Agnisakshi 17th March 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 17th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Agnisakshi 17th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shlok telling Satvik that he met the lawyer Atul through his friend Vivek, when he was fighting for his NGO for free, he believes that truth shall win. Satvik nods his head. Shlok says they are my Bhai and Bhabhi. Atul says I know Satvik and Jeevika. Jeevika holds Satvik’s hand being worried. They hold their hands. Alok says today their marriage and reception news were published in the newspaper. Jeevika and Satvik leave each other’s hands. Narayan asks them to come on stage. Rajnandini tells Pallavi that she will answer her, but not now. Pallavi asks why you are worried. Rajnandini says she has planned this party, so will be worried so that nothing wrong happens. Pallavi says she has just the change and don’t know why she has so much money. Rajnandini gives her money to keep her mouth shut. Pallavi gets happy and goes.

Jeevika says if Lawyer tells everything to Shlok then what will happen. Satvik says I will make him understand and asks her not to take tension. They go to the stage. Narayan tells that they have become lifepartners and the next step will be to be parents. Rajnandini smirks. Narayan says the life challenges shall be fought together and shall not run away from the field. Aadhya says bhaiyya and bhabhi will make the party more colorful. Swara and others get happy. Jeevika and Satvik dance in the party. Agnisakshi song plays…..Lawyer also looks at them. Jeevika is thinking about the divorce and faints. Satvik holds her.

Everyone gets worried. Pradeep asks Satvik to take her to room. Rajnandini asks Narayan to be there, and says you shall not take any stress, asks Aadhya to be with him. She calls doctor. Satvik sprinkles water on Jeevika’s face. Rajnandini comes there and says I have called the doctor, don’t worry. Doctor comes and checks Jeevika. He says she fainted due to marriage stress. Jeevika apologizes to everyone. Rajnandini says you shall be fine, that is what matters. Narayan asks Jeevika’s family to be with her and goes. Swara teases Satvik that he got a romantic chance to hold Tai. Sukanya scolds her. Satvik goes. Siddhi asks Swara about Satvik. Swara praises him to be really good, and tells that he takes my side over Shlok, and paid our debt, and took Tai to the hospital on time. Siddhi says this happiness is just for 4 days. She asks if Pradeep will be at home. Swara says yes. Siddhi says I will come to talk to Pradeep tomorrow. She says you are blind, so I will not talk to you. Pallavi looks at the money and gets happy, thinks Lakshmi is coming to her. Jhanvi asks her to give purse, but she refuses and tells that she will keep it safely. Satvik tries to talk to lawyer, who tells that he will keep the info of his clients confidential. Satvik thanks him and says that we went suddenly. Atul says he understands. Rajnandini asks what is the matter? Satvik says weather is such. Rajnandini gets doubtful when Satvik makes excuses. Pradeep asks Jeevika not to worry. Sukanya says you don’t need anyone, when you have Satvik. Jeevika says she wants to rest on her lap. She rests on her lap and tells that she misses them. Manohar asks if you want to come home. Jeevika says yes. Pallavi says if all the girls insist to go to Mayka then how they will settle down in their house. Pradeep and Manohar ask her not to feel alone. Swara wonders what siddhi was saying.

Manas asks Satvik what happened, you can tell me truth. Satvik says it is the game of truth, now things have been complicated, and tells that Jeevika is equally responsible with my win, and says don’t know why she did this marriage. Rajnandini assures Sukanya that she will take care of Jeevika, and she will be her sister here. Pradeep tells Satvik that he knows that Jeevika will be happy here, and tells that he will always stand with her. Aadhya says she will never trouble her. Shlok says don’t promise, which you can’t fulfill. They leave. Swara is still standing. Satvik asks if she is fine. Swara says I don’t know how much you heard me of Tai’s sayings. He tells that he knows that he will take care of whatever she said. Later he comes to Jeevika and gives her chocolate to have after medicine. She says I am not Jhanvi. He says that’s why I brought two chocolates. She takes the medicine and says actually I like. He says icecream and says half of the fridge was fully loaded. She thanks him for taking care of her. He asks why did you agree for marriage even after knowing the truth. Jeevika is removing the jewellery. He takes her permission and helps her. Agnisakshi plays…

Rajnandini calls Juhi and says I need your help. Juhi says you shall call your new sister for help. She asks her to sweep and wipe the floor. Rajnandini tells that she has written such a story for Jeevika that they will cry blood tears, and tells that everyone’s story is of Cinderella, and tells that their story ends before start.

Jeevika comes out of the bathroom and sees Satvik sleeping and getting restless as the sunset falls on his face. She covers the curtain properly. Lata knocks on the door. Jeevika gets worried. She tries to wake up Satvik and goes out. Lata asks Jeevika why she woke up late. Jeevika says she couldn’t sleep at night. Lata goes inside and sees Satvik sleeping on the floor. She calls him and asks why is he sleeping here? Satvik says don’t know when he fell down from the bed. Jeevika says I had kept the comforter before you fell down. He says we were talking and slept late. Lata asks them not to talk and says you have all life to talk.

Swara opens Pallavi’s cupboard to take the handbag. She takes the pink handbag and finds it heavy, and tries to open it. Jeevika asks Satvik what he is thinking? She says if he don’t want to say then its ok. She picks the comforter and folds it. He asks what do you think about the annulment. She says what I thought doesn’t matter. Satvik asks what do you think about our marriage. Jeevika says I don’t want to break his marriage. She goes to bathroom. Satvik gets tensed. :Pallavi comes there and stops swara from opening the purse, and scolds Jhanvi for giving purse to her. Swara says you can’t talk to Jhanvi like this. Pradeep comes there and asks them to stop fighting. Swara says she will go to college early. She tells Pradeep that Siddhi is coming to talk to her. Jeevika comes back to room. Satvik asks what do you mean that she don’t want to break the marriage. Jeevika tells that when the marriage will end in few months, then what is the need of annulment. He says he wants annulment so that she can start her new life. Jeevika says you have ruined it for your aim.

Episode ends.

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