Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2019 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode stars with Yug saying I will practice it once, I will go and ask her about Aaliya. Shagun and Aaliya leave. Shagun says your designs are amazing, she will surely love them. Yug sees Aaliya and smiles. He says she is gone, I don’t have to miss chance this time. Ishita stops him and asks what do you want from Shagun. Yug says I had scared Shagun yesterday, sorry, I had to ask her something. She asks what. He says I wanted to ask about the girl with her. She asks why. He says I have fallen in love at first sight with her. She slaps him. She says don’t you dare, how can you even say this, you love her? He says I love her. She asks what do you know about her, how many times did you meet her. He says I had seen her twice. She asks did Aaliya see you. He smiles. She asks again and

again. He signs no. She asks have you lost it, she hasn’t seen you, how can you love her, you saved my life, thanks, but you can’t love Aaliya. He says Aaliya. She asks are you listening to me, you can’t love Aaliya, stay away from her, else I will break your legs.
He says thanks for mentioning her name, Aaliya. He goes. She gets Shagun’s call and says yes I m coming. She goes. Yug says I got to know her name, Aaliya. Ranbir asks why did Ishita slap you. Yug says its fine, I got to know the name. Vishal asks what’s the truth. Yug says Ishita asked me to stay away from Aaliya. Ranbir says Ishita won’t like it, you won’t meet that girl. Yug says I can’t stay away from Aaliya, I will handle Ishita, family is against initially and then accepts the lovers, Ishita will know my love for Aaliya and accept it. Vishal says we should have not come here. Yug gets filmi. Ishita thinks of Adi and Yug. She says Yug isn’t Adi, I can’t let him ruin Aaliya’s life, Yug isn’t my Adi, I have to tell Raman. She calls Raman. He asks shall we have lunch together. She says I have to talk to you, something happened here. Raman says watchman told you, I can explain. She asks can you meet me. He says its a small thing, fine, I will come. She says I m going to boutique, come soon. He agrees.

Ruhi asks Karan is he following her, does he think she will invite him for coffee. He says no, I have come here for business related work. She says sorry, peon post isn’t vacant. He says I m sure you know about this proposal. Gaurav is my friend, we are business partners now, I m handing all the operations here, I m here for negotiations. Ruhi says you came to discuss joint venture with me. He says I m not here with any intention, I hope you can handle this. She says I have handled joint ventures better than this. He says I feel you are getting affected seeing me. She asks are you mad, I don’t think you know, I m very professional, I don’t mix my personal life with my work. He says lets see Ruhi, its not going to be easy to stay away from me.

Aaliya shows the designs. The lady likes the designs and asks the prices. Aaliya says I have the price list. She checks and doesn’t get the papers. She says sorry, I think I have forgotten the price list. The lady asks how can you forget it. She says Shagun I know you, you wasted my time. Shagun says relax, try to understand. Ishita comes. Aaliya says its my fault, I forgot the price list at home. Ishita says we will get it next time. The lady says sorry, I have no time. Rohan comes there and says here is the price list, sorry, Aaliya asked me to compile it, she is very hard working, she won’t let you down. Aaliya thanks him. The lady says your proposal and price list are good, we should work together. Ishita talks to Raman.

Aaliya thanks Rohan. Rohan says I have seen papers falling and called you. Aaliya says so sorry, I didn’t know it was your number. He says please save my number, we should leave. She gets dizzy. He holds her. Ishita asks what happened to her. He says don’t know. She says call Shagun fast. Vishal and Ranbir enjoy the pizza and joke on Yug. Yug says I found Aaliya’s name. Ranbir gets an interview call. Yug wishes him all the best and asks him to go. He gets a call and says you want to meet me now, fine, I have to come there, I m coming. Vishal asks him to go and work. He says I will get info about Aaliya. Yug hugs Vishal. Raman says Ishita and Shagun aren’t answering, what happened to Aaliya, there is a proper way to work, why did she take stress. Rohan lifts Aaliya and gets her home. Raman gets angry. Ishita says Rohan is helping Aaliya. Rohan says she fainted. Ishita asks Rohan to take Aaliya inside. She says Rohan got Aaliya’s file there, he loves Aaliya, you also accept this now.

Ishita says Aaliya has low BP. Mihika says Aaliya has kept a fast for Rohan. Yug argues with Karan. Karan gets shocked seeing him.

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