Vikram Betaal 8th March 2019 Written Update

Vikram Betaal 8th March 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Vikram Betaal 8th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vikram coming to bhadrakaal. Bhadrakaal asks why did you come here without my invitation, and says I thought you had forgotten the promise. Vikram says I came to tell you that I will bring Betaal here, and then will punish you for your sins. Bhadrakaal asks him to bring Betaal first and punish him in dreams. Vikram says I will punish you surely. Bhadrakaal says it needs courage to even think of punishing me. Vikram asks him to hear carefully and says I will give you death punishment. Bhadrakaal asks him to look at him once and says I am 1100 years old and I have taken birth 32 times and no death can touch me ever. He says you need 32 births to kill me, and even that will be less to you, as I am Bhadrakaal. Vikram says Ravan who had many children and grand children, had nobody

to light even a diya. Padmini asks Acharya ji to check Maharaj’s kundali. Acharya ji checks the kundali and says there is no trouble in his life in near future. Padmini thanks God. Vikram comes and asks whose kundali is this? Padmini says she wants to know about the troubles in his life. Vikram says why to fear from troubles, people become great by overcoming fears. He tells that when he went to Pret ghaati, he saw Shri Krishna there. Padmini asks if God shri Krishna gave you darshan. She gets happy. Vikram says I brought kanha ji’s idol for you.
A Brahmin Dev comes to Vikram and tells that he had given enough food to his wife, but it was finished, she reached the dharmshala man to give him money for food. He refuses and asks her to make arrangements herself. Brahmin Dev tells that his wife was hungry since 5 days, and pleads infront of the villagers to give her some food, but they ignore her. She comes to the crematorium ground and sees something on ground and is about to die. Villagers come and say we have caught the dayan and says she came here to eat pind daan. She gets up and says she is not dayan, but hungry. The villagers beat her until she gets unconscious. They leave her there itself. Brahmin Dev tells Vikram that his wife died with hunger and with the torture, she faced by his people. Padmini says Maharaj is not guilty but. Vikram takes the blame of his people on himself and asks what to do. Brahmin Dev says you are not just Maharaj, but Devtulya and asks him to make his wife alive. Vikram says how can I do it.

Brahmin says he is taking his wife’s dead body to crematorium ground and says if you don’t come by tomorrow then I will die too. He says then you will get dosh of Brahmin hatya. Vikram is shocked. He asks Acharya ji to solve the problem. Acharya says it is not possible, as nobody gets alive after dying. Padmini says she died due to hunger. Acharya says Maa Annapurna can help us. Vikram comes to Maa Annapurna and prays to her. Maa Annapurna appear infront of him. Vikram prays to her to make Brahmin’s wife alive. Maa Annapurna asks him to reach agni dev and then Surya dev. She says you have to die to reach surya dev, but it is very impossible. Vikram says I will make the impossible possible.

Vikram Aditya reaches Surya Dev and asks him to give life to the Brahmin lady.

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