Ajooni 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 22nd May 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 22nd May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Shanky is working as a servant when Dijendra calls him so he rants that he is working like a labor. Dijendra says just bear for a bit and I will take revenge from Ravindra. Shanky says I will kill him if I get angry. The servant comes there and shouts at him to work. Dijendra is angry hearing that. He goes to Amrit and says I won’t spare Ravindra. Amrit says I will give more pain to Rajveer and Ajooni than Shanky.

Ravindra comes to Shanky and scolds him for working slowly, he says you are so weak and you want our throne? Shanky says I am working. Ravindr asks him to mop the floor nicely, he leaves. Shanky is angry and calls Dijendra. He says I am treated like a dog, I will kill him. Dijendra says don’t worry, I will give more pain to Rajveer.

At the night time, someone enters Ajooni’s room and grabs her, she tries to scream but the man turns on the lights and its Rajveer. She says you scared me. Rajveer wishes her birthday, she says you remembered? He shows her the decorated room and says anything for you. He dances with her and plays tujhme rab dikhta hai. Ajooni smiles and dances with him. He brings out a cake, she says you made it? Rajveer says don’t worry, its not that bad. They feed cake to each other. Ajooni says I don’t need anything else, you are my biggest gift.

Scene 2
Rajveer wakes up in the morning and pulls Ajooni closer. She says I am ready for my birthday. She says I want to wear new clothes and celebrate a lot. She opens her cupboard but there are no new clothes, she says I like my clothes that I am wearing only. Rajveer notices it and says you don’t have any clothes right? I promise that you will wear new saree today. Ajooni smiles and hugs him.

Rajveer comes to the shop and buys saree for Ajooni. He gives money to the shopkeeper and he says I will take remaining from Ravindra. Rajveer says didn’t I pay in full? The shopkeeper says this saree is expensive. I am going to your house to show new sarees to Bebe and Harman, I will take money from Ravindra. Rajveer says you don’t take payment from him, I will pay it. He gives the saree back and says keep it till I come back with full payment.

Rajveer comes home and tells Dijendra that its Ajooni’s birthday today and I want to gift her, can you give me some money for the work I did? Dijendra says I need to pay you but I have a loan to pay and a house to run. Amrit says you must have some way? Dijendra says there is one way. He takes him from there.

Dijendra brings Rajveer to a warehouse and tells him that the owneer knows me, I will go and talk to him. Rajveer is confused. Dijendra comes back and says you should come here in 2-3 hours then you will get the money. I will stay back here. A worker comes there and asks Dijendra to start working if he wants to earn the daily wage. He asks him to start picking up sacks and put them in the truck. Rajveer is shocked and says what are you doing? I can’t let you work here. Dijendra says I can do anything for my son, I will just pick up some sacks and we will earn 4-5K today. Rajveer says no, I want to buy a gift for my wife so I will pick up those sacks. The flashback shows how Dijendra gave the money to all workers and asked them to leave for the day. He told them that Rajveer will do their work today, the flashback ends. Rajveer doesn’t know it.

PRECAP – Rajveer starts picking up sacks and Dijendra calls Amrit that he is making Rajveer work like a labor. Rajveer buys a saree for Ajooni but Amrit says I really like it so Ajooni offers it to her. Amrit takes it and says he will bring a new one later on. Rajveer looks on.

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