Ajooni 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 2nd February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 2nd February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Bebe and Harman come to the magician and try to apologize but the magician is angry and says your daughter in law Ajooni insulted me, you people threw an innocent girl out of the house, who was a blessing to you all but you all threw her out and kept an evil woman Ajooni in the house. If you want me to go back to your house then you have to take care of that cursed Ajooni first.

Aman comes to Ajooni and says you should apologize to the magician, I am just worried about you. Ajooni says this is all a lie. Aman shows her stale apples and says this is not all a lie. Harman and Bebe come there, Harman tells Ajooni that your stubbornness is costing us all. Bebe drags Ajooni to the lounge, Ravindra comes there and tries to stop Bebe. Bebe is throwing Ajooni out of the house but Rajveer comes there and stops her, he says this is enough. Bebe says we went to the magician but she denied us because of this girl only. Ajooni cries hearing that. Rajveer wipes her tears. Bebe says this girl is cursed so she has to leave. She brings a stick and is about to hit Ajooni but Rajveer stands in front of her. Ravindra asks Bebe to stop believing in all this magic. Harman says we saw how much power that magician has and she knows that we threw Shikha out of the house, she told us that this Ajooni is bad for us. Bebe says I can’t put my family in danger. Harman says Ajooni has to apologize to her. Ajooni says I won’t. Rajveer says she won’t apologize to anyone. Ravindra tells Bebe that I will go to the magician and apologize to her. Bebe says no, this Ajooni is cursed so she should apologize. Ravindra tells Ajooni that you won’t become small so just go and apologize. Rajveer says no, she doesn’t need to. Ajooni says if I apologize then it means we are feeding into her lies. Shikha’s mother brings Shika there. She cries and says my daughter is having blood vomiting, please her baby. Shikha coughs up blood. Bebe says our heir is in danger because of Ajooni only, I can’t put my family in danger because of her. Ajooni says you think this is all happening because of me? I won’t apologize to the magician but if I am putting family in the danger then I will leave this house. She leaves from there so Rajveer follows her.

The magician tells her follower that they messed with me so Ravindra’s family has to pay now.

Ajooni and Rajveer come to the mandir. Ajooni tells Mata Rani that I trust you but they have proved that I am cursed and I had to leave my house because of that, you have to do something. Rajveer says I got Ajooni as a blessing but my family has been blinded by wrong so please save them, its about my wife and lies about her so please help us. I won’t go till you show us a way. He starts ringing the bell while Ajooni cries seeing his hand bleed, she tries to stop him. A banner flows towards them. Ajooni says we found a way, she shows it to him.

PRECAP – Rajveer and Ajooni come to the magician’s den. Rajveer brings another magician there. He challenges her.

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