26-13 30th April 2013 Written Update

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26-13 30th April 2013 Written Update by sumana

26-13 30th April 2013 Written Episode

The episode begins with …Rasdeep along with Malti Bhabhi n Mithoo entering a new accommodation …..in order to escape being the target for Shahana in their old house ..
In the new house we get some rare Rasdeep close romantic moments as they hold hands and promise to deal with Shahana together…

Randeep gets pillows .. and puts the blanket over a sleeping Rashmi …after admiring her for a long moment …

Just as Randeep is about to turn and leave…. Rashmi catches hold of his hand and tells him not to leave her and go …. to remain by her side …with their hands held tightly ….Randeep sits down by her bedside and puts his head on the bed and tries to catch some sleep …

At night Rashmi gets a nightmare that Shahana has discovered their hide out …entered their room and is firing at her ….Randeep senses her situation and pacifies her and tucks her into bed again ….and they dose off with their hands held in a tight grip ….

All the hench men get tremendous blasting for their failure to capture Rashmi and her family along with Randeep ….

Sameer Merchant is Kidnapped … as he is on his morning jogging rounds .. by five unidentified men who over power him…. put a hood over his head .. push him into the car and speed off …..

When Sameer merchant’s hood is removed he finds himself bound to a chair and is unable to stir … he is furious .. and wanted to know who was behind this attack .. Shahana makes an entry … surprising Sameer and the viewers both …she tells Sameer that she was giving him back the taste of his own medicine ..

Shahana makes clean exchange offer give Rashmi and take back your freedom Sameer warns her against bringing her own personal vendatta in the way of the mission 2613 …. to get over her “choti si dushmani aur ek larki pey hamlaa” … but Sha is in no state of mind to listen …. she wanted to have the pleasure of killing Rashmi with her own hands ….

The next morning Randeep has decided that it is safest for Rashmi and her family to leave the country and go abroad …but Rashmi is unwilling to go leaving behind Randeep in the helm of things …..Randeep assures her that he will look after himself .. but Ras wants to be with him.. by his side as he fought .. she does not want to chicken out of it …

Randeep is irritated with Rashmi’s argument and screams at her the mission …..the 2613 could go to hell…he had lost his sister in a similar situation and he could not afford to lose Rashmi … he was sending her away because he cared for her .. because he loved her ….. and asks her if she could not understand this …

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