Ajooni 7th February 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 7th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 7th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Shikha comes to Chanku’s room and sees her sleeping on the bed. She asks her to wake up and finds lottery tickets with her. Chanku asks her to stay away from them. Shikha says these don’t work. Chanku says once I win the lottery then I will become rich. I will make you my servant then. Shikha gets an idea and hides one lottery ticket. Chanku goes to sleep.

In the morning, Shikha shows the news to Aman about Tantrika but Aman can’t read it. She shows the paper to Chanku and says there are lottery results here, Chanku says I can’t read. Shikha asks her to give her a ticket and she will check. Shikha checks her ticket and says the same number is in the news.. you have won a lottery fo 1 crore. Chanku faints hearing that. Shikha smirks.

Bebe is calling Chanku and asks where is she? Chanku comes there and shouts why are you screaming? She has changed her getup. bebe says what is all this? Chanku says call me with respect you oldie. Bebe asks what’s wrong with you? Harman asks her to apologize. Chanku says don’t be jealous of my style. I am rich now, I have won a lottery of 1 crore and I have even hired a guard so I am leaving this job. Harman asks if she is going crazy? Chanku says you all made me work like a labor but now I will have servants of my own. She asks Aman to start living proudly among these animals, see how Ajooni make others dance to her tunes but your husband brought another woman who is an idiot. Shikha is about to slap her but Chanku pushes her away and says I am not Aman to be scared of you.. I will crush your bones. Chanku tells Mangi to say hi to Ravindra for her and if you ever need a job then call me. She leaves from there. All look on. Shikha thinks Chanku is gone, now my focus is on Ajooni.

Scene 2
Ajooni comes to her room and sees Rajveer getting ready. She smiles and says I have a handsome husband. He smiles and pulls her closer. Ajooni says I have so much work after Chanku left. Rajveer says how am I looking? Ajooni says handsome. Rajveer says I am going to wrestling match as a chief guest. I will have a VIP treatment. He pulls her on his lap but there is a knock on the door. Ajooni checks but there is no one there. She says there is a lipstick mark on your kurta. Rajveer says don’t wipe it.

Ravindra gets a call and he tells Bebe that we have a marriage proposal of Vishal for Dolly. his family is coming today to see Dolly, get her ready fully and please don’t mess anything up. Bebe says okay and leaves.

Ajooni is cleaning Rajveer’s kurta. Bebe calls Dolly and tells her that there is a marriage proposal of Vishal. They are coming to see you today. Dolly says I don’t want to marry. Bebe asks her to calm down. Dolly says I want to marry a guy of my choice.. if Rajveer and Harvinder can choose then why can’t I? Bebe slaps her and says don’t you think about competing with your brothers, you are a girl. You are shameless and you are notorious in the city because of your antics. You won’t find a guy here so just get married where we want you to. Ajooni asks Bebe to calm down and says I will get her ready. Bebe leaves. Ajooni asks Dolly to come with her. Shikha hears all that and says this will be a perfect time.

PRECAP – Shikha mixes bleach in Dolly’s hair mask. Vishal’s family is waiting for Dolly, she comes there with blonde hair. All are shocked. Ravindra later shouts at Dolly but she says Ajooni did this with me. All look on.

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