Afsar Bitiya 20th December 2012 Written Update

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Afsar Bitiya 20th December 2012 Written Update by FizaluvsKinshuk

Afsar Bitiya 20th December 2012 Written Episode

The episode starts with Pinto and the lady bumping into each other, the pick up the papers and Pinto is about to leave when he is stopped by the lady and Pinto is confused on how she knows his name she says that she studied in the same college with him and her name is Varsha, and then Varsha goes on about how he never noticed her and Pinto compliments her and Varsha says that means you like me

Pinto and Varsha have a small conversation and asks why he is here and Pinto talks about the minister and his papers and Varsha tells him to go inside and his work will be done when he says that he is Varsha’s friend as Varsha is the Ministers secretary’s daughter, Pinto smiles and gets happy

just then Krishna calls Pinto and Pinto starts talking on the phone with her, Krishna asks “How is everything, is your work done?” Pinto replies “Not yet but the thing is I met a lady who studied in the same college as me and she is helping me her name is Varsha”

Krishna replies “Wow that’s great, let me talk to her” Pinto replies “Yes, I’ll make you talk to her right away” and turns around to see that Varsha is gone

Pinto looks around for Varsha but doesn’t find her, he says to Krishna who is still on the phone “She was here a minute ago, I don’t know where she is now” Krishna replies “Is she your old girlfriend or something because of why you don’t want me to talk to her” jokingly

Pinto replies “Krishna, what are you saying? I’ll hang up, I need to get the file signed” and Krishna smiles and the conversation ends

Pinto enters the cabin of the ministers (I think )and says to the peon “Uncle, I’m Varsha’s friend and she told me to get my file signed as the minister is coming back” the peon says that Pinto and Varsha’s friendship must have been strong since Varsha told him and tells him that he should leave the file here and it will get signed and that he should go to his house at 6.00 as today is Varsha’s birthday

Pinto thinks to himself “Varsha helped me and if I refuse she may feel bad” and says to the peon “It’s her birthday? Ok Uncle I’ll come to your house at 6.00” Pinto gives the file and leaves from there and the peon smiles at him

Pinto is about to leave the building only to be stopped by Varsha again

she says your work is done so your leaving with out saying thank you, Pinto smiles and walks over to her and says “Where had you gone? I was looking for you” Varsha replies “You won’t be able to find me but I will find you anytime”

Pinto looks at her questioningly and says “You talk strangely any way forget that and happy birthday to you” and puts out his hand for her to shake on, the both shake hands Varsha thanks him and Pinto tells her that her father told him and that he was going to surprise her but she ruined it, Varsha goes on about surprises and asks for a present and a party where only Pinto and her will be and goes closer to him

Pinto looks at her curiously and then hold his hand and Pinto feels uncomfortable but covers it with a smile and takes her to a nearby cafe

Pinto and Varsha sit down at a table and the waiter comes and takes the order

Pinto is talking and then the cake comes and Varsha cuts the cake and tries to feed him but Pinto feels uncomfortable and takes it off her hand and eats it instead

Varsha is disappointed and then Pinto gets a call and goes off to answer it. Krishna has called Pinto; she says “Is your work done?” Pinto replies “Not yet, the thing is me and Varsha are celebrating her birthday and will go to her house this afternoon as the secretary told me to get my file from him and yes you wanted to talk to Varsha didn’t you? I’ll make you talk to her now” and turns around to see her gone again

he gets confused and says to Krishna “She was here a minute ago and now isn’t here anymore” Krishna replies “Now I’m sure you don’t want me to talk to her” Pinto confidently replies “Fine, when I go to her house this afternoon, I will surely make you talk to her” and Krishna laughs and replies “You got angry? I was joking and now go and look for her and I’ll hang up”

Pinto hangs up and Pinto turns around to see Varsha sitting there again

he sits down and asks her where she went and was about to tell he about Krishna but then asks her again to which she replies that she went to the bathroom and she flirts with Pinto and Pinto compliments her for helping him get his work done

In the hotel room Pinto was staying in, Pinto is on the phone with Krishna again

he says “Yes, I have eaten and will go to get my file so will eat there, and take care of yourself” Krishna replies “Wow, your telling me to take care and you are taking care of Varsha, you have been talking about her from this morning and remember don’t let things go out of hand” and laughs at this

Pinto smiles and replies “Krishna, your too much just let me get home and I’ll show you what letting things out of hand is”

Krishna replies “I was joking and greet Varsha from me” and Pinto tells her to take care and both hang up

Pinto arrives at Varsha’s house and Varsha’s dad welcomes him and calls Varsha’s mum too

Varsha’s mum is happy and talking about how one of Varsha’s friends came after a long time and on her birthday and gets sad, Pinto thinks to himself “Why are they talking like that?” Varsha’s mum asks Pinto to sit and asks him what he wants and Pinto replies “Water will do”

Pinto asks Varsha’s dad where Varsha is and tells him to call her, Varsha’s dad says that means you don’t know, Pinto asks him what he meant and Varsha’s dad indicates Pinto to something and Pinto looks up to see Varsha’s photo with a garland on it

Pinto is shocked and stands up still looking at the photo

Pinto has flashbacks of Varsha and is looking at the photo.. the secretary tells Pinto that its been a long time since she died

he tells Pinto about what happened and that Varsha went to some TV Programme thing and he went with her and had to leave for office and from then doesn’t know what happened to Varsha

Pinto is shocked.. then he says to Pinto that after a few says they found Varsha’s corpse

Pinto remembers Varsha telling him about how that TV Programme took her life

Varsha’s dad is crying and her mum comes and tells Pinto that whenever he talks about Varsha he starts crying and he still thinks that Varsha is alive and still with us

she got Pinto water and gives it to him, Pinto is shocked and manages to drink the water, Varsha’s mum gives her dad and new garland for the photo, Varsha’s dad goes and puts it on, Pinto is shocked, upset and confused and says to Varsha’s dad “Uncle, if I tell you something then don’t feel bad because I’m not lying I met Varsha outside your office” her dad replies “I know the one she wants can see her, she loved celebrating her birthday that’s why she came to see you”

Pinto is shocked and confused

Varsha’s dad goes out of the room and Pinto starts sweating out of anxiety; he gets a call from Krishna who asks “So tell me how your friend’s birthday?” Pinto is too shocked and replies looks at the photo and can’t seem to say anything Krishna says “I think the party is going well, give the phone to her let me talk to her” Pinto replies “Krishna, she not here, I’m at her home, I’ll talk to you later” Krishna could sense Pinto’s disturbance

Varsha’s dad comes and says lets cut the cake and the garland falls off the photo and Varsha says “Pinto Singh” Pinto is really shocked

Precap: Krishna gets worried for Pinto as he was not calling anymore and prays to god that Pinto is safe, Pinto asks a man when hotel Rozana closes and the man replies that hotel Rozana shut down 3 years ago because of a cylinder thing busting, and that four people got killed, Pinto is confused and shocked.

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    Or my God wht is hppening is Varsha rlly ded lts hpe sh dsnt dstry Pinto,s Mrrg

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