Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30th July 2021 Written Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30th July 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30th July 2021 Written Episode

Someone cuts the gas tube and Rani goes to the kitchen to make ‘kheer’ for Veer without seeing it. And that person sees Rani working in the kitchen and starts counting then blast happens and Rani falls down and screams for help. Others comes there hearing Rani’s scream and Veer enters the kitchen and rescues Rani. Rani coughs and Veer asks her that if she is fine.

Dikvijay asks Rani that how it happened. Veer also asks the same question to her and she tells that she has no idea that what happened. Vikram notices the gas tube and he informs about it to Veer. They wonders that who did this because it seems like someone deliberately cut the gas tube and Veer finds something there and tells others that he knows that who is behind this.

Other side, the person who cut the gas tube turns out to be Ranvijay and talks to himself saying that he was taking Veer with him but Rani stopped that and Rani also stopped him from revealing to everyone that Veer is his son and tells that he has everything still he is incomplete because he don’t have Veer and he will take Veer with him no matter what and he already punished Rani for stopping Veer from leaving with him and recalls that how he changed Rajeshwari’s gift for Veer and tells that now he executed his second plan too because no one can come in between him and Veer and recalls that how he cut the gas tube and tells that Rani has to die and then Rajeshwari will be blamed for Rani’s death and Veer will prove that Rajeshwari killed Rani and smriks.

Veer accuses Rajeshwari for cutting the gas tube. Rajeshwari tells him that she accepts that she don’t share a good relationship with Rani that’s not mean that she will try to kill her and how can he accuse her like this. He tells her that the latter hates Rani and the latter knows that how much he loves Rani still the latter tried to kill her. Ranvijay too blames Rajeshwari and plays victim card and asks her that don’t she feel ashamed to do something like this. She tells him that she is tolerating him but she won’t tolerate his nonsense and tells Veer that she did nothing.

Dikvijay defends Rajeshwari but Veer refuses to believe that Rajeshwari is innocent and tells him that he has evidence against and shows Rajeshwari’s nail. Ranvijay recalls that how he put that in the kitchen. Rani asks Veer to listen Rajeshwari once. He tells her that everyone knows that how Rajeshwari treated her till now. She asks him to not blame Rajeshwari in anger and he leaves from there.

Rajeshwari tells Rajmata that she did nothing and asks her to make Veer understand. Rani asks Ranvijay to make Veer understand. He nods at her and provokes Veer against Rajeshwari. Rani tells Veer that Rajeshwari changed now and he tells her that he is going to put CCTV camera in whole house.

Episode ends.

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