Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th June 2019 Written Update

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th June 2019 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th June 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abir seeing the school messed up. He says this man doesn’t care for kids, why should we care for him, I will just think of the kids, who are coming here with a hope to get a better life, we have to work together. Mishti asks him will he do some work or just give lecture. She gets paint. Abir thanks her. She asks why. He says for not losing courage. She says when our work completes, that man’s courage will break. They smile. The lady asks who is she. Abir says she works with me, this school is imp for me. Kuhu agrees to go with Kunal. He says I also lied at home because of Mishti, if mum knows that Mishti is with Abir then… Kuhu gives the address. He says great, thanks for coming along. She smiles and says you could have gone along. He says Abir has no phone,

I can’t call Mishti, so I need you. He says I think your company would be good.
Abir and Mishti work. Manju asks Mishti about love. Mishti says I don’t know what’s love. Abir says I m the headmaster of this school, I know what’s love, it can be taught or learnt, it can’t be explained, its just felt, live the moment, if we can love the moment, we can do anything, the kids will love this place, so lets paint. Mishti smiles hearing him. He asks shall we make it pink. She says but I like blue. He says lets do both. They make a heart. She goes. Kuhu dances at the dhaba. Badtameez dil….plays…. Kunal sees her. She holds ears. He asks her to come. Abir dances and paints the walls. He dances with the ladies. Mishti smiles. She thinks maybe Mishti needs my help. She dances. He gets surprised. They dance together. Meenakshi finishes a meeting. The man gets the marriage card sample. Nidhi says we have given the sample last week, cancel the cards now, this time the girl rejected our alliance. Meenakshi says we don’ need the cards. The man goes. She scolds Nidhi. Nidhi says we should fix Kunal’s relation soon. Meenakshi says Nidhi is right, its time we answer the questions.

Rajshri calls Mishti. Mishti says there is much work. Rajshri thinks Mishti doesn’t know about raid. She asks how is Abir. Mishti says he is fine. Rajshri thinks Abir didn’t tell her anything. Mishti says he needs your blessings, a school is needed here, Abir is going this work, did you see the classroom pics. Rajshri says yes, the pink and blue heart looks good, you had to leave college reunion. Mishti says no. She sees Abir and says I will call you later. Rajshri says yes, finish your work, take care. She sees Abir making the name board. Abir says I m happily crying, I m just happy, we concentrate on our problems so much that happiness gets ignored, forget it and concentrate on today. She asks what’s this. He says a dream, my dad has seen this, we have fulfilled it today, he made this board, I made the building and you colored the walls, will you have tea. She nods. She says this school is imp for Abir as his dad is imp for him.

Kuhu says you are driving since 3 hours, stop somewhere, we can take selfies on road trip. He says I left work on mum since Mishti is with Abir. She says I m spending time with you. He says I was driving in speed because of you, you said you want to reach there before night. He gives her a cold drink. He says you think I will stop the car at a stall and ask you to have pakodas. She thinks I would have eaten snacks if you said. She says no, this is perfect, my type. Abir and Mishti drink tea. Mishti asks what if Sapan comes back. Abir says I will handle it. Manju asks how will a girl say I love you to a guy. Mishti says if a girl loves a guy, she can say it. Abir says I don’t know. The lady says you win everyone’s heart, everyone smiles when you talk. Mishti says let it be, maybe he doesn’t know.

Kuhu enjoys the trip. Kunal smiles. Abir says okay relax, lets start, when you saw the person for the first time, what did you feel, how you felt, its matter of heart, heart will say it. Manju asks him to say in shayari. Abir says you better ask the poet, its inspired, but original. Mishti says I don’t think so. Manju says please show it, tell it to Mishti, we want to see. Mishti asks me? Abir says no. Mishti says no way, there is no need. Manju asks can’t you do this for me. Abir says I can’t believe Abir went with Mishti, that girl will be out of our lives. Kuhu smiles seeing him. Manju says guy sits on knees to say his feelings. They ask Abir to sit down. Abir says okay….actually I have pain in my knees. He sits on his knee. Manju gives a flower. Dheere dheere….plays…. Abir sees Mishti. Manju says I m observing you and will do the same. Abir does shayari and proposes to Mishti. Kunal and Kuhu come there. Mishti smiles hearing his sweet shayari. Kunal and Kuhu get shocked.

Kunal scolds Mishti and asks her not to come between Abir and him. He asks her to just leave. He says none will come between us Bhai. Abir says but someone has come between us.

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