Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th October 2018 Written Update

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th October 2018 Written Update by Sona

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th October 2018 Written Episode

Kunal notices the broken name plate and tries Nandini’s number. He then goes to the watchman and grabs his collar. The watchman tells Kunal that Mauli came to meet Nandini.
Mamma and Dida were cheerful at the door bell and excited to see Mauli and Kunal together after long. Only Mauli stood outside in a devastated condition. Dida was worried about where Mauli had gone? Kunal reached home and asks where had Mauli gone? He comes to Mauli and angrily inquires if she went to Nandini’s house to fight or deter her? When he is her culprit, when he loves Nandini then Mauli must only fight him and blame him. Everyone goes to blame Nandini instead. She went to her house and fought her, resultantly Nandini has left home. Mauli tells Kunal to stop it, if Nandini is so dear that he is disgracing

her. She went to Nandini’s house and would have reacted if Nandini had opened the door. Nandini is her friend and enemy as well, she doesn’t know if she had hugged Nandini for a shoulder after betrayal from her husband, or if she had cursed Nandini. But she feels Nandini herself got some shame. Kunal forbids Mauli to curse Nandini. Why she doesn’t blame him? He is the real culprit then why Nandini bear the brunt of everyone’s blame. He ends his relation to Mauli today. Mamma slaps Kunal and forbids him call a single word to Mauli now. He might ruin his face in any filth, but not speak to Mauli this way. He has no right over her. Dida cries and requests them to stop all this devastation, she attempted everyone including the drama of her illness. Mauli and Kunal were shocked to hear this. Dida joins hands to apologize Mauli. She was mistake to hold hopes from her grandson, and hurt Mauli’s sentiments. Kunal was hurt that Dida lied. Dida accepts that she did this, for them. Kunal seemed tensed and lost. He gets a call from an unknown number and was shocked to hear it.
In the police station, Kunal watched the clip of Nandini’s kidnap. Police inspector says an eyewitness called them. Nandini already got restraining orders, if Kunal thinks they can relate the matter? Kunal holds Rajdeep responsible for all this.
Nandini was tied to a chair, her mouth shut under tight grip of cloth piece. Rajdeep comes with a lighter flame and silently calls Dear Mrs. He gets away from her, and says she is no more pure. He tells Nandini how much he enjoyed in the lockup, the jailer there also had an extramarital affair like Kunal and was pity of him. He says Nandini left him, then punished Mauli for no reason; now he will punish Nandini. He leaves for a few minutes. Nandini resists the grips.
Kunal was restless and asks the inspector to hurry up. Kunal is a wild man and might kill Nandini. The inspector says they found out that Rajdeep’s van was last seen in an industrial area.
Mauli walks to the room. Kunal’s words echo in her mind. She holds a heavy piece and breaks the mirror, crying devastatingly.
Rajdeep walks into the godown with a can filled with kerosene oil. He laughs after smelling the oil and claims it to be real, then pours the whole can over Nandini. He lights a matchstick and brings the flame near Nandini, swaying it in the air. Nandini held her breath tightly.

PRECAP: Dida and Mamma convince Mauli to tell Kunal about his child, only the child can bring Kunal back. There, Rajdeep throw the matchstick. Nandini screams. Kunal turns to see Mauli in his room.

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  1. San
    October 21, 11:19 Reply

    Dear writers don’t try to potray nandini and kunal as heroes and mauli villain.think real.mauli is the one who should get a great man.and kunal should marry nandini and regret and miss mauli.only then this serial will make sense.don’t glorify extra marital affair.who knows some day you,your sister or your daughter might face the same.don’t make extramarital affair legal

  2. Lilou
    October 19, 23:14 Reply

    a child is not the solution to restrain a man. . After hearing all the insults that kunal is doing to Mauli. . Dida and kunal’s mother asks him to tell Kunal about the child. . it is not the solution. . Kunal will feel compelled to stay. . it will be hell for Mauli. because she knows that kunal does not like her anymore and wants to stop her relationship with her. . why humiliate him again and again .. stop this destruction mentally and stop making Mauli suffer. . She does not deserve that .. so much kunal thinks about her happiness and nandini. . Mauli is also entitled to happiness .. she must not say anything about the baby. . I have this impression that it is going to hurt Mauli’s character. . I have this impression that she will lose her baby and this will be the trigger for Mauli to become bad and destroy kunal and nandini relationship. . In short, my simple opinion

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