Ajooni 18th March 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 18th March 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 18th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
The election campaign starts, all come to the party office. Sethi arrives there and people are chanting for Rajveer. Shikha gives the pendrive to Harvindar and asks him to play it. Ravindra calls Sethi on the stage. Sethi tells everyone that this meeting is about how everyone’s work makes a party grow and we see future with Rajveer.. he has done a lot for the party. We have made a video of Rajveer’s work and show him as an inspiration. Harvindar says I will play the video. He changes the pendrive and starts playing the video. All are shocked to see Rajveer romancing with Kamli secretly. Sethi says what is all this? Ravindra tries to stop the video but Sethi says we have to find the truth, who is this girl? Some women bring Kamli/Ajooni to Sethi. He asks who are you? what is all this? Bebe says stop this video. Sethi says I am sure Rajveer is having an affair with her. Shikha says its not like that, Rajveer is innocent, I am sure this Kamli has trapped him, she is a servant and was greedy for money. Sethi says she is a servant? he tells Rajveer that I thought you are an honorable man but you are having an affair even when you are married? I can’t keep a person like you as a party face.. there is no place for you in the party now. All are shocked. Ravindra tells Sethi that he is a young man and must have a done a mistake but don’t take a decision like this against him, we can find a solution. Harvindar says wow.. you punished me because of Sundari but you are saving him? Sethi says Rajveer will be punished and his punishment is that he will be thrown out of the party. All are shocked. All people start chanting against Rajveer. Rajveer shouts at them to calm down.. he says this video is not a lie.. this is totally true. Ravindra says what? Rajveer says this video is true but its half of the truth. He plays another video which shows Kamli telling Rajveer that she is pregnant with his baby, he promised to take care of it. Then Kamli asked him to marry her but he scolded her and said I wouldn’t marry a girl like you. Kamli tried to kill herself but Rajveer stopped her. He says you can’t do this. Kamli said that how can I live with a baby and not his father? Rajveer told her that his party will help her.. they will start a program for girls like her, this program will give her place and some work to live honorably and start their lives again. Kamli thanked him. Rajveer told her that his party is there to serve people… they both show it as an ad campaign for their party. The video ends. The flashback shows how Rajveer and Ajooni planned to twist the vide. Ajooni told Rajveer that this could be a good opportunity to help women in the society. Some girls are left pregnant and they have nowhere to go so you should do something to help them. Rajveer agreed with her and said that I will make a program for women like them. They made the ad, the flashback ends. Shikha is shocked. Rajveer thanks Kamli for making the video. He tells Sethi that I made this video as an ad campaign for women.. I want to start a campaign to help women in need and they will vote for us too. All clap for him. Sethi says I am sorry for saying all that. You have made such a good video and I really like this campaign. We will surely start it. Ravindra hugs him and says you did so well.. it was a mindblowing idea. All chant for Rajveer.

Harvindar comes home and is angry at Shikha. She says I did all the hard work. Harvindar says he has no affair with Kamli and you thought you are smart? Shikha says I didn’t know he was working with her for a party campaign. Shikha gets a message and tries to leave. He asks her to get lost. She leaves.

Shikha comes to meet Harsh. He asks if she Rajveer’s confession? She says yes. Harsh says I will go to the police and get him arrested then we will be together. Ajooni hides and makes their video.

PRECAP – Ravindra comes to Ajooni and saks why are you here in the store-room? Kamli says I was with Shikha. He asks Shikha what is she doing there? Kamli says she was showing the house around, he nods and leaves. Shikha asks Kamli what is she doing here? Kamli says I was watching your movie. Shikha is shocked.

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