Afsar Bitiya 14th December 2012 Written Update

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Afsar Bitiya 14th December 2012 Written Update by kmfan_2

Afsar Bitiya 14th December 2012 Written Episode

At the breakfast table, TTS wants to know why they need to go to Patna.
Pintu tells him it was to clear off all the charges thats all – so that she gets a clean chit.
Babloo also agrees here that government procedures need to be followed properly and so they should be allowed to go.
Ganga insists on Pintu taking proper care of Krishna in her present condition.
TTS also wants to make arrangements for their stay but Pintu says that he has already spoken for that in the circuit house there as it is allowed for the BDOs.
They plan to leave the next day.
But Pintu goes to his room and speaks to Chanchal to ask her mother that is Saraswati to call up Ganga as per their plan.
Saraswati calls up Ganga to tell her that the next day was not auspicious and that Prishna should leave the same day.
Pinky is in office trying to contact the DC to find out how true is this whole thing.
Prishna meanwhile leave on the same day.
Pinky gets back to see that they have already left – she senses something as the day after was the Prelim exam.
Prishna reach their hotel and Pintu takes good care of her.
Ganga talks to them and also shares that Pinky had returned as soon as they left.
So Pintu and Krishna know that they need to be vigilant.
The have made extra copies of the Admit card so that there is no goof up this time.
Pinky has a few scenes with Bihari – not of importance – but then she talks to someone and gives some information – which we dont get to know.
Krishna speaks to her Mom and remembers her Dad and his dreams.
She is in tears and Pintu encourages her to feel his presence and do well.
He also asks her to rest for the day.
Next morning when Krishna gets up she gets a call from Pinky, and she tells her that the BDO madam is talking to the IAS…she wants to signal to Krishna that she knew what she was doing in Patna.
Krishna is worried.

Precap shows Krishna studying when the bell rings – Pintu opens the door and sees the police there.

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