Vikram Betaal 6th March 2019 Written Update

Vikram Betaal 6th March 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Vikram Betaal 6th March 2019 Written Episode

First Part from MahaSangam Episode of Vikram Betaal and Paramavatar Shri Krishna..(8 pm – 8:38 pm)

Shiv tells Shri Krishna that he is forced to destroy the person whoever tries to destroy his bhakt. Krishna tells that if I have to destroy your bhakt for Mata Parvati’s safety then I have to do. Mahadev asks him to go from there. Krishna asks him to move from his way. Mahadev says this is impossible, I have to protect my bhakt. Krishna says then I have to protect Mata Parvati. Guru ji thinks he has to stop this dream from happening and for this, he needs to search Paramavatar Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna plays the flute. Betaal hears the flute sound in Pret ghaati and gets mesmerized hearing it. He says if this is the sweet sound of music or invitation, as if someone is calling betaal. He

flies and reaches Shri Krishna’s place. He folds his hand before him and says Paramavatar shri Krishna, and says I came from pret log to Krishna log. He tells him that his 1100 wait is over, and I will not go from here and will be at your Service. Shri Krishna says you have to do an important work. Betaal asks him to say. Shri Krishna says I know you are making Raja Vikram Aditya ready for the betterment of this world and asks him to tell his story to Vikram, to do his betterment. Betaal says ok. Vikram comes there and calls Betaal. Betaal wakes up his eyes and asks if it was a dream. He closes his eyes again. Vikram asks him to open his eyes and says you have to come with me. He holds Betaal’s tail. Betaal says you don’t me see the dream also. He says I will make you hear the story of Bhagwan Paramavatar shri Krishna. He says Kanha didn’t tell me what to tell you. He thinks to peep in Kanha’s life to see what is happening in Vrindavan now.
In Vrindavan: A lamb Saawri is making sound and comes to Shri Krishna telling him about Mata Parvati in problem. Andhak searches for Parvati. Narad comes and asks Asur Andhak whom he is searching. Andhak tells that he is searching Devi Parvati and if she is not found then I will kill you. Narad says I want to help you and you want to kill me. he tells that Mata Parvati went to Vrindavan, where Paramavatar Shri Krishna is born. Andhak laughs and says she went to Vishnu as Mahadev couldn’t give her protection. He says when Mahadev can’t protect her then how Vishnu will protect her. He asks Narad if he is cheating him. Narad says I give news to Devs, Asurs etc. Andhak laughs and calls him foolish. He goes. Narad thinks I am sure that Natwar Shri Krishna will punish you and that’s why I sent you to Vrindavan. Shri Krishna comes to mata parvati following the lamb and asks her to tell what happened? Mata Parvati is crying. Shri Krishna asks why there is tears in her eyes , and asks what forced her to come from Himalayas to Vrindavan. Devi Parvati tells that she was helpless and has to come here for her protect as Mahadev himself can’t protect me. Asur tells that he will marry Parvati. Shri Krishna says there must be something for sure that Mahadev can’t protect you. Devi Parvati says how she can protect herself. Shri Krishna asks her to come to Vrindavan and says Asur can come there, but can’t go from there. He brings Devi Parvati to his house. He calls his maiyya. Yashoda asks where were you and sees Devi Parvati. Shri Krishna tells that her name is Mata Parvati. Mata Parvati is in ordinary clothes. Yashoda asks Mata Parvati. Shri Krishna says mata Parvati is Shri krishna’s big bhakt. Yashoda asks her to come inside. Shri Krishna thinks to kill Andhak to protect Mata Parvati.

Betaal questions Betaal to hear his question for today. He asks why God Shiv protected his devotee Andhak, leaving mata Parvati’s protection. He says one side is bhakti and other side is his husband love, and asks him to tell if he is guilty or not. He says today I will tell you Bhagwan Shri Krishna and Asur Andhak’s story. Andhak comes to vrindavan and says you made my work easily. I will marry you, the moment I see you and no power of this world can stop me. Shri Krishna sees him and says you are moving towards your death, I will kill you and will make Devi Parvati free from your scare. Guru ji comes and says you shouldn’t kill him. Shri Krishna asks what are you saying? Guru ji says if you kill him then all this earth will be destroyed. He tells about his dream and says mahadev is forced to protect Andhak. Shri Krishna says I have to protect mata Parvati and asks him to tell how the boon will end. Guru ji tells something. Shri Krishna says I understood and takes leave. Betaal tells Vikram, you might be thinking why Mahadev gave a boon to Andhak, which made Devi Parvati’s life in danger. He tells that Andhak did strict tapasya of mahadev. Mahadev appears before him and asks what boon he wants. Andhak says you can do anything you wants and says I want a boon that you will protect me whenever I am in danger. Mahadev gives him boon. Betaal says Andhak became immortal because of this boon and put bad sight on mata Parvati. He asks her to forget her fast and hug her future husband. Parvati says you are forgetting that I am Mahadev’s wife Devi Parvati. Andhak asks her to forget. She says if you say a word then..

Andhak asks her to kill him and says I will get Moksh. He asks her not to go and says wherever you go, will find me only. She turns and sees many Andhak appearing. He says there is no way for you and now you have to marry me. Parvati says you don’t know woman power, and says a woman can become kali at times. She becomes Kali. Andhak says only you can become my wife. She kills the illusions of Andhak. Andhak tells that she is impressing him more and says he will make her defeat and will marry her. Mata Parvati and Andhak fight with each other. Devi parvati defeats him and kicks him. She says death will marry you and is about to kill him. Mahadev comes and says you can’t kill her. Parvati says how can you protect Adharmi. Mahadev says you have to fight with me first. Andhak laughs and says your husband is my Rakshak so who will save you from me. Betaal says you must have understood now and asks why Mahadev protected his devotee rather than his wife and asks if he will be called guilty. He says you must have understood Parvati’s pain. Andhak creates terror in Vrindavan. Shri Krishna comes there and says Asur Raj Andhak ki Jai..Andhak gets flattered and laughs.

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