Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th October 2021 Written Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th October 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th October 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rani asking Champa to make mehendi design on Nandini’s hand. She asks someone to bring the table, and then asks Champa not to make any bad design else Rani sa will get angry. Champa applies mehendi on Nandini’s hand and thinks surely Rani must have saved her. Rani asks Champa to write J N in a heart. Jai thinks you are attacking Champa to hurt me, I have to handle her. Rani says your darling couldn’t bear more and then you will be exposed. Champa writes J N on Nandini’s hand. Rani asks her to make heart. Champa writes heart. Kajri tells Vikram that she has given her Poha already. He says she is allergic to ground nut. He asks Kajri to free his hands, says I will not elope. He asks where is Kiara’s purse and gives injection to her. Kiara is fine. Kajri again ties Vikram to the chair. Vikram says what happened to you, you was changed. Kajri says she snatches whatever she wants.

Jai comes to Champa. Champa tells that she will kill Rani and Nandini. Jai says we need money and this drama will end. Champa says she gets jealous seeing everyone praising Nandini. Jai asks her to calm down and hugs her. Rani clicks their picture and thinks he will be exposed and will be out from Nandini’s lives. Kajri brings mehendi in plate and says today is our mehendi, and asks Kaira to write his name on her hand. Kaira agrees and signs Vikram. Kajri opens Kiara’s hands. Kiara pushes her. Kajri keeps the knife on Vikram’s neck. Kiara makes design on Kajri’s hands. Vikram thinks to divert her. Rani collides with a Servant and her phone falls down. He picks it and gives to her. Kajri tells Vikram that she will kill him and will kill herself then. Kiara pushes Kajri. They start fighting and the knife falls down. Vikram falls down from his chair to get the knife. Kiara pushes Kajri. Kajri escapes from their sight. Kiara throws the knife and holds Vikram’s chair to keep it back. She asks are you fine? She then Kajri comes and throws chilli in Kiara eyes. Kiara shouts in pain. Kajri says you wanted to snatch my Vikram from me. Vikram asks Kajri to give her water and says her eyes are burning. Kajri laughs.

Rani says I wanted to tell something to everyone. Rajeshwari and Rajmata asks if she wants to play in dark. Rani says everyone has to accept the truth, specially Nandini didi. Nandini asks what happened? Rani says you didn’t like me before and you have your own reasons. She says Nandini has full faith on her husband, and even I tried to trust him, but he is not a good person. She says he doesn’t deserve your trust and playing with your feelings and cheating on you. She says I tried to make you understand, but you didn’t understand. She says he is even now bad, and haven’t mend his ways. He is not suitable to become anyone’s husband. Rajmata asks did Jai tell you something. Rajeshwari asks why are you blaming Jai suddenly? Veer says Rani doesn’t lie. Rajeshwari asks for the proofs. Veer says she worries for the family. Rajmata says Jai is our son in law. Rani says I have proof and shows the pic, but it is cartoon pic. She says I have taken pic and it will be in the mobile. Nandini thinks it is good that nothing came out, if everyone had come to know about Jai and my relation truth then this relation would have ended. Jai recalls bribing the Servant to delete the pic. He says you will not get photo as there was no pic. Rani asks him to stop his nonsense. Jai says you always hate me and says atleast Veer would have loved his sister. He says you people insult me so much. Rani asks Nandini to say the truth and says we all are with you. Jai says Nandini had told that she is very happy with me, but you are jealous seeing us together and wants to separate us. Veer asks him to talk with respect. Jai says if this is not truth that you both hate me and want to end our marriage. He says you talked to Nandini, and she said that she is happy with me. He says Rani couldn’t digest that our marriage happened without her will. Rani says why are you lying? Jai says I am human, and have done mistakes, but always apologized to Nandini and gave her good life, how to prove my love. Rani requests Champa to tell the truth.

Precap: Veer and Rani take Nandini’s sign on the papers and says they don’t want to take any risk. Jai is about to slap Nandini for signing on the papers. Veer holds his hand.

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