Ajooni 18th July 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 18th July 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 18th July 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Harvindar tells Ravindra that he is going to kill Shikha and if Rajveer tries to stop me then I will kill him too. Ravindra says I will kill you before that, he shoots at him.. it turns out to be Harvindar’s dream. He says this is happening because of Shikha, I won’t spare her.

Rajveer and Ajooni are in Shikha’s room. Rajveer says I know Shikha did wrong before but am I wrong in helping Shikha? Ajooni says no, you are doing the right thing by giving a chance to Shikha. You are doing justice. Lets go and eat something. Rajveer says I have to follow your orders. They both leave Shikha’s room. Harvindar comes to her room and sees her unconscious. He recalls how Shikha insulted him and said he is not a man enough. He starts strangling her, Ajooni comes there and tries to stop him. She shouts for Rajveer, he comes there and says leave her. He takes out his gun and says leave her otherwise I will shoot you. Harvindar glares at him and stops.

Rajveer and Ajooni bring Harvindar back home. Ajooni tells the family that he tried to kill Shikha. Harman says he is a fool. Harvindar says I will kill her at any cost, don’t you forget how she faked to be in love with me, tried to destroy our family and then insulted me in front of everyone. Ravindra says I know she did wrong but you can move on. Ajooni says she saved Rajveer and I’s lives. Harvindar says I don’t care. Rajveer tells him that if he comes near Shikha then he won’t spare him. Harvindar says anyone who tries to stop me then that person is my enemy too, Shikha has to die at my hands only. He leaves. Rajveer gets a call from the hospital.

Scene 2
Shikha wakes up and tells the doctor that she has to leave before Ajooni and Rajveer come here. They come there and ask why? the doctor says Shikha needs to be under observation. He leaves. Shikha tells Ajooni that she shouldn’t be near them. I got out of jail and joined an asharam where I saw Shanky. Ajooni says you didn’t go back to your parents? Shikha says they didn’t even come to meet me in the jail. Harsh left me when I needed him the most. Ajooni asks about her baby? Shikha cries and says it was my punishment that the God took away my baby. I can’t apologize enough for what I did with you both. Ajooni says if you repent your mistakes then you should be given a chance. You are not alone, we are with you now. Shikha hugs her and cries. Ajooni says everything is going to be okay as you are on the right path. They both leave. Shikha wipes her tears and smirks. She says I will not spare them, they believed in my sad story and I am going to fool them enough so they will bring me back to their house. Then I will destroy them all.

In the house, Harman gives aarti to Rajveer and Ajooni. Bebe tells Rajveer and Ajooni that they shouldn’t trust Shikha. Rajveer says we can’t leave her in this condition. Ajooni says she has no one to take care of her. Bebe says she is a snake that can’t be trusted.

Ajooni comes to meet Shikha and asks if she ate anything? she says no. Ajooni says I brought new clothes for you. Shikha asks where is Rajveer? he comes there and says she is ready to be discharged. Shikha smirks and thinks they are ready to take me back home. Shikha says how will the family react? Ajooni says don’t worry, we are going to help you. She gives her a key. Shikha says why would I need this if we are going back home? Ajooni says its your house key, we have booked a house for you. You won’t be safe at our house as Harvindar attacked you. Shikha says I know you both don’t trust me. Ajooni says we are doing this for you, we have booked this house for you. There will be people to help you. They both leave. Shikha angrily throws away the key and says my plan got destroyed.

Shikha is in the market and says I saved Rajveer and Ajooni to complete my plan but it didn’t work. She meets an old man and says maybe I got a chance? this is a good plan.

PRECAP – Shikha meets with Harvindar and says I know your dream is that throne and my dream is money so we can use my trump card, she shows him the picture and asks if he is ready to become her partner? Harvindar shakes her hand and agrees.

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