Agnisakshi 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 23rd February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Agnisakshi 23rd February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Satvik looking at his hand. Manas says I know what is the name which is in your heart and asks him to smile. Satvik says even I wanted to get married and my dreams were shattered. He says if Udkarsh dada would have been here, then he would have been happy about Sup and my marriage. He then says it is good that I didn’t take her name, else she would have get hiccups. He says this is a strange marriage, both bride and groom know that this is a compromise of 6-7 months. Aadhya comes to Rajnandini and says event manager is calling her, and tells that the wine which Juhi and I had ordered is imported, but expired. Rajnandini says if guests come to know then we will be insulted. She says Papa will question me. Aadhya says you can do anything. Rajnandini says I need time to think what to do. She tells Sukanya that she has to go, but she will come and talk to her. Sukanya is worried.

Narayan is about to open and read the letter, when Dr. Megha and her husband come there. Narayan thanks them for coming and tells that he was not sure if the invite was sent to them, so he called them personally. He says Rajnandini will be happy to meet you. Megha says she is not less than a celebrity, we hear a lot about her work. Narayan says Rajnandini lives for others, than for herself. Manas announces Pallavi and Pradeep’s dance performance. Pallavi and Pradeep dance on the stage. Narayan brings Dr. Megha to Jeevika. Dr. Megha identifies Jeevika and tells that she had treated her. Narayan thanks her for saving her. Dr. Megha says it is a destiny that she is becoming your bahu. He says yes, it is destiny that we got a daughter in law like her and says their hearts are calm and truthful. He says he is sure that Jeevika will take their house forward. Dr. Megha appreciates him for understanding the problem and accepting it. Jeevika gets doubtful. Manas announces Rajnandini and Juhi’s performance. They dance. Juhi tries to talk to Rajnandini. Rajnandini says my mood is good, and asks her not to spoil her mood. Juhi says the matter is important. Rajnandini says nothing is important than music She sees Dr. Megha and asks what she is doing here. Juhi says I want to tell about her.

Narayan says I didn’t understand. Megha says I came to know from Dr. Ashok, that you was not agreeing for surgery until your son Satvik agrees for marriage. She says you want to see your family moving forward and wants to play with your son’s children. She asks didn’t you know that….Rajnandini goes from the stage. Jeevika asks what is she saying? Dr. Megha says actually when Jeevika had met with an accident. Manohar comes there with his friends and tells that they came to meet Jeevika. He takes her to meet others. Narayan asks Dr. Megha what she was telling. Dr. Megha is about to tell him, when Rajnandini comes there and asks him to go and take the medicine. She says it is my mistake that I didn’t give you medicine on time. Narayan says I was talking to Dr. Megha. Rajnandini says I will talk to her. She calls Aadhya and sends Narayan with him. She asks Megha to come with her.

Pradeep comes out and sees Satvik. He asks Satvik what is he doing here? Satvik says I came to make an important call. Pradeep says even he came to talk as he has a bad network skytalk. Satvik says even he has a skytalk network. Pradeep asks if the arrangements are good. He then apologizes to him for misunderstanding him before. He says though you comes from two different backgrounds, but you both have same understanding, thoughts, honesty etc. He says he never saw Jeevika so much happy like this. Dr. Megha asks Rajnandini why did she stop her. Sukanya comes there and says Dr. Megha is here. She says I am worried for Jeevika. She says I am worried seeing Narayan giving cradle to Jeevika. Rajnandini says I want to talk to you, but Juhi is calling me again and again. Sukanya says your sister is important and my daughter is unimportant. She says I want to talk to you right now. Rajnandini asks Dr. Megha to wait there, till she comes back after solving her problem. She asks Sukanya to come.

Pradeep gets a call and goes. Satvik thinks why Jeevika is happy even after knowing the marriage truth and says it seems she has compromise her life or. He thinks if she read the letter or don’t know about marriage. Aadhya asks Jeevika to come home today.Jeevika asks her to wait. Narayan comes there. Jeevika asks did you talk to Dr. Megha. Narayan says Rajnandini will talk to her. Aadhya says she is happy to have two bhabhis now. Narayan says you will get feeling of yours in our house. Jeevika says even she will come there as bahu and beti, and says only the address will be changed. Narayan says there will be a difference, Aadhya will trouble you. Jeevika says she will never leave the house, even if Bappa says.

Episode ends.

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