Ajooni 9th February 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 9th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 9th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dolly comes to Ajooni with a hockey stick but doesn’t hit her. Aman calls Ajooni.

Mangi brings Sundari to Bebe. Mangi says I met her in the market, she can do all household work and she can even dance. Sundari starts dancing while all women are looking. Bebe asks her to stop, she asks if she can cook and clean? Sundari says I can do all work. Bebe says that’s good. Sunari introduces everyone. Sundari says Ajooni is professor Subhash’s daughter right? Ajooni says yes. Sundari says I had classes with Subhash.. I mean he was my professor but then I left the school. Bebe says she is our daughter in law so call her with respect. Bebe asks Sundari to not compromise on work. Sundari says I won’t disappoint you. Aman takes Sundari from there. Bebe says its good that Chanku is not needed anymore. Shikha hides and smirks.

Sundari comes to the kitchen, Aman and Ajooni help her in showing the way. Aman says I will give tea to Harvindar.. Sundari says I will give it to him, she takes it from there.

Sundari comes to Harvindar’s room and gives him tea. He is lying down and thinks its Aman. He asks her to rub his back. Sundari starts massaging his back, he turns around and says who are you? she says I am Sundari. Harvindar eyes her up and down and asks her to massage his back. She does it but Shikha comes there and shouts what are you doing here? She drags Sundari from there. Sundari says its not like that. Shikha tells Bebe that this girl was luring Harvindar. Sundari says I was giving him tea and he asked me to massage his back. Shikha asks her to get lost. Ajooni says don’t scold her.. it was Harvindar who asked her to massage his back. You entered Aman’s life like this only right? Shikha says when it happens with your husband then you will know. Bebe asks them to shut up. She tells Sundari to stay in her limits. She goes from there. Bebe scolds Ajooni and Shikha. She leaves. Shikha tells Ajooni you will regret taking Sundari’s side, when she spoils your marriage. Ajooni says she is my father’s student so she must have good upbringing.

Rajveer comes to his room and Sundari is standing on the stool. He says who are you? she trips and falls in his arms. Ajooni comes there and says Rajveer? he puts her down and gets scared, he says she was about to fall down so I just caught her.. Ajooni asks Sundari if she is okay? she says yes. Ajooni says its good that Rajveer saved you, go now. Sundari nods and leaves. Ajooni asks Rajveer why is he sweating? He says its nothing.. I didn’t do it deliberately, don’t be angry with me. Ajooni says what happened did happen so.. she goes from there. Rajveer says I don’t know if she is angry or not. Shikha hides and hears all that. She says I will spoil their marriage now.

Rajveer comes to Ajooni in the kitchen but she ignores him. Rajveer says it wasn’t like that.. Ajooni goes from there. Rajveer says I have to do something.

Rajveer brings his friends home with stuff. He plans a surprise for Ajooni and decorates the roof.

Rajveer comes to his room and puts a card there for Ajooni, he leaves. Shikha comes there and reads the card to meet him on the roof. She tears the card and says Ajooni would never go there and Rajveer will be heartbroken.

PRECAP – Rajveer is waiting for Ajooni on the roof and calls her but Shikha ends the call. Ajooni comes there and asks if it was her phone ringing? Shikha says no. Rajveer thinks Ajooni cut his call.

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