Anupamaa 3rd August 2021 Written Update

Anupamaa 3rd August 2021 Written Update by MA

Anupamaa 3rd August 2021 Written Episode

Anupama cries seeing her children fighting. Mamaji consoles her and says seeing her, Baa, and Bapuji’s tears, sometimes he thinks its good that he forgets. He then asks why is he hitting her head and walks away. Bapuji stops him and says he was acting as forgetting. Mamaji nods yes and says he was performing his duty of cheering up Anu. Bapuji says Anu and Vanraj are in pain in because of him and asks if everything will be fine soon. Mamaji asks what will get fine. Bapuji says nothing. Anu wipes her tears and thinks she cannot break down as she has to do a lot. Vanraj while driving back home tells Kavya that she brought her from cafe midway and is angry on her. She argues why he sought loan help from her friends. He says he asked only reference and not loan. She yells he should seek help from Anu and not everyone. He says even she sought job help. She says they all know she doesn’t have a job, but don’t know that he doesn’t have money; he shares his problems with everyone and embarrasses her. He warns her to stop yelling as he is already in stress and if she cannot reduce it, she shouldn’t increase it. She warns to not speak to her in this tone. He says she hasn’t seen his tone at all and should ask Anu.

Anu sees Pakhi dancing practicing and thinks she will scold her for her mistake after her dance performance tomorrow. She sees Pakhi’s dance dress lose with stitches and stiches it thinking she will rejoice seeing Pakhi’s performance on stage and will whistle for her. Pakhi arrogantly snatches her dress and asks why did she touch her dress. Anu says its stitches were lose. Pakhi shouts when bestie has done everything for her, why she is trying to take credit in fear of missing out the attention, etc. Anu asks what rubbish she is talking. Pakhi says she has no importance in her life and if she fails to garner importance from her, her life is a waste. Anu warns to stop her nonsense. Pakhi shouts why did she touch he dress. Anu says stitches were lose and would have broken during her dance performance. Pakhi shouts she came here to just show her greatness. Anu says she doesn’t want to scold her before her dance performance or else she would have slapped a misbehaving child. Pakhi continues shouting at Anu. Bapuji with Baa and Mamaji walk out and ask what is happening. Anu asks why did he come out. Baa says how could they sleep hearing Pakhi shouting. Pakhi shouts they didn’t see Anu shouting. Baa gets angry. Bapuji says Pakhi is under performance pressure and should calm down. Pakhi shouts he should explain it to his daughter instead; when she needed mummy’s help, she was not there for her and now when she managed, mummy is forcefully trying to help; she has grown up and doesn’t need mummy’s help. Bapuji says no person in a world becomes so big that he/she doesn’t need a mother’s help.

Toshu in his room hearing Pakhi shouting angrily says the drama started again, one cannot live pacefully in this house. Kinjal says all families in the world fight. He says just one mummy is enough and she shouldn’t become his mummy’s carbon copy. She says he shouldn’t become her mummy’s carbon copy and walks out to check. Pakhi walks to living room shouting to leave her alone. Baa confronts her and warns to slap her for her misbehavior. Toshu, Kinjal, and Samar gather. Pakhi continues shouting and insulting Anu and provokes Baa. Baa says she is unfit to bear her slap. Bapuji stops Baa. Baa asks if he can’t see how Pakhi is misbehaving with her mother. Pakhi shouts that that when bestie did everything for her, why mummy wants to interfere and take the credit, she should stop acting great. Kavya joins her and says she said right. Baa warns her not to always exaggerate the issue. Kavya says she was teaching dance to Pakhi and told her she will check her dance after coming home. Baa says a teacher can only teach a dance, but a mother has to look after her child’s emotional and physical aspect, if the child had food, if she is stressed, if she is dressed properly, etc. Toshu shouts if their drama is over and if they can sleep now, they fight whole day, they should set a time table instead. Kinjal warns him to shut up. Kavya shouts next. Anu asks them to stop and requests Pakhi to stop the drama right now as she did a big mistake of helping her.

Vanraj returns. Pakhi complains that she is already stressed regarding her performance and Baa and mummy are trouble her above that. Baa asks just like that. Toshu starts shouting again. Bapuji asks to end this issue right here. Toshu says he will not stop now and continues. Vanraj asks what is happening. Pakhi says mummy, Baa, and Bapuji are troubling her. Vanraj asks Anu when will she stop forcefully helping everyone. Anu asks him not to interfere when he doesn’t know the issue. Kavya shouts everyone shout shut up on great Anu’s order. Anu apologizes and requests to stop the issue right here. Kavya says she just wants to end this issue and become great. Anu says even she can become great. Argument continues when Toshu backs Pakhi and shouts he will leave the house if the daily drama continues. Anu says he should as he is already living in the pent house by heart. He says he will leave forever. Vanraj shouts at both to stop. Anu continues she is tired of Toshu’s threat now.

Precap: Anu tells family that they all will watch Sweety’s dance. Pakhi yells Anu shouldn’t come and says she and bestie will come first tomorrow and prove that she doesn’t need mummy’s support anymore.

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  1. Paroo
    August 04, 00:27 Reply

    I don’t watch this serial anymore.too boring.I can’t stand Kavya.And Pakhi who don’t have manners.I love Anupama ,she is amazing

  2. rashmi
    August 03, 22:40 Reply

    Too much fighting,people watching to enjoy the time.fighting is not really fun or joy.little is ok but too much the way where is “Nari-shakti”?

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