Udaan 8th November 2018 Written Update

Udaan 8th November 2018 Written Update by Amena

Udaan 8th November 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suraj saying I have killed someone and need a place to hide for 5 days, if you are ready to help me, this money can be yours. Bhawri says I need some time to decide. He asks her to go and get good news. She calls inspector and asks for info. Inspector recalls Suraj’s plan. Inspector takes Suraj’s pic to prove the truth. FB ends. He says he has murdered someone brutally, inform me if you catch him. She asks him to send his pic. He says sure. Suraj asks what did you think. She says you just think my decision is just coming, its a risky thing. Rajjo asks Chakor to sit. Chakor sees her house.

Rajjo says sorry, I didn’t live with family ever. Chakor says how will I pay for your favors, everyone regards Vikram as Lord here, you are going against them. Chakor says your house

is like a palace. Rajjo gets glad. She asks what shall we do now. Chakor says we have to gather proof against Vikram, those injections, how he tortures the girls, maybe they kept it at some secret place. Rajjo says no, we can go there at night. She says Vikram’s end has started, now he will be ruined. Bhawari gets Suraj’s pic. She says your deal is accepted, it takes time to confirm truth. She demands more money. He agrees. She says I will keep you somewhere such that no one reaches you. He thanks her.
Chakor says we also celebrate diwali this way, so I have lit diyas. Rajjo asks why did you take risk, we have to leave soon, Rangoli is really good. Chakor and Rajjo leave. Kids light crackers. They go to some place. Bacha pandey comes there. Rajjo and Bacha get arguing. He says I want to see your sister, she is also stunning, I will teach you a lesson now. He pushes Rajjo away. He goes to lift Chakor’s ghunghat. Rajjo’s sleeve gets torn by the nail. She shouts to villagers and gathers everyone. She accuses Bacha of molesting her.

Bacha asks what nonsense, I didn’t do anything. Rajjo says he has torn my clothes. She cries. Chakor consoles her. She says your villagers will do justice with you. Vikram and Rajeshwari come there and ask what’s happening. Rajjo asks Vikram to save her. Bacha tried to molest me when I was going to temple with Chandrika. Bacha says she is lying, I just wanted to see this girl’s face. Rajjo says he did the same thing that time. Bacha says she is lying. Vikram slaps him. Chakor smiles and thinks I will make you burn your lanka.

Chakor says we have to get proof against them. We have to go there again. Bacha and goons catch them. Bacha says Vikram will shoot you down. He gets shocked seeing Chakor.

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