Agnisakshi 26th January 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 26th January 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Agnisakshi 26th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pallavi telling Pradeep that Aai is crying as she is a mother. Pradeep asks her how this accident happened? Pallavi says she was there and tells that she didn’t lose hope and brought her to the hospital. He asks if you did this alone. Pallavi says no with the help of public. He asks public. She says someone called taxi and helped us reach jeevi here. He says today is the strike on taxi. She says private taxi and says you and your family would have been peaceful if my accident had happened. Pradeep blames himself for letting Jeevika go for interview.

Satvik tells Bhabhi that he will bring the best of doctors for Papa. Bhabhi says Papa wants happiness. He says he learnt business from Udkarsh Dada, but can’t learnt to keep Papa happy. Bhabhi says you are with Papa and not Udkarsh. Satvik says he is a big failure and can’t win his trust and love. He says I couldn’t give him happiness and life. She says you can keep Papa happy more than Udkarsh. Juhi tells Shlok and Aadhya that Didi will search girl for Satvik surely. Pallavi hears this.

Bhabhi tells Satvik that Papa’s all happiness and hopes are from you. He says he will make the business as international business. She says Papa is interested in family’s growth and not in business. She says you had said that Savitri Nivas is Maa’s house and nobody’s dream shall break there. Aai tells Baba that Jeevika is punished without her mistake. They ask what happened? Pradeep asks if you are hiding something. Swara comes there and tells Pradeep that all bills are paid, and receptionist told that Pallavi knows everything. Bhabhi says everyone doesn’t get chance like you.

Satvik says I got answer and I will not let this chance go, I know this family is important for Papa, I will fulfill all his wishes even if it is my marriage. Pradeep asks if Pallavi paid the bill. Aai says I don’t know. Pradeep says I will ask reception. Nurse comes and says that your sister got consciousness. Pallavi comes infront of Bhabhi and tells her that she heard that she is searching bride for Satvik. Bhabhi says she has to go as Papa gained consciousness. Pallavi says what you will tell him, you have promised him and me. She says you will get my jeevi married your Satvik and you will get it done. Jeevika asks Aai why you are worried. Swara says Aai has become statue. Jeevika says I will come to tickle you. She gets up and feels pain in her stomach. Pallavi says we don’t let anyone forget the promise. She says Satvik and Jeevika, this name will be number 1 on card. Bhabhi says they will get married but not with each other. She says their standard, class and other things don’t match and asks how did you think about it, it is like getting accident. Bhabhi gives the credit card to her. Pallavi refuses to take it and tells that Jeevika wants love and family which doesn’t taunt her when she doesn’t have her children. She says I want her to have respect which you have. Bhabhi says she has earned this. Jeevika says she is feeling much pain inside. Bhabhi tells that this relation is not possible. Vahini threatens her taking Police name and gives her 24 hours to think. She asks her to make arrangements of marriage, else she will come with Police.

Aadhya tells Narayan that her breath was stuck till he gains consciousness. Narayan says he will not stay here anymore. Shlok says Papa take rest. Narayan says they have to make arrangement of Satvik’s marriage. Pallavi prays to Bappa to make Jeevika as Jeevika Bhosle. She says they collide, she got saved but can’t become a mother. She thinks her life will change, and thinks rich family will enter and Jeevika will be out. She says she can ask money from Madam ji whenever she wants.

Swara says I will call doctor or nurse. Aai asks her not to call them and says Doctor said that there will be some pain due to accident. She thinks Pallavi is right, I have to hide this from everyone for jeevika’s betterment. She thinks she can’t see her losing her courage. Narayan tells that he hopes that he will have a heir in their family in a year. He asks Satvik why he has tears in his eyes. Bhabhi says it is happy tears. Narayan says I am giving you responsibility to search bride for him. Bhabhi says I will search your choti bahu, and infact search her. she says she is jeevika rane.

Precap: Satvik tells Bhabhi that Jeevika shall know that he will be marrying her for some months or year. Bhabhi asks why any girl will marry.

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