Afsar Bitiya 19th December 2012 Written Update

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Afsar Bitiya 19th December 2012 Written Update by FizaluvsKinshuk

Afsar Bitiya 19th December 2012 Written Episode

The episode starts off with, Ganga being upset about Prishna’s plan, Pinto gets angry and says to Ganga that know he will show her what Pinky did to Prishna and gets his phone out and plays the recording of his and the policeman’s conversation (Pinto/Kinshuk has a Blackberry, I have one too, same to same ), Ganga and Babloo are shocked and Ganga gets up and shouts at Pinky saying that what was the need of doing that when you know that Krishna is pregnant and you made them go through all that, Babloo also shouts at Pinky by saying that all this time she has been blaming Krishna but what about her and says that Krishna is pregnant (Hahaha Lol, everyone’s shouting at Psycho , and aww everyone care’s soo much about Prishna’s unborn baby, how sweet ) Pinky tries to justify her action but it has no effect on everyone, Pinto shouts at Pinky “Liar! You are just jealous of Krishna, you can’t tolerate her happiness” (You tell her Pinto, tell that psycho that she has no life ) Pinky says that Pinto wants to live off Krishna’s earnings (You bloody psycho, how dare you say that to Pinto Singh, that’s it I feel like killing psycho, that stupid, psychotic lowlife ) Pinto gets angry and shouts “Bhabhi!” in anger and is about to slap her only to be stopped by Krishna (You know what, I would love it if Krishna says “Stop Pinto Ji, no need to dirty your hands by touching that lowlife”, that would be great, but Krishna’s a women full of respect so she won’t ) Babloo shouts at Pinto, Pinto is pissed off, he looks at Krishna and somewhat calms down, Ganga is shocked on seeing this, Pinky starts her drama and walks off (Blah, Blah, Blah, I would definitely feel good if I slapped you Psycho ) Ganga sits down and Babloo goes away.

At night in Tuntun’s room, Tuntun is angry about what’s happening in his house, Ganga consoles Tuntun and says that first she was angry with Krishna but then found out that Pinto made her and a woman always listen to her husband so she’s not angry at Krishna, and then that she talks about what Pinky says and wants her both sons to be higher than their wife in terms of job (No offence but isn’t that Stereotyped thinking or does that still happen in India, it doesn’t happen here anymore )

The next morning, Tuntun is talking to Pinto and Babloo and tells Pinto that whatever he did was wrong and to Babloo he says that whatever Pinky is doing is wrong (You don’t say *Rolls Eyes* ) then says that he forgives them and says to Babloo “You are an ordinary teacher” (That’s a big job you know, more prestige than what a business man will get )”…and your wife is a BDO” (Yeah for name sake only, psycho doesn’t have the brain, talent or skills to be a true BDO ) and then says to Pinto “And Pinto you don’t have a job and your wife is about to become a DM”(How mean coming from a father ) “That means that your wife (To both of them) are higher in terms of careers and that doesn’t look good but no need to worry when I’m here, I have thought of a solution, I have decided to open a factory for you and you will earn a lot and nobody will talk bad” Babloo doesn’t agree and Tuntun shouts at Babloo and Ganga tries to maintain the peace but can’t and Babloo says the true meaning of success and Pinto smiles at this and Babloo explains the goodness in teaching and then says that Tuntun won’t understand him and talks about the happiness he gets from teaching and goes away from there saying that he is happy with his current job, Pinto smiles at his brother (What a sweet smile from Pinto ) Tuntun goes on and on about nobody listening to him and he has given up now and Pinto walks over to Tuntun and just hugs him (Aww soo sweet, I need a hug too Pinto Ji, I’m freezing here ) Tuntun is confused but hugs him back, Pinto breaks out of the hug and says “Dad, why are you saying that? I’m ready to listen to you, I always wanted you to be proud of me, and you can trust me” Tuntun and Ganga are really happy (And so am I, Pinto manages to make me smile always ) “I’m ready to take responsibility of the factories” Tuntun is really happy and blesses Pinto and so does Ganga and Pinky is jealous and makes a plan against Pinto(Like always, and why do they keep showing her face )

In Prishna’s room, Krishna is tidying the room; Pinto comes in quietly and hugs Krishna from the back (Pinto BG Music is playing, I love it and Aww soo sweet and romantic ) Krishna smiles and says “What are you doing?” and tries to get out of his hold, Pinto still not letting her go replies “That’s enough of working, not it’s time for talking” (That’s right Pinto Ji, less tidying and more romancing ) Krishna replies “Let me go, What are you doing?” and Pinto replies “I’m doing what I wanted and should have done ages ago” and holds Krishna closer(OMG, This scene is a must watch for all Prishnaholics ) Krishna manages to get out of his grip and says “What do you mean?” Pinto replies “I mean that you tidying and all doesn’t suite you because you will be a big man’s wife” Krishna who is still smiling asks “Big Man? How come you’re talking about this all of a sudden?” Pinto replies “Sit and I will tell you” and makes her sit down, “The thing is that, your father-in-law aka my father aka Mr Tuntun Singh gave me the responsibilities of a cement factory”(Cement factories make a lot of money don’t they? That’s a great idea for a business ) Krishna says “Wow, this is great news, anyway for how long will Babuji work, now it’s up to you to take the responsibilities and let him rest and play with his grandkids” Pinto smiles and says “Krishna the thing is that for this I need to go to Patna” (Patna? Again? ) Krishna replies “That’s great, you shouldn’t delay in good work” Pinto holds her hand (So sweet )and replies “Don’t forget to take care of yourself and yes, beware of that Pinky, she’s a total psycho” (ROLF, Even Pinto agrees with me, she’s a total psycho ) Krishna laughs at this and puts her other hand on his and says “Don’t worry about me and change your clothes and go to sleep, you need to leave early tomorrow morning don’t you?” Prishna smile at each other and Pinto goes to change his clothes and Krishna is shown smiling (What a beautiful smile )

In Patna, Pinto is waiting in an office with a file (He looks handsome while waiting, but seems bored, I should go a give him some company )a peon comes and tells him that the minister (I think) is busy with something else so he should come back one week later, Pinto is disheartened (Oh don’t worry Pinto, that happened to me a lot of times ) he starts to walk to the exit then a another woman is shown entering (A new entrant? But I have to admit the song’s nice, I need to know what song that is ) Pinto and the women bump into each other, Pinto’s paper’s go flying and the women looks smitten by Pinto’s looks, Pinto looks at the women curiously and looks at his papers which are on the floor (I think I heard that tune before somewhere) the lady starts picking up his papers and also picks up his papers, he gives he a feeble smile as a thank you (I think, that’s what I’m making out of it ) Pinto takes the papers and leaves from there (What? A new twist? Who’s the lady? I hope she’s not another negative, we already have one that’s clearly not doing a great job and looks like she’s playing 10 negatives roles and not just one minor one)

Precap: Pinto is talking to a man and says “Where is Varsha? I don’t see her and it’s her birthday” and the man replies “So you mean you don’t know anything?” Pinto replies “What do you mean?” and the man indicates at a photo and Pinto looks up to see a picture of Varsha with a garland on it to show that she’s dead, and Pinto is shocked because Varsha is the one he bumped into(*Dramatic Music* What a twist, what is happening, I need to watch tomorrows episode, and her name is Varsha? She looks more like a ‘Nupur’ to me )

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  1. cutie
    December 20, 15:19 Reply

    thanks fizu 4 a luvly update loved prishna moment looking forward 2 lots more kinshuk n mitali are too good luv them zee shud allow AFSAR BITIYA 2 stay n cts shud cancel pinkys reign by sending her n her parents 2 a pagalkhana

  2. anon
    December 19, 23:49 Reply

    Thanks for the written updates!!
    I find it troubling that there are few instances where someone is punished for wrong doing or crimes on these serials. What moral messages are the producers of these shows trying to convey? The writing seems to lack balance.

  3. Kris
    December 19, 21:26 Reply

    Oh yea, the tune from mohabatein Humko Hamise Chura Lo

  4. Kris
    December 19, 21:18 Reply

    Thanks so much for the update, you are so funny, enjoyed reading today’s update. Just want to give pinky a tight slap, hope she eventually goes to jail with her parents in tow. She bribed her way to pass her exam and bribed to be appointed bdo. Brainless idiot.

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