Agnisakshi 30th January 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 30th January 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Agnisakshi 30th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Satvik sitting in the library at his house. Manas comes there. Satvik greets him and asks how is he? He says he has gone to see uncle in the hospital. He asks Satvik how is he? Satvik asks if you will agree if I say that I am fine. Manas says Supriya leaving, Uncle’s operation and accident on the same day. Satvik says his life changed in a day. He tells that he calls her daily, but his calls trouble her. He says I can wait for Supriya all my life, but Papa doesn’t have even 7 months, and I can do anything for him. Manas says who gets married without seeing each other. Satvik says I saw her pain and heard her scream. He tells that she is the same girl whom Bhabhi had chosen. Manas asks why Bhabhi has chosen her. Satvik says I trust her more than myself. Raj nandini tells that she has earned the trust and tells that Jeevika’s accident was her bad destiny and my destiny. She says it was Satvik’s bad destiny that Papa’s operation forced Satvik to marry and it was my destiny. She says Jeevika and Satvik was there, it was their bad destiny, but it is my destiny as I planned their marriage.

Jeevika makes Jhanvi recite the poem and asks her not to worry on stage. Baba asks her to rest. Pradeep asks Jhanvi to let Jeevika rest and asks her to learn from her mother. He says you will not fail if she teaches you. Jhanvi says who knows. Pallavi says she knows who is teaching this. Jeevika says she is fine. Swara says the poem was written on dreams. Baba says first Jeevika’s name came when we talk about dreams. He says nobody had prayed like her for her dreams. Jeevika says we will change our destiny if dreams are not in our destiny. Aai asks her not to see dreams and don’t make others see dreams. Baba asks what happened? Pradeep signs he will ask. He asks Aai.

Juhi asks Raj nandini if she will not tell truth to Jeevika. Rajnandini asks her to have almonds for sharp memory. Aadhya comes there and says she is ready. She asks if Satvik is not coming to jeevika’s house. Rajnandini tells that Satvik is busy. Pallavi takes Aai to kitchen on the pretext of something and asks her not to tell anyone, if she can’t lie. She asks her to be silent until Jeevika gets married. Aai asks what after marriage. She says how can you trust that woman. Pallavi says I am not jeevika who sees dreams, but I see the future. Aai says she can’t betray her daughter. Pradeep hears and asks who is betraying whom? Pallavi says I am betraying you all, as I have started searching guy for jeevika. Jeevika says she is not ready for marriage yet.

Rajnandini comes there with Juhi and Aadhya. Baba opens the door. Pallavi asks them to sit. Juhi says we don’t know you people, but thought you knew that we are coming. Baba says no. Rajnandini tells that she is Narayan Bhosle’s bahu and came from Savitri Nivas. Pallavi introduces her family to them and tells that they have come to ask for Jeevika’s alliance. Pradeep says alliance. Pallavi says I was surprised when she told me about the alliance. Aai asks if they will have tea or juice. Rajnandini refuses. Pallavi asks Jeevika to apply make up. Pradeep takes Pallavi from there. Juhi says her class will happen. Pradeep says you talked 2 mins before, and then the alliance came home. Pallavi tells that she is worried for her sister in law. Everyone hears them fighting. Rajnandini feigns smile on her face. Aai comes there and tells Pradeep that their house is not small that the voice is not heard outside. She says we will not get such a big alliance again. Baba asks if they are Savitri silks owners. Rajnandini says yes. She asks jeevika if she had any problem in hospital. Jeevika says no and asks how do you know? Pradeep asks them how they know Jeevika. Pallavi says it is easy to connect with anyone, and goes on praising Satvik, tells that he is the most eligible bachelor. Pradeep asks Rajnandini how they know Jeevika? Rajnandini says I don’t know Jeevika, but knows Pallavi and tells that they have met in the city hospital. Pallavi says Satvik took jeevika to the hospital.

Jeevika says he took me…Pallavi says to hospital, I said just now. Juhi asks Rajnandini if Pallavi used to work in news channel, she is not letting anyone talk. Jeevika says I want to talk to you. Pallavi goes with her. Pradeep asks rajnandini what you was doing in the hospital. Aadhya says we were waiting for baba to get fine as he is also admitted in the same hospital. Pradeep says isn’t it strange that someone is unwell in your house and you are searching for the bride. Jeevika asks why all this is strange and sudden. Pallavi says after the accident, I had talked to Rajnandini about your marriage. Jeevika says how did he agree to marry me without seeing me. Pallavi tells her that Satvik saw her when she was unconscious and says mat be it was love at first sight. Jeevika says I am not yet ready for marriage.

Precap: everyone wait for Satvik in the temple. Baba tells Rajnandini that Satvik should have come by now. The lady tells Jeevika that Shri Krishna is kanhaiyya, murli, or satvik. Jeevika says my life partner is Satvik. Pradeep says we shall leave. Jeevika asks them to wait.

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