Vish 11th July 2019 Written Update

Vish 11th July 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Vish 11th July 2019 Written Episode

Sabrina requests Vishdeva Halahal to protect her Vishaila by the time she returns with Jeevbooti. She tells Vishaila not to give up. I will return with Jeevbooti soon.

Katrina decides to make her move before Sabrina. She gets inside Sabrina’s room. She opens the closet and notices the marks on the floor. She also finds her way to the ice chamber and finds Vishaila there. She turns into her kitty avatar to see what Sabrina is up to. Sabrina enters inside Vishloka through a bowl of water. Katrina drops the water on the floor. I closed her only way to return here! I am sorry Sabby. You need to find some other way to come out of Vishloka but it will be too late by then. Vishaila would be dead. Poor Sabby, she trusts me so much. Did no one tell her that a kitty is close to no one? I must kill Vishaila but

I have to bring Aditya near Vishaila for that. I don’t want Sabby to doubt me. I would need a pawn! She finds out who it could be. She turns into her kitty avatar again.
Alia notices something movie inside Aditya’s blanket. She asks him to wake up but he is in deep sleep. She removes the blanket only to find a kitty sitting on top of Aditya. It is the same kitty who had died in the kitchen. She jumps in shock as the kitty jumps. She follows the kitty to the balcony and finds her heading near her grave. She wakes up with a start. What kind of a dream was it? She looks down from the window. There is some significance of this dream. I might find a clue near the peepal tree. Katrain comes to her real avatar. Now you will do just what I want you to! I have sown the seed of doubt in your mind. Now you will come to me on your own!

Sabrina is looking for Jeevbooti flower. She gets confused seeing so many reflections of Jeevbooti around. Which one would be real? I must find the real one asap or it would be impossible to save my Vishaila! She looks at the clock tensed.

Alia comes upstairs noticing the marks on the floor. It is strange! How are they inside the house? She turns quiet hearing the sound of footsteps but is relieved to see Aditya. He asks her what she is doing here. I dint see you in the room when I woke up. Are you fine? She shares her dream. I don’t know how it is related to that peepal tree. I had gone there again to check and found out something interesting. Look at the marks of roller skates on the floor. Someone did come here with or without the help of someone. Maybe that Vishkanya made this track. Shall we check? He agrees. The marks bring them to the living room. They wonder who it could be. Maria says Vishkanya. Alia asks her if she knows about Vishkanya. Maria tells them that there is a Vishkanya and Vishpurush on this island. I have heard people talk about it. Alia adds that it is alive but very much dead. Maria nods. This Vishkanya wants to bring him back to life. Our world will be finished if Vishkanya succeeds. They will destroy us! Alia asks her if she also knows about the peepal tree. Maria nods. Vishkanya lives under that tree. It is freezing cold there. you preserve life in such circumstances. Aditya asks her why she dint share this earlier with them. Maria says I thought you wont believe me so I dint say anything. I am really sorry. She goes. Katrina comes to her real avatar as she steps away from them. Katrina thinks the information has been shared. Even if Sabby finds out about this, Maria will be in trouble. I would have left with Aditya by then. I need that cursed mark more than Sabby! She does not know what she has done by calling me here!

Aditya and Alia discuss the possibilities where Vishaila could be. They check the fridge and cold storage.

Sabrina asks Halahal for help. She also knows that Vishaila’s condition is worsening. What should I do? She shouts helplessly.

Vishera is still locked inside the mirror. The lady who had bought the mirror is having a small get together at home. Her friends say that she is lucky to be still single. You are living your life. The lady daydreams about her lover. Vishera looks on. I wonder till when I will be stuck behind this mirror! I feel as if Vishkanya is in more trouble than me. It is the perfect time to get out of this mirror!

Aditya says we have checked everywhere but we haven’t found anything. Alia says we are thinking in the right direction but we are looking at places which are too obvious. Katrina is watching them from far. Will they be able to find Vishaila before Sabrina returns? Aditya asks Alia if this trick will work. She nods. If there is an ice chamber in the house then the ice will melt once the electricity is switched off. Water will give us a clue. Alia and Aditya go in separate directions to check. Katrina thinks Alia is very impressive.

The ice starts melting and water starts flowing out of Sabrina’s closet. Vishaila’s body is turning blue. He is also shivering badly. Alia is the first one to spot the water. She recalls witnessing a similar thing in the past but Sabrina had not let her check. She touches the water and it is ice cold. It means it wasn’t a plumbing machine which Sabrina was referring to! Why is it coming from inside the closet? She opens the closet and looks at the secret door. What is it? She steps inside the ice chamber and is shocked to see Vishaila. Aditya comes running there hearing her screams.

Precap: Sabrina is unable to go back to earth. Katrina smiles excitedly. Vishera has freed himself and vows to take his revenge from Vishkanya! Sabrina senses danger. She also realises something about Vishaila and is stunned. Everyone in Kothari Mansion looks at Vishaila.

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