Anupamaa 24th July 2021 Written Update

Anupamaa 24th July 2021 Written Update by MA

Anupamaa 24th July 2021 Written Episode

Toshu supports Rakhi and tells wrong that mom didn’t say anything wrong. Anu warns to behave with his father. Toshu says he is ashamed of them. Anu asks if he is ashamed that his father is working hard. Toshu shouts that he is ashamed of his phatichar/poor family and is ashamed when his family distributing pamphlets on road when he is passing by with his friends. Anu says he shouldn’t. He says she will also be ashamed when she is in his situation and shouts that he is ashamed to be part of this poor family and regrets being born here. Vanraj says whatever he is because of his hard work and not the support of his saas/MIL. Anu asks them to stop and asks Rakhi to leave. Rakhi says she is not yet finished. Anu says she can message her and will not have coffee of a poor family. Kavya yells that she cannot end this issue easily after setting a fire. Rakhi backs her and yells at Anu that one who knows only to cook and clean the utensils and house cannot run the business. Kavya yells Anu was distributing pamphlets with Vanraj. Rakhi shouts of course she knows and is sure it is Anu’s idea, she couldn’t handle her husband and is now eyeing on her ex-husband, but a man and a woman can never be friends. Kavya yells Anu is wicked and is eyeing on her husband. Bapuji warns her to stop. Rakhi warns him to stop or else she will misbehave with him again. Anu warns to dare try to misbehave with her Bapuji. Rakhi yells Anu is really wicked and is trying to grab her ex-husband. Kavya yells Anu that no man lets an ex-husband around her, she even opened a cafe next to her dance academy.

Baa comes to Anu’s rescue and warns her to mind her language. Kavya asks ​which woman lends her dance academy to her ex-husband. Baa says Anu does as she is too good and Kavya is too dumb, one shows the qualities they have. Baa asks who can be so good. Baa asks if she looks herself into mirror and think how can be so dumb and looks at nagin/Rakhi and think how can be so bad, there is a limit for dumbness and evilness, but there is no limit for goodness and evil question goodness as they cannot tolerate it. She warns Kavya and Rakhi to dare not insult Anu or else she will trash them with sandals. Rakhi yells that Baa is also melodramatic like her ex-bahu, she is bored of watching the same channel. Anu asks her to change the channel the and leave. Rakhi says she just came here for her daughter and fears they will make her a beggar like them and continues tarnishing Anu’s character. Anu and Vanraj at once warn her to stop. Rakhi yells that Vanraj has 2 women in his life always, Anu cannot live alone and hence does all the drama to be around Vanraj. Anu warns to mind her tongue or else it wouldn’t be good for her. Rakhi asks if she will threaten her. Their argument continues. Kavya yells let Anu do whatever she wants to, but shouldn’t eye on her husband. Baa tongue lashes her again.

Anu says their society doesn’t like a divorcee to live peacefully and move on, they would have been happy if she would have been crying in a corner after divorce. She apologizes Vanraj for becoming his friend, continues her long speech and asks Kavya if she has problem with her husband staying here and opening cafeteria in her dance academy. Kavya says yes. Anu asks to pack her bags and get out of her house and dance academy as she will not leave her Baa, Bapuji, and her children. She tells Vanraj that he has to bear the wrath as he married Kavya. Kavya yells if she is out of her mind as Karkhana belongs to Bapuji and house in their names. Anu says Karkhana’s work permit is in her name and hence she should get out of her house and karkhana; when she has problem with her husband staying here and alleges her character repeatedly, she doesn’t them to stay around her and will not tolerate their nonsense, etc. Baa asks what does she mean. Anu says she is tired of hearing Rakhi and Kavya’s taunts and even after moving ahead, they continue insulting her and questioning her character. She asks Kavya again to pack her bags and get out of her house. Kavya says fights happen in a family. Anu says not anymore and asks Rakhi to take her samdhi and samdhan to her house. Rakhi asks why her house. Anu asks to drop them somewhere then and shouts at Kavya again to get out of herr house.

Vanraj asks what is his mistake in this as she he didn’t say anything. Anu says that is his mistake, he silently watched all the drama like a spectator. Baa asks Bapuji to explain Anu. Bapuji supports Anu. Kavya holds Anu’s hands and pleads not to do that as V and she are jobless now. Anu asks how does she feel making Anu as Kavya, Kavya and Rakhi repeatedly humiliated her and made her evil like them, they shouldn’t trouble good people so much that they leave their goodness as when she becomes Kavya, she will have to run away; situation is she and Kavya’s husband will have to stay under same roof and work under same roof, and if she has any problem, she has to find another house or else keep her mouth shut or else she will do whatever she said today.

Precap: Anu ignores Vanraj. During breakfast, Baa says she will accompany with Anupama to cafe. Anu says she will not come to cafe. Vanraj asks if she is still angry for yesterday’s issue. Anu says its always about him. Kavya says life doesn’t stop, she will help V.

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