Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th March 2019 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kartik and Rishabh arguing. Naira stands silent. Kartik says its none of your business, we will sort our problem. Rishabh says I m her friend, I won’t let you hurt her. Kartik says you don’t need to get into this, if I see you around her, I won’t spare you. Mishti asks where is Naira. Naira runs. Kartik and Rishabh run after her. Naira recalls meeting Sid. She asks where were you. He says just listen to me carefully, I m not Sid, I will tell you about me, but I would like to show some pic first. He shows Goenka family pic and recalls them. She says its Kirti’s family pic, do you know them. He says you try to recollect, you will get the answer, you may not like what I will say, I don’t want to hide anything and reveal the truth, I m Sid whom you met in

dance class, I m not Sid, I got close to you and realized how wrong I was, relation can’t be strong if its based on lies. She says you aren’t Sid, who are you. He says Kartik Goenka, Kirti’s brother. He tells her everything. FB ends. Naira runs on the road and reaches her car. Everyone shouts to her. She leaves. Kuhu leaves with Naira. Mishti says thank God, Kuhu sat in the car, Naira didn’t leave alone.
Rishabh says Naksh told me you are a big liar, this is the biggest lie, what will happen now, be prepared, Naira won’t forgive you, mark my words. He goes. Kartik sits crying. Mishti turns to go. He asks are you going to leave your BFF, where are you going, you always supported me, won’t you support today. She cries. He says you are upset with me, everyone thinks I have made a mistake, I lied for Naira’s sake, for our love, you know I love her, I lied for the first time, I love Naira, I know you would have understood me, Naksh didn’t tell her about me, I didn’t wish to trouble her so I met her as Sid, did I do anything wrong, what would you do, I did what I felt was right. She says its not necessary that its right what you think, you have to do something to make the other person feel the value. He says I know, its not true, I called and messaged, you didn’t reply.

She says you always found Naira, you would have found me also. He says I have tried a lot. She says I have realized nothing is permanent in life, no relations, no family and friends. He says you are still the same Mishti for me, my BFF, you trust me, right. Nobody understands me better than you, we were friends, you made me realize how much I love Naira, how can you say this, I m sorry Mishti. They cry. She consoles him and thinks to do something. Naksh says I want all info about Siddharth, why is he after Naira. The lady says sorry, I m not allowed to give any details. He misses to see Kartik and Naira’s pic on the board. He leaves. Naira runs to her room and shuts the door. Kuhu asks her to open the door. She asks what happened, tell me. She gets a principal’s call. She asks did you get papers signed.

Kuhu says yes. Principal says if you don’t get papers signed, then you have to perform instead that girl. Kuhu worries and says what if Naksh finds out about us, where did Mishti go, she is careless. Bhabhimaa says I kept puja for everyone’s welfare. Rishabh comes and runs upstairs. Kuhu asks him to leave, why is he after Naira. Rishabh says tell them why are you stopping me from meeting Naira, truth always comes out. Naksh comes and asks what happened. The man says manager has sent this for you. Naksh checks Kartik and Naira’s pics.

Rishabh says truth has come out, this is what I wanted to tell you for so long, Kartik is Sid, on the day of Shivratri, he locked me in room and stolen my costume, he danced with Naira, he is Sid. Naksh throws the pics in water. He says I had sent manager to find out who is Siddharth, this time he crossed all limits. Kartik says so you got to know, fine, I came here to tell you, you won’t doubt, you can’t snatch Naira from me, I love her and she loves me equally. He sees pics and picks them. Naksh says you don’t name your cheat as love, she doesn’t know you. Kartik says even then she loves me, can’t you understand. Manish, Dadi, Akhilesh and Surekha come with Mishti. Manish stops them. Kuhu thinks Mishti got Goenka family. Manish says sorry Kartik, I couldn’t help you, if I had helped you, you would not have gone through this.

He says Naksh, you forced two lovers to stay apart, you told everything to Naira but hidden about Kartik, she found Kartik. Naksh says Kartik followed her and entered her life with a new lie. Manish says I thought you were wise, what’s wrong with you, you think they both can get separated, they got divorced and then remarried, how can you think this. Naksh asks did you think Kartik can steal Kirti’s child, I didn’t think Naira will lose her memory, its not impossible to separate Kartik and Naira. Mishti says I got them to support Kartik. Naksh says you are not able to see what’s right and what’s wrong. Kartik asks how dare you talk to dad like that. Naksh says Naira can never be yours, never. Kartik says I would like to hear this from Naira, call her, I will respect her decision. Naksh says you are stubborn, you want to get humiliated. Kartik says she may humiliate me, when two people love… Naksh scolds him. Naira shouts enough, stop this fight. She comes downstairs. She sees Kartik. She says I told this before, I m saying it again in front of everyone, I love you. Everyone smiles.

Kartik says I promise you Naira, I will always keep you happy and never hurt you. They hug. He says I love you…..

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