Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12th July 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12th July 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Zaroon getting tea for Saltanat. She gets ready. He acts to get hurt. She asks what happened. He says my left eye is blinking, please don’t go to office. She says its first day today. He says its your birthday. She says that doesn’t matter, sorry. She jokes and laughs. She misses her makeup. He looks on and says wait for 2mins. She asks what are you doing in kitchen. He lights a diya and makes Kajal. He applies organic kajal to her eyes. She says wow, not bad. He gets beetroot and takes its red color to apply the blush to her cheeks. He says your cheeks for pink. She says blush, not bad. She says listen, there is a dress code in cafe, I have to wear mini skirt. He says its profession, find any solution if you have a trouble. He applies her pink shade to lips by beetroot.

She says great, you have good knowledge about makeup. She says I m leaving now. He says I will take a pic now. She kisses him. He says just wait, Preeti gave this curd and sugar, she said its for good luck. He feeds her. She goes.
He looks at himself in the mirror and smiles. Mamoon asks Sabina why is she smiling. Sabina says I was getting bored at home, I m glad you came with me. He gets him to the cafe. Saltanat greets her boss Bunty. He asks where is your dress. She says I will change now. He says you are manager and have to see all the work at counter. She says fine, I will change and come. She goes and changes her clothes. Mamoon asks are you sure. Sabina says yes. Mamoon says you were sure even about her pregnancy. She asks him to come. They see Saltanat. Sabina orders two coffees. She asks Mamoon to see her. Mamoon says so you got a job, where is Zaroon, is he cleaning utensils inside or did he become the cook.

Sabina says we should show everyone that Saltanat is defaming the family, how will we call the family here, she is a manager here. Mamoon asks Sabina to come close. Sabina gets shy. He plucks her hair and adds it in the coffee. He asks is anyone there, manager, there is a hair in my coffee. Sabina thinks Saltanat is gone today. Zaroon thinks what to do, its Saltanat’s birthday today.

Zaroon sees a man posting ad and stops him. Mamoon shouts to manager. He asks Saltanat does she know how will Miyajaan react knowing she works here. Sabina says she is doing a big sin by having a live-in, she is shameless. She asks Saltanat why is she feeling shy now, she should have thought of this before wearing these clothes. Saltanat says I m ashamed of you. She comes out of the counter. They see Saltanat wearing leggings under her skirt, covering her legs completely. Saltanat asks them to take pic and show to Miyajaan, she didn’t leave her values and ethics, clothes aren’t bad, people’s thinking is bad. She asks them to get complimentary coffee.

Mamoon throws money on her face. Saltanat says our elders taught us, the man who buys or sells things is blessed by Lord, what you did now is wrong, you have thrown money on me and insulted my boss’ profession also. She taunts him for his small thinking. Mamoon says you are very misbehaving. The man asks them to see video. Bunty asks what will you tell now, you added the hair in the coffee. Mamoon leaves. Zaroon comes for the fight. Sabina says you are arrogant like Rubina. Saltanat says you should have gone on Zainab, if you had been determined for your house, you would have settled. Sabina slaps. Saltanat holds her hand and scolds her. She sees the marks on Sabina’s hand and recalls Kainat’s hand.

Zaroon asks the man about the fight. He sees the huge built boxer. Saltanat asks about the sign. Sabina says it would have been good if you sunk that day and died. Saltanat asks what do you mean, tell me. Sabina scolds her and pushes her back. She goes. Zaroon sees Saltanat’s pic. He goes for the fight. Zaroon gets beaten up. Saltanat calls him. The man asks the boxer to leave Zaroon, its enough. He answers Zaroon’s phone. He says your husband is here. She asks who is it, where is Zaroon. He says he isn’t fine, he is getting badly beaten up. She asks where. He says at the fighting club, come soon, maybe you need to take him to the hospital. She gets shocked and leaves from cafe.

Saltanat comes to Sabina’s room and checks the purse. She gets shocked seeing some paper.

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