Ajooni 16th March 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 16th March 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 16th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Neeru tells Rajveer’s family that Ajooni never came home to us. Rajveer says I left her there only. Subhash asks if he is sure? she never came home and we didn’t meet her. If she is not here and not at our house then where is she? Neeru cries and says where is she? she can never leave without telling us. Shikha asks her to calm down, she will be found, she gives her water and says I heard that Ajooni had a relationship with a doctor before marrying Rajveer so what if she ran away with him. Subhash asks her to shut up. Bebe says talk with respect. Harman says Ajooni is a shameless woman, I am sure she ran away. Bebe asks them to go there and find her. Neeru says our Ajooni is not like that. Ravindra says I already thought Ajooni had good upbringing.. I didn’t like her first but then she started showing care for us but then she left her husband when he lost his memory? she doesn’t have good morals. Rajveer is angry hearing all that. Subhash pleads with him and says you know how much Ajooni loves you, you know she can’t leave you like that, I am begging you to tell me where she is? He says I don’t remember anything. Bebe asks them to get lost. Subhash and Neery sadly leave. Ajooni is hurt seeing them like this. She leaves from there. Shikha smirks.

Ajooni is crying alone and recalls everyone’s allegations on her. Rajveer comes there and wipes her tears. She says why parents keep getting insulted in this house? He says I am sorry I couldn’t do anything. She says I was there and my parents were insulted but I couldn’t do anything. Rajveer consoles her and says its okay. Harman and Shikha are coming there but Aman alerts Rajveer and Ajooni. Harman asks Kamli/Ajooni why is she crying? Aman says Rajveer scolded her for not making tea. Harman asks her to make tea for her too, she asks her to sleep in the kitchen for some days as the servant quarter is getting repainted. She nods.

Scene 2
Ajooni thinks to tell the truth to her parents. Ajooni’s parents are outside Rajveer’s house. They are crying for her. Subhash says we will go to the police but Ajooni rushes to them. She says I want to talk about something. Shikha sees her talking to them from afar. Neeru asks if she knows anything about Ajooni? don’t be scared. Ajooni hugs her to give her a hint. She gives her a letter and says read it afterwards mummy, she leaves from there. Subhash and Neeru leave. Neeru says what did she want to tell us? Subhash asks her to read her letter. The letter says she is Ajooni and I am doing this drama for some reason, Rajveer knows about it so don’t worry. Neeru says thank God she is okay. Subhash says there must be a reason for her doing all this. Shikha says why did she hug Ajooni’s mother? what is Kamli up to?

Ajooni comes back in the house and her fake mole falls down without her knowing. Shikha is going to her but Aman comes there and gives her a hint about the mole. Ajooni covers her face before Shikha could see her. She says I have to clean the room and leaves.

Rajveer calls Neeru and apologizes to her for the insults. Neeru says I know you both must be doing this for a reason. He says don’t worry about anything, he hears commotion and goes to check. Bebe is insulting Ajooni and making her work like a servant. Ajooni cuts her hand with a glass piece but Rajveer can’t help her.

The family sits down to have dinner while Ajooni serves them like a servant. Rajveer is hurt seeing all that.

Ajooni is sleeping in the kitchen on the floor and is feeling cold. Rajveer brings a blanket and covers her. She wakes up and says you? Rajveer kisses her hand. She says you can’t be weak. He says I can’t see you like this. She says its okay, we have to do this to make everything fine. Shikha comes there and hides. Rajveer says I will go out with you tomorrow. She says what if someone sees us? He says I don’t care, I want to spend time with you. She smiles and hugs him. Shikha sees that and thinks he killed Ajooni himself and now fell in love with a servant? this will be fun.

PRECAP – Rajveer and Ajooni go out on a date. Shikha follows them and makes their video. She says I will expose that Rajveer is having an affair with Kamli.

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