Ajooni 18th February 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 18th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 18th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rajveer is getting ready and finds clothes set on the bed for him but he ignores that and gets some other clothes. Ajooni comes there with breakfast and offers him but he leaves from there. Ajooni is sad.

Ajooni is cleaning the house while Shikha is enjoying food with Bebe. Bebe throws trash on the floor so Ajooni has to clean it up again.

Shikha applies oil on the pot and asks Ajooni to take it to Bebe’s room. Ajooni takes it but it slips from her hands. Bebe comes there and slips on it. All are shocked. Shikha says this Ajooni deliberately threw oil and pot on the floor so Bebe would fall on it. Dolly and Harvindar help Bebe up. Ajooni says I mistakenly slipped it. Bebe asks Shikha to punish her. Shikha says she broke it so she has to walk on the glass pieces. Bebe says this is right, she asks Ajooni to walk on them. Ajooni is shocked and is about to step on the glass pieces but Rajveer’s comes there and puts his hand under her foot. His hand gets hurt, Ajooni tries to check it but he stops her. He tells Bebe that only papa can punish her and not anyone else. Shikha says she did it deliberately. Ravindra comes there and asks what happened? Ajooni says the pot slipped from my hands because there was oil on it. He asks if she has a doubt on anyone? She says Shikha. Ravindra asks her to show her hands, Shikha is scared but shows her hands. Bebe cleans her hands and says there is no oil on them. Ravindra says you saved her today. He tells Shikha to stay in her limits before he puts her in place. Rajveer says I can’t see injustice happening in the house, I would have done the same even for someone else. I have learned good deeds from you, Ravindra says you are my lion. Rajveer leaves. Ravindra tells Shikha that you are plotting antics but you can’t fool me. He asks them to get lost. Shikha tries to leave but mistakenly steps on glass. Ravindra says this is karma for you.

Scene 2
Rajveer is cleaning his wound. Ajooni comes there and tries to help him but he stops her. Ajooni says why are you doing this? if you don’t trust me then how is it love? he says I trusted you but you insulted me in front of everyone. Ajooni says if you trust me then come with me.. He says I won’t. Ajooni says I can’t see you worried and stressed like this, I will take you to a place where you are mine and I am yours.. I will prove my innocence there. If you loved me then come with me. She takes him from there.

Ajooni brings Rajveer to the mandir and says I will give a test like I never did before. She says I will prove myself in front of Lord. I am innocent but I couldn’t prove it, I don’t need proofs here so I promise on Lord that I didn’t do anything that would be insulting for you. I fought everyone and stayed in that house because of your love but if you are not with me then I have no identity. She falls down and cries. Rajveer is hurt seeing that.

PRECAP – Rajveer tells Ajooni that she is his life. Ajooni hugs him tightly. Later Rajveer calls Ravindra and says I am in the hospital and I am not lying. Harsh and Shikha hide, she says he will tell papa and Harvindar about us now.

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