Sitara 5th February 2019 Written Update

Sitara 5th February 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Sitara 5th February 2019 Written Episode

Viraj holds Sitara’s hand. Why don’t I see the same thing in Nethra’s eyes that I see in your eyes? Why is it happening? A lady knocks at the door thereby breaking their eye lock. Sitara goes to meet Rani Sa. Viraj thinks he is so comfortable with Sitara. Why don’t I feel this way with Nethra?

Nethra / Chabeeli is seated for the haldi ceremony. Yamini looks at her suspiciously. Nethra / Chabeeli smiles back at her awkwardly making her wonder what has happened to Nethra. Nethra’s mother applies haldi to Nethra / Chabeeli. All the other ladies follow suit. Nethra / Chabeeli smiles at Sitara. Sitara finds her behaviour strange. She has never spoken to me this nicely before. She does not even like me. What has happened to her lately? She recalls Rajguru’s words and wonders if the soul of

one of the Vishkanya’s got inside Nethra. A lady asks Rani Sa to help Nethra. Sitara promptly offers to do it. She takes Nethra / Chabeeli with her to help her wipe the haldi off her body. Chabeeli holds herself back from blessing Sitara. Sitara is looking for some mark on Nethra’s body to find the clue that Rajguru has told her about.
Surili wonders what Chabeeli is doing. How can she act so foolish? Albeli says Sitara is right now under Rajguru’s spell. What if she sees the mark of earth element on Nethra’s body?

Sitara is cleaning the haldi off Nethra’s body when she finds a mark on her back.

Vrinda tries to hide / wipe the mark from Chabeeli’s unconscious body. They all join their energies and start chanting loudly. The mark suddenly disappears from Nethra’s body. Sitara wonders why she felt as if something was there?

Vrinda pats at Chabeeli’s body. We must be extremely careful. Our one mistake can ruin everything! Neither the royal family nor Sitara should know that your soul is inside Nethra.

Viraj’s haldi is also done. He begins to go to his room when Samrat offers to help him bathe. Aryan teases him too. Ratan cutely advises them against it. Viraj is elder than you. Be careful. They tease Viraj a little and then leave him alone. Viraj comes to his room. A fly distracts him and gets in his eye. His vision gets blurred. He collides with the table when Sitara holds him. His haldi gets smeared on her face too. She offers to help him clean his face. She take him to the bathroom but slips on the wet floor. She lands right in his arms and mistakenly switches on the shower tap. The get drenched together. She tries to go but he does not let her go. He caresses her face and they lean closer (for a kiss). She recalls how he had kissed Nethra in the past and steps back. She runs from there. How can I fall so weak in front of Viraj? This is wrong! Viraj looks on.

Albeli says Chabeeli has gathered many elements with which we can open the doors. Vrinda compliments Chabeeli on her work. Now you have to bring something from Ratan’s room.

Nethra / Chabeeli enters in Ratan’s room and starts looking for the shell. Someone is peeking at her from the window. Nethra / Chabeeli picks the shell kept in the bowl. She hides seeing a servant pass from there. Vrinda instructs her to steal the second thing from that room. Nethra / Chabeeli steals a pearl necklace and a gem from one of the cupboards. Someone is keeping a tab on Nethra / Chabeeli all along. She begins to go when she notices Rani Sa coming upstairs. She hides next to the door. Rani Sa enters and receives a call. Chabeeli manages to get out stealthily from the room.

Vrinda is happy thinking that no one can stop them from getting out of here once Chabeeli comes here with all these elements.

Chabeeli returns to the place above Vishloka and passes on the stolen things to Vrinda. Vrinda remarks that the last thing that they need is Gyanendra’s blood.

Chabeeli smiles thinking no one will be able to hold them captive once she gets hold of Rajguru’s blood. Someone is keeping an eye on Nethra / Chabeeli.

Yamini asks Nethra / Chabeeli where she is coming from. Come clear with it or I will tell everyone that you were stealing! She holds her hand while saying so. You proved that low people think lowly only. You bring them in a palace but cheap people like you don’t get over your cheapness ever! I am making plans to make you the Maharani of this palace but you are stuck with your small plans. Nethra’s eyes turn blue. Yamini asks her what new trick she has learnt. I can see that you are turning weirder. Answer me! Nethra / Chabeeli lifts her hands and her nails grow right in front of Yamini’s eyes. She slits Yamini’s throat using her nails in one go shocking Yamini. Nethra / Chabeeli says I told you not to mess with me. Now bear the consequence! She pushes Yamini down the stairs. Her husband sees her thus and rushes to her side. Nethra / Chabeeli hides just in time. Samrat’s father shouts out to everyone.

Everyone is gathered outside Yamini’s room. I don’t know how Yamini got hurt. There was no one near the stairs when I caught hold of her. Samrat vows to kill whoever has done it. Viraj tells him to relax. Rajguru wonders if the culprit is the woman in whom Chabeeli has entered.

Precap: Vrinda says it is time we gain our freedom. Surili nods. We only need Rajguru’s blood now. Some incident happens because of which Rajguru gets hurt. Nethra / Chabeeli keeps a piece of cloth over his wound to stop the bleeding. Later, she gathers blood from the cloth and collects it in a container. Vrinda says it is time now. Sitara meets Yamini and offers to take everyone’s name one by one. You can nod your head to tell me who it was. Yamini’s eyes widen hearing Nethra’s name. Nethra / Chabeeli is standing at the door.

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