Afsar Bitiya 17th December 2012 Written Update

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Afsar Bitiya 17th December 2012 Written Update by FizaluvsKinshuk

Afsar Bitiya 17th December 2012 Written Episode

The episode starts off with, someone knocking on Prishna’s door and Pinto gets up and goes and checks and sees the police at the door, the police tell Prishna that they are in the polices custody and must go to the police station right away (I hate this police, not using his post properly like that psycho ) Krishna questions the police and asks if they have a warrant and the police replies that they received information that their lives are in danger (Then send security guards you dope, you don’t need to take Prishna with you )Prishna are confused and Pinto tries to make them go away by saying that their help is not needed and Krishna needs to go give her exam in 3 hours, the police are hell-bent on trying to take them to the station, and Krishna questions him on why they have to go to the station and they are safe here and the police say that they will stay in a guesthouse and Krishna asks for the proof (I think )and the police hesitates and tries to convince them and Pinto notices this (Well Done Pinto Singh, you should have been a lawyer, stops a lie from a mile away )Krishna asks for some Identification and Prishna looks at each other (Kinshuk makes a handsome face )

Pinky is talking to Bihari (That’s all I’m gonna write I can’t stand Pinky’s face so I skipped the whole thing, sorry for that, I’m only updating today for Prishna and Prishna only )
In the guestroom thing, Pinto is questioning the police about why he took their phones and Krishna’s bag if they are here for safety (Very clever Pinto Singh ) the police covers up and Prishna don’t look too convinced, Krishna asks about who gave them this order to protect them and the police hesitates and then gets saved by a phone call, he leaves them room and Pinto goes next to the open window which was behind the policemen and hears that he is talking to Pinky, he goes to Krishna and says “Krishna the thing I was suspicious about I was right about, whatever us happening to is all that Pinky’s actions” Krishna asks “How can you be so sure?” (Krishna, your Pinto Ji was born a lawyer, he should know )Pinto replies “He’s with Pinky and she doesn’t want you to sit that exam at any cost” Krishna remembers the phone call and asks Pinto what they will do, Pinto replies that there are only 2 hours left and they have to do something (Don’t worry Prishna, I will lock that psycho in a mental asylum which is her true home and give her 50 shocks a day )

Pinky is talking on the phone (Again, I’m not interested so I skipped this bit )

In the guestroom, Pinto shouts out “Krishna!” and runs to her, Krishna is on the floor, she fainted, Pinto keeps calling out her name and keeps looking at the door for the policemen to come (I think Prishna should have gone into acting together ) the police comes in and asks what happened and Pinto who is acting says “Inspector, my wife is pregnant and after listening to you she fainted” the policeman asks what happened to her, Pinto quickly goes and gets a glass of water while saying “She had a stomach ache and I need to take her to the hospital” and sprinkles water on Krishna’s face, and tells the policemen to take out the car and he goes to do so, Pinto quickly helps Krishna up and picks her up, he takes her into the car and they sit next to each other (Aww Pinto is hugging Krishna )the car drives off. In the car, Pinto indicates to Krishna to start acting and Krishna shouts in pain (Great acting by Prishna )Pinto spots the exam centre and tells the inspector to stop and the inspector questions and Pinto threatens the policemen that if anything happens to Krishna then he will be fired and gives the excuse of getting water and the police asks why him and Pinto manages to convince him and the police does so and the other police in the car gets a phone call and gets out to talk, Prishna find the opportunity and escape from the car (Hehehe, Clever clogs Prishna )they are about to run off when the other policemen who went to get the water and comes to ask where they are going, Pinto replies that Krishna was feeling sick and Krishna pretends to feel sick and then they go back to sit in the car.

In the hospital, the doctor is checking on her and prescribes some medicine for her and the policemen gets a call and the doctor tells him to go out and talk and Pinto smiles at this, Pinto then goes and asks for the bag so he can get the medicine and he heads off outside to get it, on the other hand, Krishna closes the door and opens the window to see Pinto waiting for her, the Pinky talking comes and the policemen turns around to see the door closed and all of them start banging in the door and Krishna gets out of the room with Pinto’s help. The police finally manage to enter and see her missing.

Prishna are in a taxi on the way to the centre and Pinto says to Krishna that there’s only a little bit of time for them to reach there, and tells her to just head for the room and sit the exam as the police have found out and the police are chasing them and Prishna’s taxi breaks down and Prishna get worried as there are only 10 minutes left and Pinto decides that they will find another way and get out of the taxi and look for something else, the police is getting bugged by Pinky.

Prishna are looking for another taxi and Pinto spots a Rickshaw and tells Krishna to sit in it and gets on to ride it (Hai Pinto Ji riding the Rickshaw for his lady love ) Pinto is telling Krishna to sit tight and take care, he is riding and spots the police car and says “The Devil has arrived” and tries to ride faster, the police car overtakes them and stops Prishna (Uh Oh, What to do know Prishna? Aww Prishna make some adorable faces here ) Prishna get off the Rickshaw and the police threaten them, Prishna spot the centre and Pinto indicates Krishna to run for it and to create a distraction her runs the other way which confuses the policemen and Krishna runs for the centre (ROLF, looks like something I would do to escape from a teacher , Prishna are soo funny here, love them ) the policemen chases Pinto, Pinto keeps looking back at Krishna, once Krishna is near the centre Pinto stops and the policemen sees Krishna going in, he goes to chase Krishna and Pinto chases the policemen and grabs him so that he can’t stop Krishna, the police tries to get out of Pinto’s grip and says he’s jobs at stake (Inspector Sab, stop right now or your life will be at stake next )Pinto grabs him and sees to it that Krishna goes in, Pinto sits in the policemen (Lol, this bit’s funny )he says to him “Arre inspector sab, your job is at risk, but more importantly my wife’s dream is at risk, I won’t let you win so easily” (That’s right Pinto Ji, you tell him )Krishna finally enters and Pinto smiles and lets the policemen go, Krishna hurries to the room (Run as fast as you can Krishna, you can make it ) Krishna makes it in time and goes to sit the exam, the lady at the front stops her and asks about the bag and takes it from her, she places a cheat sheet in it and accuses Krishna (There you go another Pinky follower, If Pinky came to me I would have slapped her silly before she even started talking because I can’t stand her face ) Krishna is worried (Don’t worry Krishna, main hoon na and more importantly, Pinto is there )

Precap: Krishna and the lady is at the office and the lady lies to the two people in the office and Krishna is shocked (Sorry, don’t know the place, the people and I need to go to sleep now )

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