Afsar Bitiya 21st December 2012 Written Update

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Afsar Bitiya 21st December 2012 Written Update by FizaluvsKinshuk

Afsar Bitiya 21st December 2012 Written Episode

The episode starts with, Pinto shocked at the garland which fell off the floor, Varsha’s dad says that Varsha is happy with him coming and tells him to put the garland back on, Pinto tries to refuse but Varsha’s dad goes from there, Pinto is shocked and slightly scared as well, he puts the garland on, on the other hand Krishna is worried for Pinto, back to Varsha’s house her parents tell Pinto more about Varsha and they are about to blow out the candles when a gust of wind does, her parents ask Pinto to cut the cake and Varsha’s parents talks make Pinto even more scared (Will they stop talking, even I’m getting scared) Pinto refuses and says “You cut the cake, you are her parents and she will like it”

Varsha’s parents make Pinto cut the cake and he does so unwillingly

they give him some cake to eat, Pinto unwillingly takes it but doesn’t eat it he makes an excuse and leaves from there with his files quickly

Krishna is worried about Pinto, and is confused on what to do, she gets a call from Pinto and asks “What happened to you? You don’t reply to my calls or messages, and you hung up in between and…” and keeps asking questions, Pinto replies “Krishna calm down, I’m just about to leave from here, I’ll tell you when I get there”

Pinto is having flashbacks about Varsha and gets frustrated

Pinto thinks to himself “Nobody can see her but I can because I was in her class, but what about the rest, is it true? Did she study in my class? I’ll do one thing, I’ll go to that hotel we went to this afternoon” and heads to the hotel.

Pinto reaches the hotel to see it closed, he thinks to himself “The hotel closed soo early?” its very dark there

someone comes and flashes a torch on Pinto’s face, he asks Pinto what he wants, Pinto asks “When does Hotel Rozana close?” the man replies “Why are you joking? This hotel closed down 3 years ago when a gas cylinder busted and 4 people died” Pinto is shocked and says “But I came here this afternoon and ate” the man tells him to stop joking and go home, Pinto runs from there

In the Singh Mansion, Ganga is telling Krishna that now Pinto is back she should worry too much and tells Pinto to stay with Krishna and Pinto tells Ganga about Varsha and Babloo tells Pinto that he’s imagining her and Pinky says something and Pinto gets irritated, Babloo asks Pinto what Varsha wore and makes fun of Pinto

Ganga tells Babloo off and tells Pinto to go and freshen up and Krishna will make tea for him and Krishna goes to make tea, Pinto asks for Tuntun and she replies that he has gone out for the work of the factory and Pinto takes out some files from his bag and tells Ganga to give them to Tuntun as they have been signed and then he goes up to his room.

Pinto enters his room angry saying “Everyone thinks I’m joking, Babloo Bhaiyya isn’t believing me and this Pinky calls me mad”

“Krishna, what will she be thinking about me?” Pinto turns around to go to the bathroom and is stopped by someone calling him “Pinto Singh” he turns around to see Varsha

Pinto is shocked to see Varsha in his room

Varsha starts walking towards Pinto and Pinto starts walking backwards while saying “Varsha, stay back, don’t come near me, stay away from me, what have I don’t to you?”

In the kitchen, Krishna is making tea and Ganga tells her to stay with Pinto as he seems disturbed and Krishna agrees and goes to Pinto with the tea.

Back in Prishna’s room, Varsha is still walking towards Pinto and Pinto walks backwards until he is stopped by the wardrobe

Krishna is coming with the tea and Varsha says to Pinto “Pinto Ji, I tried a lot to come close to you in college, but you never looked at me but now you can’t go away from me, you saw right how I got your file signed and in the future I will…” and is about to touch Pinto’s face but Pinto dodges her and tries getting away from her

Varsha walks towards Pinto and says “Don’t go away from me, by staying with me is your advantage” Pinto stops her from coming closer and says “Look Varsha, listen to me and try to understand, I’m married” Varsha is still walking towards Pinto and Pinto gets agitated and shouts “Varsha, why aren’t you listening to me, I’m happily married” Krishna hears this from outside and gets worried, she rushes to Pinto to see what happened, Varsha isn’t stopping and Pinto throws the towel on her and runs out of the room and closes the door, he bumps into Krishna and the tea falls on the floor, Krishna asks “What happened?” Pinto replies “You don’t believe me do you? Varsha is here and she is inside” Krishna is confused.

Krishna goes inside to check and Prishna enter to find nobody in the room, she looks at Pinto angrily, Pinto says “Krishna I swear that lady was here” Krishna says “What happened to you? Since you came back from Patna you have been going on about Varsha, I don’t understand anything, you never believed in ghosts and spirits now what happened?” Krishna checks his temperature and Pinto gets annoyed and says “Krishna what are you doing? It’s not my fault if I can see Varsha”

Krishna tells Pinto to go downstairs to sit with everyone else and Pinto gets frustrated

Pinky is talking on the phone with Bihari and making fun of Pinto

Downstairs, Sonu comes and asks Pinto to play with him but Pinto doesn’t feel like playing and refuses

Krishna notices this and asks “What happened to you? Are you thinking about Varsha again?” Pinto replies “Krishna, why don’t you believe me? I don’t joke about these things” Krishna says to Pinto “You sit and play Snakes and Ladders with Sonu and I’ll make you tea again”, Sonu sets out the board

Pinto can’t focus and Sonu stands up and says “Chachu, I need to go toilet”

Pinto tells him to go and Sonu goes, then Pinto is still frustrated and Varsha calls him from upstairs again, Pinto looks up and Varsha gives him a flying kiss

Pinto is shocked.

Precap: Pinto is showing everyone Varsha’s earring and saying that Varsha is real and Pinky comes and says that’s her earring. Krishna says “I don’t believe in ghosts and spirits I think we need to take him to the doctors” Pinky also agrees

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  1. very angry
    December 23, 12:03 Reply

    Krishna ur his wife aleast stand by his side and believe him!!!! Plz..

  2. Shameemah
    December 22, 13:41 Reply

    Myb its Pinky,s trck wh knws as sh sd dt sh wnt 2 ruin Pinto,s ly4 c,se sh didnt scsd in Khrishna

    • Kris
      December 23, 12:42

      Yea, I wouldn’t put it pass her to do a low down trick like that after all she is beneath lowness

  3. Mad
    December 22, 06:39 Reply

    Krishna, u cant do that!
    PintuJi isnt CRAZY!!!!

  4. mubs
    December 22, 00:48 Reply

    krishna atleast u believe pinto,he is not crazy

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