

    Happy Birthday Surya bro.
    How r u all ?

    • Azalea
      April 28, 08:07

      Hey jk
      How are you
      I’m doing good Alhamdulillah

  11. ChotiK
    April 10, 23:43 Reply

    Take care everyone!
    I shall see you all soon enough!
    Till then, have a good one!! <3

  12. ChotiK
    April 10, 23:39 Reply

    Belated birthday wishes Surya! 🙂
    Apologies it’s so late though I hope you had a wonderful day!! 😀

  13. ChotiK
    April 10, 23:38 Reply

    Hey guys,

    It’s been a while.

    Hope everyone is keeping well. 🙂

    Hi Dasum! Hope you’re okay!! Nice to see you! 🙂

    Hey DS! How’s it going? 😀

    Tezz! You alright little one? 🙂

    Hey Azalea! 🙂 Hope you’re good too!

    • Azalea
      April 17, 08:07

      Hey ck
      How r u dng
      Missing u yaar
      Alhamdulillah dng grt so happy to see u after so lng 🙂

    • ChotiK
      April 22, 23:51

      Hey Azzy! (sorry just felt like calling you that:’) )

      I’m good and glad you’re doing well too! 😀
      Same here, its been long. 🙁

    • Azalea
      April 28, 08:08

      Hey ck lol did I tell u not to call me lyk dat?
      It’s okay though u can call me so

    • Azalea
      April 28, 08:12

      Hey ck
      Wanna contact you but then dnt have ur ID poor me
      Msg vasu so would get your ID from her in Shaa Allah

  14. Rush💚
    April 06, 18:04 Reply

    Mini Di(Dasum) Left some msgs for you guys

    • ChotiK
      April 10, 23:40

      Thank you!! <3

    • Rush💚
      April 06, 18:05

      Flipped,huh? :’D

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