Vikram Betaal 5th March 2019 Written Update

Vikram Betaal 5th March 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Vikram Betaal 5th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vish Purush telling Vikram that he is not an ordinary man, but Vish Purush and says you have no solution to get away from my poison. Vikram sees stone melting from his poison. Vikram says I will prove your weakness. Vish Purush says I will see how you get saved from my poison and laughs. He laughs and asks whom you will call for help. Vikram stands while the fire is around him. He thinks to search a way to get out of fire. Vish Purush tells Vikram that he will die. Vikram sees horse coming. Padmini is riding on the horse and takes Vikram on the horse. Vish Purush is shocked and says you can’t get saved from me. Padmini stops riding the horse as they come near the cliff. Vikram asks how did you know that? Padmini says I did a mistake, but I am your wife. Vish Purush is coming

near them. Padmini says there is no way infront. Vikram says we have to make a way and makes the horse jump from one cliff to another.
They reach safe place. Padmini gets teary eyes. Vikram asks why there is tears in your eyes. Padmini says I can’t identify between you and Vish purush, and says I can’t forgive myself ever. Vikram says Bhadrakaal have created him as such that there was no difference between us, even I was doubtful at once. He asks her not to feel apologetic. Padmini hugs him and says you know to win from my guilt. Vikram hugs her. Vish Purush tells Bhadrakaal that Vikram got afraid and escaped. Bhadrakaal says you are Vish Purush because of me. Vish Purush says I would have killed him long ago, but he is alive because of you. Bhadrakaal says I wanted you to kill him using dharm. He asks him to burn ujjaini and says if he sees ujjaini burning then he will come infront of you running.

Acharya ji, Kalidas and Senapati come there. Vikram asks how to stop him. Acharya says his Vish is dangerous. Vikram says I saw and asks if he knows the solution. Acharya ji tells him about Kaal Bhairav. Vikram says Kaal bhairav will stop Vish Purush. Vish Purush comes to Ujjaini and starts burning the people’s house with the fire. The people run to save their lives. Vish Purush says it is yet to be seen if you save your life or of people.

Vikram calls Kaal Bhairav and asks him to appear infront of him. Kaal Bhairav appears infront of him. Vikram tells him that Vish Purush wants to destroy his Ujjaini and asks him to help him. Kaal Bhairav tells him that there is no effect of Vish on Chandan and asks him to become Chandan Purush to kill him. People are running to save their lives. Vikram comes to the chandan/sandalwood plants and prays to them, and asking them to protect dharm and destroy Vish Purush’s adharm, and help him. He asks Chandan tree to protect Ujjaini people, and accept him. Sandalwood powder falls on him from the trees and hecomes chandan purush.

Kaal Bhairav appears infront of him and says you are lucky that Chandan tree has accepted you and says you have become first Chandan purush of this earth. He asks him to go and end the evil Vish Purush. Vikram is coming to ujjaini. Acharya ji asks Maharani to come. Maharani says Maharaj will come surely. Vikram comes as Chandan purush and calls Vish Purush. Vish purush emits Vish from his mouth. Vikram jumps and goes in his mouth. He destroys Vish purush’s Vish with his powers. Vish Purush thinks what is happening to me, how my Vish is getting destroyed. Vish Purush dies and vanishes. Everyone praises Vikram as Chandan purush Vikram Aditya. Bhadrakaal laughs and says one more position and says I did your betterment. He says I will end you and bring Betaal here.


Precap: Vikram Betaal and Shri Krishna Maha Sangam episode.

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