Anupamaa 12th May 2023 Written Update

Anupamaa 12th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Anupamaa 12th May 2023 Written Episode

Vanraj tells Anupama that his family belongs to even her and she considers it more dearer than he thinks, so he wants her to promise that if something happens to him, she will take care of his parents and let him die peacefully. Anupama promises him. Family returns and noticing awkwardness on their faces, Leela asks if something happened. Anupama says she will go now as she has a dance class. Kinjal says she needs to visit Malti Devi’s Gurul as she had wished in front of Kanta. Kinjal says she already submitted application, Anupama just has to visit for final interview. Leela asks who is Malti Devi. Samar says she is one of world’s best classical dancer. Pakhi says her articles come in news papers. Hasmukh says he saw her interview.

Anupama nervously says she can’t stand in front of Malti devi and feels like a bathroom singer standing in front of Asha Bhosle Ji; she wanted to attend Malti devi’s classes during her college days, but then Malti Devi shifted there and opened a big dance schooled named Gurukul. Samar says Malti devi’s house is filled with awards. Whole family insists Anupama to join Malti Devi. Anupama recalling her dance with Little Anu says she will try. Anupama feeling good walks out of Shah house and buys a baby crown for herself imagining her earlier excitement to join a dance school, thinks she will do it for sure.

Anupama returns home. Kanta asks if Vanraj returned home. Anupama says yes and he is fine now. Kanta asks why she looks so happy. Anupama says mothers should be in CID and informs that Kinjal got her admission in her idol guruma Malti Devi’s gurukul. Kanta also feels happy and says everyone used to idolize actresses while Anupama used to idolize Malti Devi. She says she will get admission for sure and asks when she has to visit gurukul. Anupama says today itself. Kanta gives a speech on the importance of dance in their culture and encourages her. Bhairavi walks in and asks if she is going somewhere. Anupama says just like she teaches her dance, she is going to learn dance from a teacher; she explains an importance of a good teacher and good student. Bhairavi asks if she also can accompany her. Anupama says she can as she is feeling very nervous. She prays god and gives a long speech on how excited she is feeling.

Vanraj recalls Kavya’s confrontation before leaving. Kinjal walks in before leaving for work and gives medicines to Vanraj and instructions to Leela to prepare a lighter meal for Vanraj. Toshu asks her to take a leave seeing family’s condition. Anupama says she knows and also knows that its manageable without her, she has completed all the major chores. Toshu says if Anupama would have been present, she would have managed everything well and criticizes Kinjal for getting Anupama’s admission in Malti Devi’s dance school and asks what will mummy do by learning dance at this age when she herself has a dance school. Kinjal gets angry. Anupama excitedly gets ready and reaches gurukul with Bhairavi. Besabriya… song plays in the background. Kinjal tells Toshu that their attitude got trouble between Anuj and Anupama, they dump their problems on her and bind her with responsibilities, what is wrong if Anupama’s long dream is coming true. Vanraj says she is right, recalls him and Leela stopping Anupama from joining dance school years ago, and says let her fly now. Anupama enters dance school. Bhairavi says its a big scool. Anupama says also beautiful. She prays Natraj.

Precap: Malti Devi tells Anupama that her gurukul is in America and hence Anupama has to shift to America with a 3-year contract. She can move ahead only if she can break the shackles of relationship or else get out of gurukul. Samar gets Anuj’s message that he is attending Samar and Dimple’s wedding with Maaya and Little Anu.

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