Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 12th June 2021 Written Update

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 12th June 2021 Written Update by Amena

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 12th June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Darsh stopping Gunjan. Everyone looks on. Rajvi asks what happened. Darsh laughs and says I heard this word in real for the first time, so I got a laugh. Rajvi asks which word. He says cheap enjoyment, Gunjan was saying that Vanlata has seen Ritesh and Nandini enjoying. Rajvi asks what, doesn’t she think before saying anything. Darsh says we know that she has a serious problem with Nandini but never use such a word for Nandini. Shobit scolds Gunjan. Darsh says relax, how can anyone doubt Nandini that she is cheating me, its baseless like I can see, or my mum doesn’t love me, or if Shobit is my enemy. Shobit thinks you have become the enemy of Charmy and my love. Darsh says its fine if she went to meet her childhood friend, what’s the big deal, we know Nandini, she is so helpful. Nandini comes and looks on. She cries.

Darsh says Nandini….. She says you had eye irritation at night, I went to Ritesh to get eye drops for you. He thanks her. He says I told you that she always helps and worries for others, I m her family. Parul asks them to come for the game. Rajvi asks which game. Darsh says dumb charades, all the couples will play games. Vipul and Rajvi refuse to play together. Darsh says its fine, you got old, this game takes energy. Vipul asks what, I will play now and show my high energy level. Rajvi messages him to fake a fight. He gets the message. Nandini signs Shobit to come out. Vipul replies sorry, it was about the ego. Shobit says sorry from Gunjan’s side. Nandini says its fine, Gunjan is kiddish, she talks without thinking, do you have Darsh’s reports, we have to give it to Ritesh. He says don’t worry, I will give him the reports. She asks do you think Darsh can see again. He thinks Darsh will see what I show him. Darsh asks them to come for the game. The family plays the game. Nandini says time is over. Parul fails to guess.

She says Chetan, you didn’t act well. Chetan says Darsh gave me a bad film title. They all laugh. Darsh says you picked the chit, you check on net, such film is there. Nandini says its our turn now. Darsh asks how can I play this. She says you can play it, I will do action, you will touch and know what I want to say, ready. Everyone claps. Nandini gets a chit. Darsh asks how many words. Nandini signs three. He asks first word. She makes him feel her gestures and guess. He says Maine pyaar kiya. Everyone claps and says wow Nandini, superb. Darsh says me too. Nandini looks at him. Rajvi says Darsh played this game after many years, all thanks to Nandini. Gunjan says its Shobit and my turn. Shobit says I have to make an urgent call, I will come. Darsh says now mum and dad’s turn. Rajvi and Vipul act and fight. Nandini says I have an idea. Darsh waits for her. Shobit gives the reports to Ritesh. He acts to cry. He says I had left hopes that Darsh can see again, sorry, I will leave, check the reports. Ritesh asks him to sit. Nandini comes to Darsh.

Shobit says your clinic is fine. He says I really appreciate, the way you are helping Nandini. Ritesh says she is my childhood friend, I wish there was someone with whom I had such a love story. Shobit asks don’t you have anyone in your life. Ritesh says there is a girl, but its just from my side. Nandini gets her bag to Darsh’s room. She says I came back to sort Rajvi and Vipul’s fight. He asks really, did you come for their sake. She says yes. He says but I feel you are very happy, your mood is good, right. She smiles. They have a moment. Aapki nazron…plays… Ritesh says I lose confidence in front of girls, I can freely talk to Nandini. Shobit asks did you tell her about Kinjal, she can help you. Ritesh says yes. Shobit smiles. Darsh asks will you go back. He thinks why am I asking, I won’t let you go away from me. Shobit says you should tell your feelings to Kinjal, I shall go now. He thinks Darsh’s happiness will end now.

Darsh asks where are my medical reports. Rajvi says I don’t know about it. Shobit keeps the reports back. Darsh asks why did you take the reports, tell me. Shobit says Nandini asked me to get it.

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