Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 9th October 2021 Written Update

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 9th October 2021 Written Update by Amena

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 9th October 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Darsh asking Inspector to take Charmy. Charmy shouts Darsh, can’t you see my love. Nandini says you are a doctor, you should have saved lives, but you killed Gunjan. Charmy asks what’s in you that Darsh can’t be mine. Darsh says take her away. Police takes her. Darsh says you didn’t deserve this, Shobit. Shobit says I just hope all the bad things go away with Charmy. Toral comes downstairs, getting dressed up well. She says my name is Toral Rawal. Everyone gets shocked.

She asks where is my son. She says I feel I have come here after a long time, Vipul when did you get these glasses. Nandini says he isn’t your husband, he is Rajvi’s husband, come with me. Toral sees Rajvi and says you are Rajvi Sanghvi, right, you had the sweets shop, what are you doing here, where is my son, did anyone take him. Darsh asks how does she know your old name. Vipul says maybe she got any old diary. Rajvi says no Vipul, its enough, how long will we lie to him. Toral asks where is my child. Rajvi says no one took your child, you went from here for the treatment 28 years back, your son isn’t a baby now, he has grown up, Darsh is your son. Everyone gets shocked.

Nandini asks what is Rajvi saying. Toral asks is Darsh my son. Rajvi cries. Darsh says no. Toral faints down. Everyone holds her. Vipul says Rajvi said right, Toral is your real mum. Darsh cries. Dada ji says when Vipul got married, we got to know that Toral isn’t mentally fine, her family had hidden this from us, when we were coming back, she screamed hearing the train voice, we thought she is crying for her Maayka. Vipul says Toral was making big mistakes that was hurting the family, she lost her parents in a train accident, her uncle and aunt didn’t tell us about her behavior, we started her treatment, we thought she will get fine, she was pregnant, she came in much depression after that, she didn’t care for you, she left you in the market, she forgot that you are her son. Chetan says Vipul took Toral to London for treatment also. Dada ji says we did the best for her, she put little Darsh in a water tub and forgot, I decided to send her to institute, Vipul wasn’t ready for marriage but we wanted a mum for Darsh, I saw Rajvi, she is my friend’s daughter, I asked her hand for Vipul. Vipul says we had no option, I was helpless, Rajvi has raised you like a real mum, she has handled the entire family, she has made you and Shobit so capable, she expanded our business and made us reach here, when you got blind, it was just Rajvi, who didn’t let you lose courage, she has given birth to Shobit, she loved you more than Shobit. Darsh cries.

Darsh goes to Toral. Toral says Rajvi told me everything. Rajvi turns to go. Darsh stops her. Rajvi says don’t hate me, I could have not told this truth and lost you, I will go away. He says you have raised me, who will handle me if you go, what are you saying, will I hate you, I m your son, you are my mum, nothing can change this truth that I m your son, you will always be my mum. They hug and cry. Toral and Vipul smile. Toral says I wish I never had to leave you, but this was Lord’s wish, I m nothing, I m just a medium to make you both unite, I m thankful to Bapu ji that he chose such a good life partner for Vipul and a good mum for you, its good that laws have given me permitted me to take divorce seeing my mental state, else who would have handled Darsh, I have no regrets. She asks Darsh to promise her, he won’t let Rajvi cry ever. Darsh says you are crying. Toral says I m very happy meeting you, I can go to Guru ji’s ashram, this world isn’t for me, it was never for me, Rajvi will be your mum, don’t cry, I will come to meet on diwali, don’t cry now, everything is fine.

Darsh says Nandini, we are lucky to get blessings of two mothers. Nandini smiles. Darsh says I m feeling that my dreams will come true. She asks what dreams. He says I can’t say it, else it won’t get complete. She says you have to say it. He says a dream of a beautiful life. She says your hair are falling, you are getting old. She jokes. They smile and hug. She gets dizzy. He holds her and worries. After some time, Rajvi asks what happened to Nandini. Darsh and Nandini show we are now 10 boards. Shobit says we are 9, not 10. Darsh says it means, a 10th member is going to come in our family, junior Rawal is coming. They all get happy and hug Darsh and Nandini. Rajvi says I will call Toral at ashram and tell her. Nandini says this miracle has happened with us. Darsh says yes, we will be getting our life’s biggest happiness. She says I also got it in you, I m the world’s most luckiest girl. He says no, when I was blind, I thought I won’t get true love, I m lucky because your eyes have regarded me deserving of your love. They smile and hug.

The show ends on a happy note.

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