Apna Time Bhi Aayega 18th February 2021 Written Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 18th February 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 18th February 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kiara asks who loves others more? People start gossiping in their silence. Rani says I don’t know what love your talking about but we are connected by heart. She says our relationship is strong. If a partner stands with you, that’s when you know you are supported and loved in life. He’s a true partner. Veer stands up and says Rani has always understood me. I speak less, she fills the void by speaking a lot more. I smile less, she laughs. Our relationship is cute and beautiful. Veer says I could never define our relationship this beautifully. I respect and trust her the same way. rani taught me how to smile with any situation. Sometimes, when I don’t have work, she gets bruises so I can treat her. Our relationship has friendship, innocence. According to people we have many shortcomings but for us, it’s complete. They look in each other’s eyes. Everyone clapos. Rani gets teary. Vikram hugs them and says best couple ever.

Vijay tries to call Rani but her phone is with Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari keeps cutting the call. Kiara says I used to be so scared, how would I work on your expectations. Now I see Rani and realize you can come low yourself. Look at her, she left you behind. Kiara whispers to Rajeshwari looks like Rani is going to take your place soon. Rajeshwari says saying small things don’t change where you belong from. Kiara says I see Rani becoming next Rani sa. Rajeshwari asks the cameraman to take Rani’s face. By the end of party Rani will realize where her place it. Everyone appreciates Rani and the couple.

Scene 2
Bobby says dance performance time. Nandini asks Rajamta why are you upset? Please come. Vikram says one loving song for the best couple. Kiara says let’s do something different. Like Veer and Rani’s worlds are different. A village girl and a groomed handsome guy from the city. Let’s do a dance contest between the two teams. Village Vs. City. Nandini says but.. Rani says best idea. I miss the masti from the village as well. Let’s do it in Baliya style. Kiara says but there are no villagers here. Who would be in your team? Vikram comes in village attire and says I am. Nandini says I am also in Rani’s team. Vikram says bro come with us. Kaira says would I dance alone? Veer would be in my team. Vikram says okay take him. We aren’t scared of you.

Vijay keeps calling. Rajeshwari cuts again. Vikay says I have to tell her something so important thing related to Ramo’s case. I need to get documents from her. She keeps taking her dad’s name and now cutting the call. If I get late, it would be worse.

Scene 3
Veer and Kiara dance on Dilbar. Rani, Nandini and Vikram dance on dhatink naach. Kiara dances around Veer on dilbar. Rani and team dances on dhatink nach. Rajeshwari looks at Rani. Rani’s dress starts getting lose. Her blouse opens. She’s busy with the dance. Veer holds her. rani is shocked. He puts her back to her and ties her blouse.

Episode ends.

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