Afsar Bitiya 27th December 2012 Written Update

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Afsar Bitiya 27th December 2012 Written Update by FizaluvsKinshuk

The episode starts off with, Babloo saying to Pinky that she is not his wife anymore, Bihari & Dihati are shocked, Babloo says to Pinky that she is going to get the Divorce Papers soon, Pinky leaves from there and so do her parents and Varsha, Krishna breaks downs and starts crying, Chanchal and Saraswati console her , Pinto says “It’s good that Pinky’s truth came out other wise if she stayed more then nobody would have been able to save this house from breaking” Tuntun agrees and says “Yes Son, you are right” Pinto looks at Krishna who was still crying.

In Bihari’s house, BDP arrive and Bihari and Dihati badmouth Krishna

In the Singh Mansion, the family are sitting in the living room and Ganga says “I always apologized to you I always thought of you as my daughter but I always made a mistake in fulfilling this duty I always thought wrong of you, you always wanted good things to happen in this house, for the final time, forgive me” Krishna looks up at Ganga and indicates ‘You shouldn’t be asking for forgiveness Ma’

Tuntun stands up and says “Yes Krishna, I made a big mistake in understanding you, forgive me” and fold his hand, Prishna, Babloo and Ganga stand up, Krishna says “Why are you making me feel like an outsider by asking for forgiveness, I always had and always will have respect for you, the good thing that happened is that all the misunderstandings have cleared up and a ray of happiness has come” everyone smiles at Krishna

Tuntun starts crying and Pinto goes and hugs Tuntun

Pinto says “That’s enough Babuji, now nobody will cry, the problem for this family has left, now we will live happily” Ganga says “Yes Son” Pinto and Babloo hug, Babloo says to Krishna “Krishna, from today you are Sonu’s mother and Chachi” Pinto smiles at this, Babloo looks at Sonu and says to Krishna “From today, you are responsible for Sonu” Sonu runs and hugs Krishna saying “From today Chachi is my new mummy and she is the best” everyone smiles at what Sonu said

Ganga says to Sonu “Now don’t make Chachi worried Sonuwa or your coming soon little sister will be really angry with you” Sonu holds his ears and says to the baby in Krishna “Sorry Choti Sister, from now I will be well behaved and take care of you”

everyone smiles at his apology

In Bihari’s house, Bihari and Dihati are trying to get Pinky out who locked herself in her room

In Prishna’s room, Pinto gets into bed and Krishna is already in bed, Prishna are facing each other in bed (Pinto looks Hawt ) Pinto asks Krishna “What happened?” Krishna replies “After Pinky left this house’s peace has restored but I was thinking that because all this will make Babloo sad, he’s already sad about Sargam Didi and now all this” Pinto says “Pinky leaving was a great thing for this family is she stayed then Babloo Bhaiyya will be even more worried” Krishna says “I pray to God that the peace in this house stays and now forget about all this and start thinking about our future when you become a big IAS Officer and I become a big Business man” Prishna look at each other and smile at each other

Pinto says to Krishna “Now go to sleep”

The next morning in Bihari’s house, the new show which is replacing Afsar Bitiya is advertised and Pinky is still in her room and her parents are still trying to get her out.

In the Singh Mansion, Krishna is trying to feed Sonu something, she says “Sonu listen to me and have this or you will fall ill, then you won’t be able to play with grandpa and won’t be able to Arm Wrestle” GanTun (Ganga and Tuntun) smile at this and Sonu replies “I always play and win”

Tuntun laughs and says “Arre Gazab”. Sonu continues “I don’t want to eat this” Krishna goes up to him and says “Sonu Babu, don’t you want to be strong, if you do this then you will grow and study and become a pilot”

Krishna says to Sonu “Do you know, Dabur will make you strong because it will give you 3 times more immunity”

Tuntun adds in “Yes, Strength inside your body” Krishna says “Come eat 2 spoons of this” and feeds him 2 spoons of it, Sonu says “Chachi it tastes nice I want 2 spoons not just 1”

Pinto comes downstairs and is on his way to work and says to Krishna on the way “Krishna, I’m going Office for some work”

Krishna stops him and says “Wait, your Tiffin is ready take it with you” Prishna smile at each other and Babloo comes in saying “Krishna, your letter’s here, you passed the IAS Prelims” Prishna are really happy

GanTun don’t look that happy, Babloo is really happy, Krishna is about to go and take the letter but is stopped by Ganga, Ganga stands up and takes the letter from Babloo and says “I won’t tolerate anymore drama give me the envelope” Prishna and Babloo are sad, Ganga takes the envelope and goes to Tuntun and says “Read it and tell us what it says” Tuntun replies “What’s the point Ganga Devi, Babloo already said what’s written in it and now the decision will be announced” Pinto looks at Tuntun curiously, Ganga says to Tuntun “You are absolutely right” she turns to Krishna and says “Let’s announce the decision, what do you think of yourself Krishna what did you think that everything will happen your way in this house, in your house you are not in charge let me see how you dare of going against me, Listen Krishna, from today your going outside the house is stopped, you will stay in your room and will take care of you and your going to be child” Pinto and Babloo don’t seem too pleased, Tuntun gets up and says “Listen to one more thing” Pinto tries to intervene but Tuntun stops him and says “Let me finish what I’m saying I’m not done Pinto Singh, and I’m telling you too Pinto Singh, from today you won’t disturb daughter-in-law one bit, I want that my daughter-in-law should only concentrate on her studies” Prishna and Babloo are surprised and happy, Tuntun continues “There shouldn’t be anything lacking for her, the first time round she should do soo well that everyone keeps looking on” Prishna, GanTun and Babloo are soo happy

Krishna couldn’t believe it, she looks at Pinto who is also really happy, Krishna bends down to take Ganga’s blessings but Ganga stops her and Krishna says “Ma Ji, without your blessings this wont be successful” Ganga replies so let me give you blessings and kisses her on the forehead

she says “Live Long, and become an IAS soon so I can proudly say I am a mother-in-law of an IAS Officer” everyone is happy and Ganga and Krishna hug

In Bihari’s house, Bihari and Dihati are talking about Pinky and Pinky comes in and is depressed, then in her room she hears Bihari saying something and goes out and shouts at them and says that all this is because of them and how they taught her the wrong things and disowns her parents, then she goes to her room and remembers the moments with the Singh family

Precap: In the BDO Office, Pinky is saying to Krishna “The wish of becoming a BDO want mine but my parents because they always wanted to beat your family and now I have turned into a monster because of them” Krishna is shocked at this

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  1. zz
    December 14, 11:23 Reply

    cme her guyssssssss

  2. mustaf adan
    December 28, 08:01 Reply

    why u dnt keep on airing daily, I like seeing pinky s depressing 1!

  3. Saadish
    December 28, 07:00 Reply

    Why dont u continue airing itz really getting interested woooow pinky is repenting yaar all datz due 2 krishna wat an educative serial afsar bitiya rockz

  4. a. usman
    December 28, 06:07 Reply

    a highly entertaining and educative film,it should continue. marvelous.

  5. Kris
    December 27, 22:03 Reply

    According to the precap I hope Krishna does not feel sorry for pinky and take her back in her house

  6. Anonymous
    December 27, 19:02 Reply

    Show ending when its getting interesting

  7. lisa
    December 27, 18:38 Reply

    wow pinky is saying this to BDO saab (KRISHNA)

  8. zuu
    December 27, 16:49 Reply

    What a blast am soo happy that pinky is out of the singh mansion an krishna is out of problems just hope that nothing come out of pinky agian

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