Aghori 28th September 2019 Written Update

Aghori 28th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Aghori 28th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rashi telling Kamakshi that Kauravi is here and gave me a magical knife to kill Advik. Kamakshi is shocked and tells that she will go and asks her to handle there. Rashi stops her and says your life is at risk. Kamakshi says Kauravi wants to kill Advik as he had killed her father and Kankali’s head. Advik runs behind Kauravi and finds himself in kankali crematorium ground. She says I brought you here. Advik says you didn’t call me here, but I took you here as Gurumaa had given me already me the weapon to end kankalis. He shows the kankaal nashak gomed. Soham shouts calling Kauravi as the kankaals are gets absorbed by the gomed. Kauravi says if you have gomed then I have abhimantrik haddi and attacks Advik stopping gomed powers. She smiles and traps him in the skeletons trap.

Kamakshi thinks where did Kauravi take Advik and thinks she must have taken him in crematorium ground. Kauravi says you are trapped in kankaal’s pinjar and will go to deathtrap from here. Kamakshi comes there and calls Advik. Advik says Kamakshi. Kamakshi tells Kauravi that she will burn here in this crematorium ground and says here you was born and here you will die. She starts praying. Kauravi says if you do anything then I will kill Advik. Soham holds Kamakshi’s neck and gives her to Kauravi. Kauravi says she will not kill Advik but will kill Kamakshi now. Advik writhes in pain and says if anything happens to Kamakshi then your death will be more worst than him.
The mysterious attacker/creature thinks how to save Kamakshi, as I asked Kauravi not to do anything with her. Kauravi keeps a knife on Kamakshi’s neck. Advik asks Kamakshi to free herself. Kamakshi pushes Kauravi, but the latter catches her again. Advik breaks the magical skeleton trap and holds Kauravi’s neck. Kauravi says you can’t kill me as Rashi will die with me. Kamakshi asks him not to do anything with Kauravi, but Advik pushes her on the rock and she falls on it, dies. He asks Kamakshi if she is fine and hugs her. Rashi also faints and falls down. Everyone rushes to her and find her dead. They all cry. Kamakshi and Advik reach there. Kamakshi cries while Advik is shocked. The mysterious creature looks on.

They cremate Rashi’s body and come home. Everyone is sitting for the condolence meeting when Advik comes there. Kamakshi asks him to go and says you have killed my sister and today I end this relation. She says I don’t want to stay with my sister’s murderer. They all cry. Suman tries to pacify Kamakshi. Advik says I will go as this is not my place and home, but listen to me before I leave from here and says I didn’t kill kauravi. Kamakshi says you had killed Kauravi. She says since you came in my life, bad things are happenings and says you would have taken revenge from me and took my Bali, but why did you take my sister’s life. Advik says I did wrong with you but was unaware. He says this family has accepted me and gave me love and support. Kamakshi asks why did you kill her? Advik says she didn’t due because of me. Param asks how Advik was responsible. Advik says Kauravi was responsible for her death and tells that she was a kankali and turned Rashi as Kankali. Kamakshi says why did you push Kauravi very far to death. Advik says Kankalis can’t die easily and tells that only a powerful Aghori had killed her. Kamakshi says you are also an Aghori. Advik asks her to come with him and says he will show her who has killed her. He asks for a chance to prove his truth. He says I was thinking how Rashi died as I didn’t kill Kauravi and went there, and want to take you there. She says if you want then you have to come with me for Rashi’s sake. Kamakshi says I don’t want to go with you.

He takes Kamakshi to the place where Kauravi died and asks her to see the marks on Kauravi’s back. He asks her, did you see the marks. Kamakshi asks what you want to show me? Kamakshi says this is 10 fingers marks and says someone pierced their long nails deep inside her back. He says this is not done by an animal or human and tells that this is done by Siddh person or Aghori like Rudranaath. Kamakshi says how can this be happen, he is your Guru. Advik says he is not my Guru, but our parents’ murderer and says our enemy is just one, Rudranaath. The creature and Rudranaath is shown. Advik says I will unveil the truth and expose him. Kamakshi says why Rudranaath is attacking from back. Advik says he has the habit to attack on the back and says may be he had sent is chela, Inder, Asmi or someone else. Kamakshi says he might attack you or my family members. Advik says he won’t let anything happen to her or anyone. The creature comes to the place where Asmi and Inder are waiting for Rudranaath. Inder asks when Guru ji’s sadhna will end. Asmi says we shall wait. She says she feels someone’s presence here. Inder says nobody is here. kamakshi and Advik come back home.

Kamakshi tells that Rudranaath got Kauravi and Rashi killed. Suman says nobody is save and blames Advik for the happenings. He asks Advik to save them. Kamakshi says only an aghori can stop Rudranaath, we won’t be afraid from him and will fight with him. Advik says I will search him, will rectify my mistake and kill me. Dravya comes there and says it will be more difficult to kill him. Advik and Kamakshi touch her feet. Dravya says Rudranaath is doing maha yagya and he will get a marak shakti and can kill his one enemy whom he couldn’t kill till now. She then asks Kamakshi to take her to Rashi and says….Kamakshi asks her not to be hesitant from family. Dravya says I got the solution to make her human again from kankaal and asks Param not to worry about Rashi, says she will be fine. She then sees Rashi’s pic with the garland. Kamakshi tells her that Rudranaath has played a bad game with her and one of his partner killed Kauravi and Rashi died here. Dravya pacify them and says they will fight with Rudranaath. She tells Advik that if Rudranaath gets the marak shakti then we can’t kill him. Advik says he is aghori, but not God. Kamakshi says there might be some solution.

Dravya tells that Rudranaath can die with Guru ji’s Avsheesh (Remains). She tells that Kamakshi was shiv vardani and was reborn after death. She says Rudranaath wanted to give her bali to become immortal. She tells that Guru ji saw the future and that’s why he had told me that Rudranaath will be killed by the weapon made from his remains. She says after Guru ji’s death, Rudranaath searched for the Avsheesh of Guru ji everywhere, leaving one place. Advik says his own cave. Dravya says yes, Chaitanya Maha Guru’s remains were buried there and says you know what to do now. Advik says yes. Dravya asks him to search the remains before his tapasya is completed. They take her blessings and leave.

Advik and Kamakshi come to the cave to search the remains of Guru ji. Advik does avahan of the Chaitanya Guru ji. They see the skeleton of Guru ji and come there. They pray that they want to kill Rudranaath with his remains. Kamakshi says we shall make the weapon soon. Rudranaath completes his maha yagya and asks kaal bhairav that he wants to get powers to win over his enemy, irrespective of how powerful is he? Kaal bhairav gives him marak shakti. Rudranaath thinks to use marak shakti on Advik so that he can reach Kamakshi. Advik and Kamakshi make the weapon from the skeleton of Guru ji. Dravya and Shanaya are there. Dravya asks them to make the weapon powerful using both of their powers. They close their eyes and pray. Rudranaath tells that he got the powers. Asmi and Inder come there and hear Rudranaath planning to kill Advik. Advik and Kamakshi return home. They keep the shastra/weapon in the cupboard. Advik says I will be here with the weapon. Kamakshi goes out to see everyone. Just then he hears Kamakshi shouting and runs out leaving the weapon in the cupboard.

The human creature comes inside the room and takes out the shastra from inside. Shanaya calls her and asks who are you? She tries to take the weapon from that creature’s hand. Advik comes to Kamakshi and asks why did you shout? Kamakshi says I didn’t shout and tells that someone took out my voice to distract you. Just then they hear Shanaya’s voice and run upstairs. The creature kills Shanaya. They come to her and get shocked. Dravya comes there and asks what happened to her. Advik says someone took the weapon with him/her. Dravya asks them to go and tells that she will do Shanaya’s last rites. The creature comes to Asmi and Inder and kills them.

Rudranaath comes there and asks who are you? The creature becomes Dravya and she tells him that she made Advik and Kamakshi made this weapon from Guru ji’s bones. She says she will kill him as she wants to get Kamakshi’s bali. She says she was protecting Kamakshi from him so that she can take her bali. She says I have won Kamakshi and her family’s trust and had to killed Rashi to separate Advik and Kamakshi. She tells that she has killed Shanaya as she saw me. Dravya says you are very unfortunate, as everyone is thinking that you have killed Rashi and others. Rudranaath calls her stupid Aghoran and tells that he has chosen Advik and Kamakshi as they are purak of each other. Dravya and Rudranaath attack each other. Rudranaath thinks she is more powerful as she has shatra made of Guru ji. He uses his marak shakti to kill her and makes her lie down on the pyre. He says he will use some other shakti to kill Advik. He takes Guru ji’s bone weapon and says I am coming to take your life Advik….

Advik and Kamakshi come to the place and see Dravya on the arrows pyre. Advik asks who did this with you? Dravya says she is punished for her deeds and tells that she didn’t want anyone to see her real face, so was wearing mask to hide my identity. She says I wanted to take Kamakshi’s bali and tried to kill rudranaath, but was unsuccessful. She says I did a good thing while leaving and tells that Rudranaath used his marak shakti on me which he got to kill Advik. She asks them to go and kill Rudranaath with the weapon. Advik tells Kamakshi that they will leave her alone and go. Rudranaath sees Kamakshi and Advik come to him. He says what do you think that you can kill me, no and says nobody can kill me. Advik says today you will die and holds kamakshi’s hand. They get Guru ji’s bones weapon in their hand kept far from them. Rudranaath prays. Advik and Kamakshi attack him and his body is cut into half. Advik tells her that they are killed. Kamakshi and Advik come home. They come home and call everyone. Kamakshi searches them. Advik calls them, but nobody picks the call.

All family members are invisible and tied to the walls. Suman, Param and others try to make their voice heard. Suman says why she couldn’t see us. Kamakshi feels that someone is here and tells Advik that she couldn’t see them, but they are here. Advik says we shall go out and see. She says we have killed Rudranaath. Advik says he is dead, we shall go out and search family member. Just then Rudranaath comes there and says shiv shiv….He says what do you think that you have killed Rudranaath. He says even my Guru can’t kill me so how can Shishya kill me. Kamakshi asks where is my family? Rudranaath says I tied your family and made them invisible. He says I need your bali. Advik shouts. Rudranaath shouts back at him and asks her to decide if she wants her life or her family member’s life.

Advik tells Kamakshi that Rudranaath will die and not our family. Kamakshi says he is a devil and will not die. He says we will find some solution. Kamakshi says I have to give my bali. Advik asks her to give him a moment to him to open Shiv trinetra. Kamakshi says I have lost my sister and don’t want to lose family. He promises not to let anything happen to them. Advik and Kamakshi come to Dravya. Dravya is still alive. Advik asks her to help him and tells that he feels that she has good feelings in her heart somewhere. Dravya asks what he wants to ask? Advik says we tried to kill him with Guru ji’s remains, but he didn’t die. Dravya says I don’t know and tells that may be his death secret is written in that granth (story book), which he took with him after Guru ji’s death.

They come to Rudranaath’s cave to search the book. Kamakshi tells that she has seen something. He asks her to concentrate. Kamakshi closes her eyes and tells about what she has seen. Advik makes the sketch hearing her and tells that he has seen such thing and comes to the big stone. He moves it and finds the hand marks. They keep their hand on it and the book opens up. A voiceover tells that Shiv and Shakti shall unite and then they can kill that sinner in ardhnarishwar avatar. They come back. Rudranaath asks Kamakshi if she is ready to give her bali. Kamakshi says yes and asks him to show her family first. Rudranaath makes her family visible to her a bit. Kamakshi runs towards them, but he stops them. Kamakshi says you have fulfilled your promise, now it is my turn. She walks towards him. He also walks towards her and says I can sense betrayal and closes his eyes.

Kamakshi tells Advik that there might be a reason as Shiv ji chose them. She says I have accepted you as my husband from my heart. Advik says I didn’t know that I will say this and says I was incomplete, but when I saw you, I realized that I was incomplete without you, nobody can come after you and haven’t come before you. He says I love you a lot Kamakshi. They have a passionate hug. She goes and takes the water in her hand. Advik holds her closer. Song plays…..sapnon me shringar ho toh….They consummate their marriage and unite to kill Rudranaath.

Rudranaath shouts and says you have became impure for bali, I will kill all your family members. He attacks her family. Advik says I am your Shishya and must have learnt something from you. I will end your story today. Kamakshi frees her family members using her powers, while Advik diverts Rudranaath. Kamakshi asks her family members to come to room where she had made suraksha chakra. Advik pushes Rudranaath from the stairs. Kamakshi keeps her foot on his chest. Rudranaath asks her to remove her foot from his chest. Kamakshi says today they will not kill him, but Shiv and his shakti will kill you. Rudranaath says you will kill me, but how you will kill my soul, I will not leave you. Advik says Shiv ji will decide what will happen with your soul. Rudranaath says nobody can kill me. They aim the shashtra at him. Kamakshi asks Advik if they will become successful and tells that she is now unfit for bali and might lose her family. Advik promises her that Shakti will give her shakti to them and that they will kill Rudranaath. They stab Trishul in Rudranaath’s body and he dies.

Kamakshi and Advik looks at the light falling on them. They walk outside. Kamakshi says whenever there is aghor, aghori will come. Advik asks if she is ready for the war. She says yes.

The show ends with Advik and Kamakshi killing Rudranaath.

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