Ajooni 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 3rd February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 3rd February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
The family comes to the magician/Tantrika’s den, Shikha cries and says you can punish me but please don’t hurt my baby, please don’t hurt my family here. Bebe and Harman nod. Tantrika tells them that she is your blessing and that Ajooni was a curse on you all. Ravindra laughs and says you all have a good shop, you really think this Shikha is our blessing? she has done so much against us. Shikha cries and says I was framed, I never did any of that. Tantrika tells Ravindra that this girl is innocent and Mata has blessed her that’s why she is pregnant with your heir. Ravindra says I don’t trust your words at all. The follower says you are insulting her by saying all that. If she gets angry then she won’t spare you. Ravindra asks him to shut up, her follower says you would repent this. Tantrika says Shikha will show you how Mata has blessed her, she will walk on burning coals and then you will know that she is the blessed one. Shikha is shocked.

Ajooni and Rajveer come to the magician Badshah, they request him to help them. Ajooni tells him everything about Tantrika.

Tantrika throws powder on the burning coals and asks Shikha to walk on them. She cries and says how will I do it? Tantrika whispers to her that don’t worry, I am doing this so you would earn their trust. Shikha is scared and is about to step on coals. She steps on them and can’t feel any burning. All are shocked. Shikha walks them. Ravindra says nothing is happening? Shikha walks down and Tantrika smiles. Bebe says this is the real miracle, her feet didn’t even burn. Harman asks if they can take Shikha home now? Bebe says we will take her home. She asks Tantrika to come home with them and cleanse it. She nods but Rajveer comes there with Ajooni. All look on. Tantrika says what are you doing here? I will destroy you right now. Ajooni says then do it, try destroying me. Tantrika looks away. Rajveer calls Badshah there and tells Ravindra that he is a magician but he does it to please people and not to scam them. Tantrika shouts at him to stop it. Rajveer says what will you do? her follower shows magic by presenting an orange out of blue. Badshah does the same trick and smirks. Ravindra laughs seeing that. Her follower makes it turn to money so Badshah does the same. Rajveer says what other magic can you do? Her follower brings sand out of nowhere. Badshah laughs and does the same. He shows them how he is doing the tricks and says people like these Tantrikas just fool people. Ravindra says he has exposed you all.

PRECAP – Rajveer tells the family that Ajooni can walk on coals too if Shikha could do it. Tantrika says I will prove who is evil here. Ajooni steps on coals and her dupatta catches fire. All are shocked.

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