Sitara 15th May 2019 Written Update

Sitara 15th May 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Sitara 15th May 2019 Written Episode

Hariyali glares at Vrinda and her sisters. She ties Albeli in a branch. Vrinda and Surili struggle to free her but they are also caught by Hariyali. How dare you hurt my Viraj? Vishkanya’s throw the mesh away. Vrinda asks her how she dare doubt them. Don’t forget that you came to ask us for help. You extended a hand towards us and you doubt us today? Keep your friendship and leave! You thought we will cheat our friend and try to kill VIraj? Viraj apologizes to them. You know how much I love him. I lose my calm whenever something happens to him. I cannot let anything happen to him. Vrinda smiles. I know it but we are doing it for your good only. We are one team. Surili seconds her. Tell us your plan and what we have to do. Hariyali says I know Viraj wont marry me. I have devised of a plan because of which

I will marry him tomorrow itself!
Viraj is cleaning his wound when Hariyali enters. He asks her if she needs something. She vows to teach a lesson to Vishkanya’s. How are they hurt you? He tells her that no one has to do anything for him, especially she. She replies that she is doing everything for him. These Vishkanya’s are hurting you. I wont leave them! She turns to take revenge from them but he advises her against it. She stays put. I wont even listen to you today. I know where they will be. It will be either them or me today! He holds her hand to stop her but she tells him that her bird will come to him if she does not return in an hour. Understand that my life is in trouble. Saying so, she walks away ignoring his pleas to stop. Hariyali smiles outside. My Brahmastra will work now. Congratulations on our wedding, Viraj!

The parrot is in the same room as Sitara and her family. Sitara says I have never felt this helpless before. I cannot do anything for Viraj. Arjun suggests doing something to fix it. She decides to become a Vishkanya again. I have to regain my powers. Rani Sa tells her against it. I cannot let it happen. We got you after much difficulty. She hugs Sitara panicked. Sitara says we have no other way to save Viraj from them. Rani Sa asks her to find some other way out. I cannot lose you. Sitara says you only taught me to leave things on time if we don’t understand something. She hugs her telling her to calm down. Arjun and Yamini look on sadly.

Sitara tells the parrot to wait in the room for her. Don’t step out of the room till the time I return. The parrot sits on his stand. Sitara notices Viraj tending to his wounds and applies the ointment herself. He thinks it is his mother but is shocked / unhappy to see Sitara as he turns. They share an eye lock. He moves her hand away. She apologizes to him for pushing him to save him. You got hurt because of me. He picks the first aid box. People who give wounds don’t look nice when they try to cure them! I may be a normal human being unlike you guys but I can still take care of myself. I anyways don’t take help from strangers. She tries to say something but he tells her to stop playing games with him. She reasons that Hariyali is the one who is playing games with him. He replies that she is not cheating him atleast. Leave! Sitara says would you believe me if I tell you that Hariyali has joined hands with Vishkanya’s and we are in this mess because of her only. Viraj says you mean she is also my enemy then. It is okay if it is true. I will manage it myself. She tells him that trusting someone too much only gives pain in return. He says I have learnt that from you already. She insists that she saw Hariyali speaking to Vishkanya’s. Trust me. He asks her to leave even when she requests him to believe her. A bird enters in the room. Viraj is reminded of Hariyali’s words. Sitara asks him what happened but he walks away without saying anything to her.

Snakes have bit Hariyali. Viraj is shocked to see her thus. He asks her to open her eyes. She hears his voice and looks at him. I wont survive now! I have very less time. I am about to die. He tells her she will be fine but she repeats that he wont be able to do anything. I am destined to die now. I want to die as a married woman. I wanted to marry you and have vermilion of your name in my hairline. He is stunned by her words.

Sitara tells her family that she tried to explain to Viraj but he isn’t agreeing. Ajrun says we have to show him the truth somehow. Sitara saves Rani Sa from an approaching spear. Who is attacking us suddenly? Vrinda says this is just the beginning. There is a lot left to see! She forms a ball of fire and attacks them. Rani Sa gets hurt by it and passes out on the floor. Vishkanya’s smile. Sitara takes her to the temple as Vishkanya’s cannot harm them there. Yamini and Arjun run after them. Vrinda shouts that no one can save her now as she is an ordinary human being now.

Hariyali requests Viraj to bid her adieu as a married woman now that she is about to die. I know you can never love me or accept me but wont you do this much for a dying friend? I returned you your love. Let me die in peace atleast. Viraj is in a fix.

Sitara sprinkles water on Rani Sa to wake her up. She requests Devi Ma to make Rani Sa fine. Take my life if you want. I give up in this fight. I am nothing without my powers! I cannot even save my family but I wont be able to bear it anymore. Vishkanya’s come there. Vrinda tells her that this wont help. Your life is ruined! You lost your powers first and now your beloved husband is about to marry Hariyali! Your countdown has begun! Everything is going to finish very soon!

Precap: Sitara tells Rajguru everything. Please make me a Vishkanya again. Hariyali tells Viraj she was sure he wont disappoing her. Rajguru tells Sitara he cannot help her. Viraj is holding vermilion in his hand.

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