Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 8th October 2021 Written Update

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 8th October 2021 Written Update by Amena

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 8th October 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Darsh and Nandini following Charmy. Shobit says let me go after her, I will update you. Darsh asks where is Bansuri. Nandini says in the outhouse. She calls Bansuri home. Bansuri says Charmy went outside, it means she kept Rajvi somewhere outside. Charmy sits in the car and smiles. She says Nandini, you think you will doubt me and I won’t know, I knew it, Bansuri is with you, maybe you know everything, also about Gunjan’s death, so you all did this drama, maybe also that I love Darsh, maybe Darsh and Shobit are with you, I don’t care, Darsh is mine, he has to become of mine, this game will be fun now. She sees Shobit sitting in his car. He thinks Shobit will follow her now, thinking she will go to Rajvi. She drives to fool him.

Vipul says I can’t tell you the entire truth, I knew that Toral’s mental state isn’t fine, her treatment was going on in the health center, we took care of her, doctors said that her recovery isn’t possible, sorry to hide this, I did this for everyone’s betterment, I will answer everything, but first we have to find Rajvi, help me please, Toral is talking about some wall, she knows about Rajvi, can you please ask her.

Nandini thinks Darsh told about Toral staring at some wall, Charmy also went there, maybe Rajvi is there. Vipul asks will you help me. Nandini says I will ask her once she wakes up, I have to tell you about Charmy. Vipul asks what, Charmy is behind Gunjan’s death and Rajvi’s disappearance, she acted pregnant, why did you not inform police. Darsh says we can’t take risk, Charmy can harm mum, Shobit has gone after Charmy. Shobit comes. Nandini says I told everything to dad. Vipul says sorry, why does this happen with you. Shobit says Charmy didn’t stop anywhere, she was just driving, then came home and slept. Darsh asks how will we reach mum. Charmy says Darsh and I will unite, stop me now if you can.

Nandini brings Toral to the storeroom. Toral touches the wall. Nandini asks what happened. Toral chants. Parul asks what can be there in that room, we have to stop Charmy from going there. Charmy hears them. Chetan asks where is she. Parul says she is in the hall. She asks Charmy to just have food. Charmy recalls Rajvi and Dada ji’s talks, about the storeroom secret door. Charmy asks Parul to have food for herself. Toral hears the train sound. She shouts. Nandini thinks did Charmy do this. Parul and Darsh see the sound playing in the speaker. Darsh says Charmy would have done this, where is she. Parul says Charmy went out. Parul comes to Toral. Nandini says she is showing the mirror. Parul moves the mirror away and they see a door. Vipul and Chetan come there. Chetan asks who moved the mirror. Parul says we didn’t know about this door. Darsh looks for Charmy. He says where can Charmy go. Charmy is in his car. She faints him door. Everyone enters the room, and finds Rajvi tied up. They try to help her.

Toral sees her belongings. Charmy says Nandini can find Rajvi, but she won’t get Darsh. She takes Darsh with her. She says Darsh, I know you won’t live with me after knowing the truth, but we can die together. Toral checks her sarees and stuff. She cries. Nandini gets conscious. Parul asks Toral to come with her.

Nandini asks why did Charmy do this. Rajvi says I heard her talks, she thought I will tell everyone, so she locked me there. She says sorry Shobit, I ruined your life unknowingly, I didn’t know Charmy is such. She hugs him. She asks where is Darsh. Parul says he went after Darsh. Charmy says I tolerated irritated Shobit and acted to be pregnant to stay close to you, I killed Gunjan also, your love has made me a criminal, I have kept your mum at home, but no one knew it. Darsh says Charmy and opens eyes. She stops the car. He says you think just you can play the game, I was faking unconscious, I thought you will take me to mum, you accepted your crimes, dad messaged that he found mum, everyone is waiting for you, come. He takes her home. Nandini scolds Charmy.

Charmy says I have no regret on my deeds, I love Darsh, everything is fair in love and war. Shobit says enough, you didn’t think of me once, I hate myself to love a girl like you, you have no right to play with my emotions, you lied about pregnancy to stay here, when you weren’t pregnant. She says I was pregnant, I lost my child, I did this drama because I wanted Darsh, Nandini used to come between always. Rajvi slaps Charmy. She says you forgot the difference between love and madness, you are doing a sin, you will get punished. Charmy says it won’t be easy, you have no proof against me. Darsh plays Charmy’s confession recording.

Toral identifies Rajvi. Vipul lies to Rajvi. Rajvi asks him not to lie to family, Darsh is his son.

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